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Why Do Strawberries Have ‘Seeds’ On The Outside?

Okay, this is odd and amazing in a way.

What we think are “seeds” are actually the ovaries of the plant itself, and the part we eat is holding them together.

We’ve grown, eaten and canned more than our fair share of strawberries, and we had no idea what is put forth in this video.

Learn sumtin’ new every day.

Can You Survive Only Eating Bacon?

It a question that many would love answered.

Sure. Go Ahead And Lie. It’s Only Lives We Are Talking About.

This story boggles the mind.

It starts back last year when Ballou High in a poor area of Southeast Washington DC had every member of their senior class graduate and apply for college.

Every one of the 190 seniors at Ballou High applied to college this year, a first for the long-struggling public school in a poor neighborhood of Southeast Washington.


Ballou ranks among the city’s lowest-performing high schools on core measures. Its graduation rate last school year, 57 percent, was second-lowest among regular schools in the D.C. Public Schools system, behind Anacostia High’s rate of 42 percent. (That comparison doesn’t include alternative schools.) Last school year, 3 percent of Ballou students tested met reading standards on citywide standardized exams. Almost none met math standards.

Despite these challenges, administrators said it was the Class of 2017 that decided all seniors would apply to college. The students themselves set the ambitious goal last spring. Administrators say they never doubted the students would meet it.

It really is an unprecedented success story and one that students, parents, teachers and administrators at the school should rightfully be proud of.

If only it were true.

It’s not.

We Need To Introduce FSU’s President Thrasher To The Constitution.

Like most parents, the parents of 20 year old Andrew Coffey hoped and prayed they would never get the notification that their son was dead. We cannot imagine the horror and anguish of sending your child off to college to start his life outside of the home only to have him come back home in a coffin. Coffey’s death is a tragedy and one that could have and should have been prevented.

Coffey attended Florida State University.

The fraternity member was found unresponsive at a chapter party off the FSU campus on Friday morning.

“Unfortunately once medical personnel got here along with TPD, they determined the person to be deceased,” said David Northway with Tallahassee Police Department. “All attempts to revive the person were unsuccessful.”

The Associated Press reports that officers were collecting alcoholic beverage bottles scattered on the home’s porch as evidence.

The fraternity has been suspended by its national organization pending the conclusion of the investigation.

No one has been arrested and the circumstances around Coffey’s death are still under investigation.

While no one has been arrested, clearly there were violations of the law involved. First, Coffey was under 21 years of age. He wasn’t legally allowed to drink. Secondly, either Coffey bought the alcohol himself, (which is unlikely and if so, the place where he bought it should be in legal hot water) or far more likely, some else bought the booze and gave it to him which is against the law as well.

The people involved that broke the law should be held accountable. We cannot stress that enough.

In response to Coffey’s death, a few days ago FSU President John Thrasher suspended all “Greek life” activities.

Horseshoes Aren’t Enough Luck In California.

Allow us to introduce you to Bob Smith.

Smith is a world renowned farrier – a guy who makes horseshoes and puts them on the feet of horses. Like many things, being a farrier is more a craft than an industry. One size horseshoe does not fit all horses. You have to know metallurgy, horse anatomy, types of different shoes, forging and how to handle horses.

Like many craftsman, Smith wanted to pass on what he had learned being a farrier. He wanted to teach new generations of farriers. In 1991, Smith founded the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School in Plymouth, California. The school has an excellent reputation and has won awards for its excellence in training people who want to become a farrier.

One such person who wanted to be a farrier is Esteban Narez. Narez is a ranch hand who has been working odd jobs and who wanted to turn his love for horses and their care into a profession. It’s a perfect fit when you think about it. Narez wants to learn to gain more economic freedom in his life by making more money in a profession. Smith wants to teach him how to achieve his goals.

It is a match made in horse heaven.

Unfortunately Smith and Narez are not in horse heaven. They are in the hell of California and California says the Smith cannot accept Narez into his school.

Earlier this year, Bob Smith, owner of the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School, opened his mailbox to find a notice from the state of California threatening to shut him down. The notice said that Bob was violating state law by admitting students to his horseshoeing school who hadn’t first graduated from high school or passed an equivalent government-approved exam.

These Kids Can Feel Safer Now.

The kids and parents at Maude Saunders Elementary School in DeFuniak Springs, FL., can breathe easier today as they are much safer now that a potential vicious attack has been thwarted by the even alert and vigilant staff at the school.

A first-grade student at Maude Saunders Elementary School in DeFuniak Springs was recently suspended for bringing what school officials are considering a potential weapon.

“We had an incident with a student in first grade that did have a butter knife in her possession,” Principal Pamela Jones said.

According to Jones, the student was found with the knife while eating lunch in the cafeteria.

Dear Lord, think of the carnage that could have been caused by this instrument of death. There could have bee oleo spread over bread. Peanut butter and jelly may have been mixed together! (Oops! Sorry….schools don’t allow peanut products any more.) Will no on protect and stand up for the mayo?

In other words, the dim watt bulbs running the school suspended a 7 or 8 year old over having a butter knife.




It’s not like the butter knife can slice or cut anything. It is not a case where the knife can stab any thing or anyone. Yet apparently the school decided to punished the kid after applying the school policies:

Kenneth L. Storey Is Looking For A Job.


Former Sociology Professor Kenneth L. Storey was fired by the University of Tampa on Tuesday.

TAMPA — A tweet suggesting that the devastation of Hurricane Harvey was “instant karma” for the red state of Texas has cost a University of Tampa professor his job — making him just the latest academic fired for off-duty speech.

The University first distanced itself from sociology professor Kenneth L. Storey on Monday. But a tide of online outrage continued. A #FireKenStorey hashtag spread far beyond the university. Angry Facebook comments piled up.

“Don’t think this is a school we will be looking at for my daughter anymore,” one commenter said. An alumnus wrote, “Good thing I already paid you, because I’ll never send the school another dime again.”

On Tuesday morning, the university fired him.

“We condemn the comments and the sentiment behind them, and understand the pain this irresponsible act has caused,” spokesman Eric Cardenas said in a statement.

After his tweets came to light, Storey tried to roll back the comments but instead simply made them worse:

The Evergreen College Mess.

HBO has a short video on the controversy at Evergreen College. (LANGUAGE WARNING! NSFW)

Generally speaking, being on the other side of the country, we really wanted to stay out of this self inflicted disaster by liberals and progressives. When you have students holding the president of the college hostage to the point where he cannot go to the bathroom, there is something wrong with you. When you tell professors that they must be racists and support segregation, there is something wrong with you. When you believe that you have the right to be heard but no one else has that right, you have a problem.

When the inmates are running the asylum, you have a problem.

You have to wonder what this type of anarchy and stupidity is doing to the college’s enrollment. What parent wants to spend big bucks on a college degree only to have the campus shut down or have their child subjected to the pure evil hatred that is prevalent at this college.

Graduation day at Evergreen State College. Racial tensions bubble over to protests at Evergreen State College resulting in protests that lead to questions on how the University is handling.


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