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“Shotgun Bullet” Is More Evidence Of Ignorance Mixed With Authority.

This is the story of a four year old little boy, who spent time over the weekend bonding with his grandfather.

The grandfather is a police officer who was doing the responsible thing of teaching the 4 year old about gun safety. The grandfather even took the youngster to the range where the officer and boy fired off a few rounds at a target.

As one can imagine this was pretty cool for the 4 year old. He was spending time with his grandpa. He was doing things other kids probably weren’t doing.

As proof of the adventure, bonding and educational time, the kid took an expended shell casing from the weekend to school to show classmates. This was not a bullet, nor something that could be fired and used to harm anyone. It was just a piece of brass and a small one at that.

1) 3 in 12 ga magnum shotgun shell (for comparison) 2) size “AA” battery (for comparison) 3) .454 Casull 4) .45 Winchester Magnum 5) .44 Remington Magnum 6) .357 Magnum 7) .38 Special 8) .45 ACP 9)
.38 Super 10) 9 mm Luger 11) .32 ACP 12).22 LR

Imagine the mother’s surprise when she went to pick up her son at pre-school and was met with a “stone faced teacher” who said the child had brought a “shotgun bullet” to the school.

What. The. Heck?

A “shotgun bullet?

Housed in a .22 caliber empty shell casing?

And these people are allowed to get near kids to “teach” them?

As stupidity seldom seems to take place in isolation, the school, A Place To Grow in Troy, Illinois, decided to suspend the 4 year old for 7 days.

According to the mother, Kristy Jackson:

A Solution In Search Of A Problem.

Washington DC has a lot of problems. Despite being the capital city of the United States, mean income is lower, schools are a mess and the city manages to be in the top ten of most dangerous and crime ridden areas in the country.

One would think there would be a lot of things for the City Council to focus upon and so the Council decided to take on a pressing and imperative issue of day care workers. (And yes, that was sarcasm.)

The City is now requiring day care workers to have college degrees.

For right now, the requirement will be that workers only have an associate degree, but plans are to increase that to a bachelor’s degree in the future.

There are all sorts of issues with this. First, is the rational for the move itself:

More than a decade after Washington, D.C., set out to create the most comprehensive public preschool system in the country, the city is directing its attention to overhauling the patchwork of programs that serve infants and toddlers.

The new regulations put the District at the forefront of a national effort to improve the quality of care and education for the youngest learners. City officials want to address an academic achievement gap between children from poor and middle-class families that research shows is already evident by the age of 18 months.

In other words, unable to improve education through regulations, the City of DC decided to increase regulations. After all, if your regulated programs are not producing results, instead of looking around and seeing what other areas are doing, you create more regulations.

You Have To Be Educated To Be This Stupid. A Continuing Series.

(Image courtesy WTVD-TV)

Caitlin Miller is a five year old in kindergarten who was suspended for one day at her school.

Her crime?

We’ll let explain:

HOKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) – A mother is outraged after her 5-year-old daughter was suspended from school because of a stick that resembled a gun.

Caitlin Miller returned to school Tuesday after her one-day suspension.

It started Friday when her mother got a call from the principal about a playground incident. Caitlin explained that she and her two friends were using their imaginations, playing “King and Queen.”

In this case, Caitlin says she was the guard protecting the royals and picked up the gun to imitate shooting an intruder into the kingdom.

Hoke County Schools said Caitlin posed a threat to other students when she made a shooting motion.

A threat?

A threat of what? Spinters? Dirt on the girl’s hand?

Every day we hear and see stories and advertisements of the importance of letting kids dream and encouraging their imagination. A 5 year old imagines in a game that she is protecting her king and queen from evil and she is suspended? Anyone but us see the hypocrisy there?

The School District spokesperson doubled down on the stupidity:

Student Expelled For Recording Professor’s “Hate Speech.”

Caleb O’Neil. (Image Courtesy of The Orange County Register)

Caleb O’Neil is in trouble. He has been suspended from Orange Coast College, a public community college in California.

His crime?

O’Neil recorded a teacher’s rant concerning the presidential election. The College says that recording is against their policy of making recordings on campus.

(That, of course, can’t be totally correct as there is no expectation of privacy for someone walking out and about in public. The real issue is whether the college can say a student cannot record an incident in class that has nothing to do with an academic lecture on the class’s subject matter which was “human sexuality.”)

The rant had nothing to do with the course material and ironically, although the rant was full of “hate speech” toward conservatives and people who had voted for Donald Trump (unless you consider being called a “terrorist” an act of love and acceptance) the rant was characterized as trying to make sure people felt “comfortable” and in a “safe space.”

Everyone except for people who believed and acted as O’Neil did.

