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This Is What $21,430 A Year At UF Gets You.

The University of Florida estimates that undergraduates need $21,430 per year to attend the school. That is an all inclusive figure including housing, food, books, etc.

That amount gets you this type of thinking:

The Black Student Union demands that the University of Florida:

Implements a zero-tolerance policy punishing students that use hate-speech, endangering other students…. If there is evidence of a student participating or promoting racist behavior, they will go before a board that will administer disciplinary action. We are calling for the suspension of students who have been recorded or observed using hateful and dangerous language, i.e slurs….

Prevents ACCENT [the student government-run speakers’ bureau of the University of Florida] from bringing controversial speakers and encouraging more diversity in speakers. If a controversial speaker is brought into question, allow the general student body to vote via Facebook or another free platform.


How Its Made: Toilet Paper.

Seems appropriate these days….

Educational And Educational Administrative Idiocy.

The above slide was shown in an “Advanced Placement” (AP) history course being taught at Baltimore County, Maryland’s Loch Raven High School.

In case you can’t see what is on the slide, there is a picture of President Donald Trump and the caption “wants to round up a group of people and build a giant wall.” Below that picture are two symbols, one being the Nazi swastika with the words “Been there” and the other the Communist hammer, sickle and star with the words “Done that.”

On the left hand side of the slide are the words, “Oh, that is why it sounds so familiar.”

Maryland legislators were quick to attack the slide:

The 3 R’s Now Include “Social Justice” – In Pre-K.

Kids are funny. For some reason in a world where so called adults seem to want to judge everyone by race and gender, kids don’t. At a young age such as pre-K and kindergarten, kids see each other simply as playmates. That’s the way it should be in our opinion. Let kids be kids.

Of course, if you are a “social justice warrior” in New York who happens to teach in a state funded pre-k school you can’t allow that to happen.

What are they teaching in New York City preschools? At one taxpayer-funded Brooklyn nursery, it isn’t numbers, letters or nap time — but ­racism and victimhood, plus transgender and “queer’’ rights, with a heavy dose of political indoctrination in the mix.

“I was kind of horrified,’’ the father of a preschooler told me. “They say they’re trying to reduce racism and discrimination. To me, they’re perpetuating it, fomenting a sense of victimhood that 4-year-olds would never consider on their own.’’

The First Amendment And Privacy: Free Speech Rules (Episode 9)

Once again, another informative video on the First Amendment from professor, lawyer, and First Amendment expert Eugene Volokh.

When can the law stop you from saying things about me in order to protect my privacy? Pretty rarely, it turns out.

Let’s just make clear what kind of “privacy” we’re talking about. The Supreme Court has sometimes discussed a “right to privacy,” but that’s generally a right to personal autonomy—for instance, the right to buy and use contraceptives. We’re not talking about that right here.

We also often have a right to physical privacy in the sense of freedom from trespass or surveillance. The Fourth Amendment, for example, protects us against “unreasonable searches and seizures” by the government. The law of trespass protects us against physical intrusions by our neighbors.

The tort of “intrusion upon seclusion” protects us from other kinds of surveillance, such as people photographing into our bedrooms using high-powered magnifying lenses or people telephoning us repeatedly in the middle of the night. We’re not talking about that here, either.

Education: What The Heck?

What the heck?

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — An investigation into an embattled Daytona Beach high school principal revealed she claimed to teach a class that never existed.


An investigation into [Mainland High School Principal Cheryl] Salerno said she was assigned to teach a two semester speech course, but that course never existed.

According to the investigation, nine students enrolled in the class and received A’s, but there was no evidence the class ever met or that any course work was assigned.

When challenged, officials said Salerno told them she would produce the students work, but never did.

In addition, Volusia County School Board Chair Carl Persis said Salerno hired two people as guidance counselors who were not certified or qualified for the job.

This woman was a principal? Teaching kids?

Teaching them what? How to lie and deceive their way through life?

Why Are Some Of The Dumbest People Hired By School Districts?

Someone in the Wyoming Valley West School District in Pennsylvania thought that it would be a good idea to threaten parents with the loss of their children if the parents did not pay an outstanding bill for lunch fees that was owed.

You read that right. Someone thought that it would be a good idea that in order to re-coup funds owed to the school lunches that the school would tell parent “pay up” or “give up” their children and turn them over to Child Protective Services.

School officials said the letter was at least their third attempt to contact the parents who were the worst offenders.

“Your child has been sent to school every day without money and without a breakfast and/or lunch,” the 200-word letter read. “This is a failure to provide your child with proper nutrition and you can be sent to Dependency Court for neglecting your child’s right to food. If you are taken to Dependency court, the result may be your child being removed from your home and placed in foster care.”

Leaders in Luzerne County, which runs the local foster-care system, denounced the letter and chastised the school district, saying foster care is to be used only when children are being abused or are otherwise in danger.

“This isn’t what we do, this isn’t who we are,” County Manager David Pedri said in an interview. “This letter was used to weaponize and terrorize, and to strike fear in parents to pay bills. In no way, shape or form are we the boogeyman coming to take your kids away in the middle of the night.”

Airsoft Gun, Facebook Post, Kid And A School. You Can See Where This Is Going.

Classic Army DT4 Double-Barrel M4 Airsoft Rifle

A middle-schooler at a private school in Maryland for kids with language disabilities was suspended for the final three weeks of school and not allowed to graduate.

Here’s what the father said happened:

I recently received an unexpected phone call from the principal at my son’s small private school for kids with language-based learning disabilities in Maryland. My son, 14, was lurking in the background of a video made by another boy toting a gun — not a real gun, a disabled airsoft gun that shoots plastic pellets.

My son’s school investigated and found that, in addition to the other boy’s video, my son had taken a selfie of the other kid holding him in a headlock pointing the fake gun at my son’s head. My son then shared it, without comment, with 13 friends on Snapchat.

“This is very, very serious,” the principal said. She informed me that my son would be suspended for the remainder of the year — three weeks.

Full stop.

The father had us at that point.

Clearly the school overreacted to some kids goofing around. There was no harm done to anyone. There was no threat to anyone, yet somehow the kid got suspended for a social media post that was off school grounds and had nothing to do with the school.

Unfortunately, the father jumps the shark a bit too:

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