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As you might imagine, we look in a lot of different places for things of interest to us and maybe to you.

One of the youtube channels we have recently began watching is run by a guy by the name of James Townsends. Townsends is what is sometimes called an “interpretive re-enactor.” He basically re-enacts what life in 18th century America would have been like. His passion seems to be the food and recipes of the day. (Take a look at this 1773 apple pie, for example. It makes the mouth water.) Part of what is interesting is that while cookbooks and recipes are ubiquitous today, the first “American” cookbook was not published until later in the 18th century. Recipes were handed down orally from person to person.

One of the staffers here asked if Townsends had done anything on hoecakes.

We were thrilled to see he has.

Townsends spent some time at Mount Vernon, home of George and Martha Washington cooking with other re-enactors and one of the dishes was hoecakes. In this case, the records from Mount Vernon show that slaves were given a quart of corn meal a day and one of the more popular and easy things to make was hoecakes. Here’s how they did it:

The woman makes two really good points on the name “hoecakes.” First she says that the myth was that the things were cooked on hoes or shovels. No one would want to eat something cooked with dirt on it and the name likely comes from a skillet that was shaped like a hoe. The other point is that no farmer would want fire out in the middle of his fields. The threat to the crops is too great.

But hoecakes were not just practical and easy. They were favorites of the Washingtons themselves. It was recorded that George Washington’s favorite breakfast was hoecakes covered in butter and honey.

A video from the George Washington’s Mount Vernon channel shows how hoecakes were made for Washington.

Why Are There So Many Types Of Screws?

This is a question that has plagued people for many years.

“Why ARE there so many types of screws?”

And why does it seem that you never have the right screwdriver available when you come across a “different” screw?

The good thing about not having the right screwdriver is that it can lead to a trip to the hardware store, (aka Nirvana for lovers of tools and those who never seem to have enough tools.)

Who Owns Your Life Story?

Who Owns Your Life Story? Free Speech Rules (Episode 4)

Do people need your permission to write about you? What if they want to make a movie about you, or a YouTube video, blog post, whatever? Who owns your name, likeness, voice, and life story? Here’s the answer, in four rules.

Well, two rules, one who-knows, and one piece of advice. Rule 1: People can write books about you, make movies about you, or write articles about you, all without violating your so-called “right of publicity.” That right is often defined as an exclusive right to commercial use of your name, likeness, voice, and other “attributes of identity”; but it does not apply to biography, fiction, news coverage, and so on.

The First Amendment protects people’s ability to write about others. That’s what newspapers do, both about famous people and about ordinary ones who happen to draw the newspaper’s attention. It’s also why we see unauthorized biographies, whether in print or on the screen, and fiction with real characters, like Midnight in Paris and Forrest Gump. And that’s true even though those items are distributed for money.

Discipline = Freedom.

From Prager U.:

In this year’s 2019 PragerU Commencement Address, Navy Seal (Ret.) and best-selling author Jocko Willink offers some hard-learned, practical advice. It all starts with Discipline. That’s what will get you on the road to personal fulfillment and success – and keep you there. Watch and find out why.

“It Isn’t Clearly Established….” That Stealing Is Theft.

The Institute for Justices puts out a weekly newsletter called “Short Circuit” which is a review of some of the more “interesting” cases Federal Circuit Courts hand down. It literally is one of the highlights of our Friday afternoons when Short Circuit hits our mailbox. We highly recommend that you sign up for it.
One of the cases that Short Circuit focused on several weeks ago is “MICAH JESSOP; BRITTAN ASHJIAN v. CITY OF FRESNO; DERIK KUMAGAI; CURT CHASTAIN; TOMAS CANTU

Officers Kumagai, Chastain and Cantu of the Fresno Police Department executed a search warrant on three properties owned by Jessop and Ashjian as part of an investigation into illegal gambling machines. The warrant allowed for the:

…seiz[ure] [of] all monies, negotiable instruments, securities, or things of value furnished or intended to be furnished by any person in connection to illegal gambling or money laundering that may be found on the premises … [and] [m]onies and records of said monies derived from the sale and or control of said machines.