O’Neil is a member of the Orange Coast College’s “College Republicans” and had campaigned on campus for Donald Trump. He had worn tee-shirts to classes supporting Trump. So when a teacher by the name of Olga Perez Stable Cox started to go off on people like O’Neil, he felt – and we believe rightfully felt – that he was being attacked by a teacher who controlled his grade in the course. A student making an ethical charge against a teacher is a tough thing to sustain. So in the middle of the class, O’Neil started recording the rant. When the teacher finished her diatribe, he put the phone away. (He recorded only 2 minutes of what was a 20 minute diatribe.)

Some of Coz’s comments include:

You Have To Be Educated To Be This Stupid – A Continuing Series.

Kellog Community College is a public university up in Battle Creek, Michigan. Founded in 1956, the college has the typical degree tracks for a community college.

One of those tracks taught by example (as opposed to the classroom) is “Hatred of the Constitution and Suppression of Speech.”

Michelle Gregoire and Brandon Withers are students at the school. They were looking to start a chapter of Young Americans for Liberty on campus. To generate interest in the group, Gregoire and Withers handed out copies of the US Constitution and talked to students in front of the Binda Performing Arts Center.

The two were approached by members of the school administration:

The students allege that an administrator told them that “engaging [students] in conversation on their way to educational places” violated the Solicitation Policy because it was an “obstruction to their education” to ask them questions such as “Do you like freedom and liberty?”

This administrator also, according to the lawsuit, told the YAL members that students from “rural farm areas … might not feel like they have the choice to ignore the question.”

When Gregoire, Withers, and the others said they would not leave, KCC’s chief of public safety arrested them and charged them with trespassing.

The Solicitation Policy for the college is rather strange as it includes this:

The Snowflakes Of “Tamarrow.”

Katie Nash (Courtesy Facebook)

Allow us to introduce you to Katie Nash. The 33 year old mother was recently let go from her position at the Frederick County Public Schools (Maryland) District as the “web-experience coordinator.”

The school hired Nash because according to the Nash:

We had received feedback from some students in a focus group that our tweeting was a bit flat, they were looking for some more engagement,” Nash said. “They were looking for us to tweet back at them and I really took that to heart because I know that I am a little bit older and maybe not as hip as some of the student’s are, so I took that to heart and I took that feedback in.”

(They held a focus group concerning social media and Twitter? They really did that? “Social media” was somehow important to the School District?)

When winter weather was approaching the area, a student by the name of Nathan tweeted this: “close school tammarow PLEASE

Nash responded by tweeting “but then how would you spell tomorrow : )

Seems like a great response to us. It’s lighthearted, funny, and makes a point about education.

The exchange got “liked” and re-tweeted 1000’s of times and we assume eventually hit the desks of the head of the Frederick County Public Schools.

They held a meeting with Nash and ended her position with the school district.

“Dear Katie, this letter confirms our discussion today that your probationary period as a Web Experience Coordinator for Frederick County Public Schools will not be extended. You will be terminated from your assignment, effective January 13, 2017.”

Obviously, the tweet must have offended the student which is why the school took action, right?


University Of Florida Worries About Halloween Costumes Hurting People’s Feelings.

uf-alligatore-kid-roh Yep. The University of Florida went there.

In a school allegedly full of adults making adult decisions, the University felt it necessary to warn students to the evils of Halloween costumes.

October brings fall weather and Halloween. If you choose to participate in Halloween activities, we encourage you to think about your choices of costumes and themes. Some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions. Regardless of intent, these costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people. Also, keep in mind that social media posts can have a long-term impact on your personal and professional reputation. The University of Florida’s Division of Student Affairs

Diversity and Social Justice Statement reminds us that UF fosters a community that values and respects diversity. An inclusive definition of diversity recognizes the variety of personal and social experiences that make individuals and communities different from one another. (emphasis ours)

Really? A costume can “cause harm?”


Even if someone is offended by a costume, isn’t the adult response to either walk away or say something to the wearer?

After all, if you think that you are going to go through life without someone saying or doing something that offends you, you are in for a rude surprise in the real world.

Instead of encouraging students to handle the situation themselves, the University has made counselors available to those who are offended.

As a community, we aspire to demonstrate integrity, respect, and compassion that strives to maintain an affirming campus climate for all members of our community. If you are troubled by an incident that does occur, please know that there are many resources available. Please take advantage of the 7 day a week presence of the U Matter, We Care program at the University of Florida by emailing Additionally, there is a 24/7 counselor in the Counseling and Wellness Center available to speak by phone at 352-392-1575. (emphasis ours)

But the fun killing, always offended social justice warriors in the form of the University Administration aren’t done yet.

Why Doesn’t Time Flow Backwards?

This video is about why entropy gives rise to the arrow of time, and also how the initial low-entropy condition of the universe is responsible for the fact that we experience time right now, and how ultimately it will lead to the high-entropy heat death of the universe.

Wait…. high entropy heat death?

Oh dear. That just sounds bad, doesn’t it?

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