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We Don’t Think A Concealed Weapons Permit Is Available For This One.


The Army completed a new test of the Extended Range Cannon Artillery system (ERCA), hitting a target over 40 miles away.

Alexander Hamilton’s Influence On Free Press Law: Free Speech Rules (Episode 10)


No rules this time – Just a little history.

Alexander Hamilton was many things: aide to General George Washington, Secretary of the Treasury, Major General of the U.S. Army, lover, cheater, duelist, musical phenomenon. But few people know his immensely influential role in American free press law—just months before his fatal duel.

Today, we think of libel as defamatory falsehood: false written statements—especially lies, but sometimes honest mistakes—that injure a person’s reputation. And we also think of libel as a civil claim; criminal libel prosecutions are very rare.

Ants Vs Banana.

Somehow we have found this mesmerizing. It is amazing how the ants attack and devour the banana.

You’ll never look at ants or bananas the same way again.

Listen To The Argument: Ben Shapiro.

This is a video from the Young America’s Foundation which is a conservative group with chapters on college campuses. The chapters bring in conservative speakers which seems to infuriate the left for some reason, but that is a post for another day.

In this video Ben Shapiro is talking about the economic harm caused by slavery in the US, but not the way people normally think of the harm. Here he is talking about how slavery was an actual drain on the economy of the south, how that drain led to the South’s defeat in the Civil War, and how it was only until Jim Crow laws in the South were overturned that the “human capital” of workers, their families and their skills returned to the South that the South’s economy started to take off. The point is that free market labor is cheaper and better for the economy than slavery which is counter to the arguments that some put forth that slavery “built” America.

Most Popular Operating Systems (Windows) 2003 – 2020 | Most Popular OS (windows) 2003 – 2020

Interesting graphic.

No More Patrick Air Force Base. Name Change!

With the recent announcement of the sixth branch of the US military – the US Space Force – both Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station will be getting new names.

The Space Coast’s two Air Force bases will soon change names to reflect their connections to the military’s newly minted Space Force branch.

What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus has been in the news a great deal lately, so we thought we’d post this to help educate people.

Idjits: Outlet Challenge.

You may not have heard of this one, but there is a “challenge” for people / kids to try out there called the “outlet challenge.”

The premise is simple:

Take a phone charger or other electrical device and plug it into a power outlet leaving exposed the prongs of the device.

You then are supposed to slide a coin (preferably a penny) so that it contacts the two prongs and viola!

You have completed the outlet challenge!

Of course, you have risked burning your house down, damaging property, destroying the outlet and the electrical device, but hey, you can post the video on the internet!

You’d have to be an idiot to do this, which is why it seems to be catching on and fire departments around the country are warning against it.

After all, who’d ever think that deliberately shorting out a circuit would be a good idea?

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