It is here the fun begins. According to the opinion of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals:

“If We Legalize It, We Can Tax It……”

You’ve heard the argument before: “If we legalize marijuana and tax it, that will be better than what we have now.” The reasoning is that legalizing marijuana will take the criminal element (ie organized crime) out of the equation and there will be overall less crime which means less spending on the illegal aspects of marijuana over all.

Only problem is that it isn’t working out that way for states that have legalized marijuana.

For instance, in California:

COSTA MESA, Calif. — In the forests of Northern California, raids by law enforcement officials continue to uncover illicit marijuana farms. In Southern California, hundreds of illegal delivery services and pot dispensaries, some of them registered as churches, serve a steady stream of customers. And in Mendocino County, north of San Francisco, the sheriff’s office recently raided an illegal cannabis production facility that was processing 500 pounds of marijuana a day.

It’s been a little more than a year since California legalized marijuana — the largest such experiment in the United States — but law enforcement officials say the unlicensed, illegal market is still thriving and in some areas has even expanded.

“There’s a lot of money to be made in the black market,” said Thomas D. Allman, the sheriff of Mendocino County, whose deputies seized cannabis oil worth more than $5 million in early April.

Why Has The West Been So Successful?

From PragerU:


Western civilization. It’s been around for a while, but suddenly everybody is talking about it. Some are anxious to save it; others are happy to see it go.

But what exactly is Western civilization?

Is it the great cathedrals of Europe or the Nazi concentration camps? Is it the freedoms secured in the US Constitution or chattel slavery? Life-saving medicines or poison gas?

The left likes to focus on the bad – genocide, slavery, environmental destruction. But those have been present in every civilization from time immemorial.

The positives are unique to the West – religious tolerance, abolition of slavery, universal human rights, the development of the scientific method: these are accomplishments of a scope and scale that only the West can claim.

Mucking About With SPRA.

We are somewhat hesitant to post this, but we have permission so here goes.

Tonight at 7:15 PM at the David R. Schechter Center, North Entry, 1098 S. Patrick Drive, the South Patrick Residents Association (SPRA) will host their normal meeting.

Of interest will be a presentation on de-mucking in the area:

Brevard County Muck Dredging Update at the April SPRA Meeting

Walker Dawson, PE, from the Brevard County Natural Resources Management Department, will present an update on the Grand Canal Muck Dredging Project at the April 8th SPRA meeting, 7:15 pm at the David R. Schechter Center, (DRSC) located at the north entranceway. He will give specific information about what will occur under the permits that have been issued and the expected time frame for the project. After the presentation there will be a question and answer opportunity for SPRA members.

Grand Canal Muck Dredging Waiver

The Grand Canal Muck Removal Project will take place within the canal system to remove muck that has accumulated over the years. At present, there is a ten (10) foot setback from seawalls, docks, and other structures, but each property owner may execute a release of liability to allow the contractor to dredge as close as five (5) feet from any of their structures. Please click on the links provided below for more information and the release form.


Left Brain Right Brain Is A Myth.

This is rather interesting. The jobs of the two hemispheres of the brain is not as clear cut as we once thought.

It’s said that the left side is mostly in charge of logical behavior such as mathematics, putting things in sequence, language, facts and so on. The right brain has more creative parts like; imagination, intuition, visualizing your feelings and all that kind of thing.

Because of this, it’s become a common idea that most people are either left-brained or right brained, just like they are left or right handed. The accounts, lawyers and bankers are all smart, serious left brainers. The painters, musicians and hairdressers are all wild and impulsive right brainers.

The 3 Rules Of Hate Speech.

Last week we posted a video called “7 Things You Should Know About Free Speech in Schools: Free Speech Rules (Episode 1)

Today is the second part in the series produced by ReasonTV.

Here are three rules you should know about “Hate Speech” and the First Amendment:

Rule 1. The First Amendment protects all ideas–loving, hateful, or in between.

In the United States, “hate speech” is just a political label, like “un-American speech” or “rude speech.” Some people use the phrase broadly, some more narrowly–but there’s no legal definition, because there is no “hate speech” exception to the First Amendment.

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