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Get Your Money Back.

As part of the continuing saga of the 7 year old child with Down Syndrome whose parents are suing the Brevard School Board, the attorney for the couple, Nicholas P. Whitney of the law firm Anderson Glenn, LLC., released a statement concerning the release of the Indian Harbor Beach Police Department’s investigation into the incident where the parents, supported by State Representative Randy Fine, allege the child was abused by the school district and teachers at her school.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Although we have done so in the past, we are not going to continue to use the child’s name in our coverage of this. No matter how this all shakes down, we feel the child is a pawn in a political game and we will not further any damage to her or her reputation going forward. In that some states do not allow the publishing of the names of minor abused children, we are going to err on the side of caution and not use the child’s name as there are charges of abuse in this case. We won’t edit the statement by others)

Here is the statement as seen on Fine’s Facebook page.

As we often do, we want to fiske Whitney’s response.

Teen Sues School After Being Suspended For Speech.

A freshman student at Exeter High School in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, is suing the School District and the Assistant Principal after he was suspended for saying “there are only two genders.”

The unnamed student was suspended from participating in a football game after he expressed the idea that there are “only two genders,” which may be in conflict with the School District’s policy pertaining to gender-nonconforming students.

The incident started out innocently enough.

During a Spanish class in September, the teacher asked students to identify themselves using the pronoun of their choice.

One student asked to be referred to as “they” as they identified as “non-binary.”

No in-school disruption occurred and the student suing and the “non-binary” student had no interaction that day or since.

No harm, no foul.

Case closed, right?

If it were closed, we would not be writing about it.

Proud And Fierce? Nope.

The South Carolina University are known as the “Chanticleers.” If you are wondering what a “chanticleer” is, it is defined as a “proud and fierce rooster,” according to the school.

One would think that with a mascot like that, the University would be diligent and fierce in defending things like freedom of speech.

And you’d be wrong.

The school’s lack of moral and ethical spine begins with a visiting artist teaching a class in the school’s Theatre Department.

FIRE describes what happened next:

On Sept. 16, a visiting artist was working with two students of color after class, and one student expressed that she felt isolated and would like to get to know other non-white students in the department. The visiting artist asked about whether it might be helpful for non-white students to connect as a group, and she and the students wrote out the names of other non-white students on the classroom whiteboard while brainstorming ideas.

Dads Step Up.

This is our virtual standing ovation for a bunch of fathers who have kids attending Southwood High School in Shreveport, Louisiana.

After a violent week of fighting in school that saw 23 students arrested in three days, Southwood High School parents knew something had to change.

Some dads decided to take matters into their own hands. They formed Dads on Duty — a group of about 40 dads who take shifts spending time at the school in Shreveport, Louisiana, greeting students in the morning and helping maintain a positive environment for learning, rather than fighting.

The students say it’s working — and the numbers prove it. There hasn’t been a single incident on campus since the dads showed up.

You mean that a bunch of parents didn’t rely on so called “professionals” to keep their kids safe and to get kids into class?

Is Brevard County Going To Become Loudoun County?

On October 16, 2021, we talked about the so called “domestic terrorists,” aka “parents” at school board meetings across the country.

One of the examples we gave happened in Loudoun County, VA, where a man by the name of Scott Smith was arrested after getting into an altercation with an audience member. After telling the School Board about a sexual assault his daughter had suffered at the hands of a transsexual male allowed in the girls’ bathroom, that member called him and his wife, not to mention the daughter, liars.

The School Board and the School Superintendent denied that the attack ever took place.

The police disagreed and eventually arrested and charged the student, placing an ankle monitor on him. However, records showed that the student was transferred to another school where he attacked another student.

The student has been found guilty in one of the cases:

The teenager accused of sexually assaulting a ninth-grade girl in a Loudoun County, Virginia, high school was found guilty on all charges.

The victim was assaulted in a women’s restroom at Stone Bridge High School by a male allegedly wearing a skirt. A juvenile court judge found the evidence enough to convict but will hold on sentencing until the convicted teenager, now 15 , is tried for another alleged assault at a different high school.

Welp, Now You’ve Done It.

From the Florida Today:

Brevard School Board member Jennifer Jenkins took to the national airwaves Thursday to lay out details of what she described as a campaign of harassment against her by critics, including vague threats and dubious accusations of child abuse.

MSNBC interviewed Jenkins Wednesday evening and Thursday morning after comments she made at Tuesday’s schoolboard meeting went viral on social media.

Jenkins detailed some challenges she has faced in response to her support of mask mandates and a federal investigation into threats and pressure on school board members around the country who support robust measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in schools.

Oh great.

If you are one of the people who threatened Jenkins, protested in front of her home, followed her, or went behind her home with “weapons” as she alleges, you are a moron.

A complete, total, utter moron.

Those Danged “Domestic Terrorists.”

Those danged “domestic terrorists” (also known as parents) are at it again.

In Orange County, North Carolina, the School Board removed from their meeting anyone who spoke in non-agenda items.

RALEIGH — At the direction of the Orange County Public Schools board of education chair, parents and members of the public were ejected from the Oct. 11 board meeting by Orange County sheriffs’ deputies.

The reason? Apparently speaking about concerns and topics that were not on the meeting agenda.

Attendees were also subjected to metal detectors and told they could not congregate on the premises of A.L. Stanback Middle School where the meeting was being held.

“There Are Children In The Room.”


Stacy Langton is a mother whose children attend schools in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The school board there has been getting raked over the coals and excoriated for promoting elements of critical race theory, specifically the elements racial differences and “white privilege.”

Langton showed up to speak on a different topic – two books that were in the school systems libraries.

Holding up copies of “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison and “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe — both of which Langton said she checked out from the school’s library — she told the board that “both of these books include pedophilia, sex between men and boys. … One book describes a fourth-grade boy performing oral sex on an adult male. The other book has detailed illustrations of a man having sex with a boy.”

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