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It Is Hard To Keep Up With The Madness.

Here’s an elementary school guidance counselor talking about genders, gender identity and avoiding the science:

The poster notes that they would never let this person near their children, and we agree. Educators should teach, not bring falsities into the classroom.

“To Mock LGBTQ Restroom Equality”

A few weeks ago, we posted a TicTok video of a substitute teacher who claimed she was told she would not be teaching at a school because she said something concerning a child who “identified” as a “cat.”

Carrol County in Iowa and the Iowa State Education Association are disavowing a “rumor” that there are kitty litter boxes in school restrooms for those who do identify as animals.

The Carroll Community School District is denying rumors that they are providing litterboxes in their school bathrooms.

Carroll School Superintendent Casey Burlau sent a letter to students and parents Monday. He writes, “The rumor is that our schools have litter boxes in the restrooms to accommodate individuals who are self-identifying as animals. This is simply and emphatically not true.”

In Baltimore Schools, Failing Is Passing.

Baltimore Schools CEO Sonja Santelises

Somehow we missed this one, but it came up as a suggestion after reading about the Cecil County Officer who saved a child from being struck by a car.

Baltimore students who failed classes this year will still pass, school board says

Baltimore students who failed classes during the 2020-2021 school year will still pass on to the next grade level, the city’s school board announced this week.

Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Sonja Santelises made the announcement during a virtual Tuesday board meeting.

Madness In Schools Over COVID.

We mentioned in a previous post how newly elected Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin had upon his first day in office issued Executive Orders that replaced or countermanded other orders from the previous governor. One of those Executive Orders reiterated that under the Virginia Constitution that parents, and not the government in the form of School Boards, determine what is medically right for their children. Specifically, Youngkin was addressing mask mandates in schools which have been a contentious issue just about everywhere.

School Boards in several counties sued and last week a District Judge sided with the School Boards saying that the Governor lacked the statutory authority on whether School Boards can mandate masks and issued a temporary restraining order blocking the Executive order:

Students in northern Virginia schools will have to continue wearing face masks after an Arlington judge granted a temporary restraining order preventing Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s mask-optional order from taking effect.

If You Are “Affected By a Free Speech Event…..”

The above sign is on the campus of Colorado State University.

Colorado State University wants students to know that if they are “affected by a free speech event,” they are not alone. There are resources available. They can get help.

That’s according to a sign spotted on campus by a coordinator for Turning Point USA, a conservative student group. The university confirmed that the sign is real. It reads: “If you (or someone you know) are affected by a free speech event on campus, here are some resources…”

More School Idiocy And Administrations That Don’t Understand Students’ Rights.

David Stout, Jr., is a junior who attends high school at Plainwell High School in Plainwell, Michigan.

From all accounts, he is a bright young man who has never been in trouble, gets good grades, plays on the Plainwell “Trojans” football team, and is a section leader in the school band.

From the lawsuit filed against the school, school district and various administration officials, we find that Stout was suspended for three days this past year. (The lawsuit is embedded at the bottom of this post.)

A press release from the Great Lakes Justice Center who is representing Stout states:

COVID In Schools. This Is Madness.

The group “Libs of Tik Tok” regularly collect different incidents of actions of liberals that are mind blowing.

Someone please explain the unhinged actions of these schools and school officials:

Editor’s Note: Not Safe For Work due to language!


Not Your Grandparents ACLU.

Although the ACLU has always been a little too far left leaning for our tastes, we recognize that for the most part throughout their history, they have championed causes based purely on protecting the rights of people.

Nothing better illustrates the commitment to people’s rights than the ACLU’s defense of Nazis in the case of National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie, 432 U.S. 43 (1977).

In the Skokie case, the National Socialist Party were prevented by an ordinance in the town of Skokie, Illinois that prohibited them from:

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