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I Wanna Be Rich.

Something to think about…..


Now I was born with the nature of a driven man
If I could dream it I could reach it, gotta thank my Dad
And when the odds are against, step up and knock it to the fence
Push away all the doubt that is coming at ya
Who could blame me
For trying to reach your stars
And who could blame me
For trying to top those charts
I’ve always heard dead presidents can’t buy love
And all the riches of the world ain’t ever gonna be enough

Buffalo Roses.

Antonio Gwynn, Jr and Matt Block Courtesy Matt Block

The other day we wrote about the protests and the actions of police and protestors in Buffalo.

We were trying to point out how someone has to break the cycle and come together and yet listen to each other.

One person who gets that message is Antonio Gwynn, Jr. of Buffalo, NY.

University of Florida Football Coach Arrested.

The head football coach of the University of Florida Gators was arrested after causing an international incident. He was released and told to leave the foreign country in which he was playing and to take his team with him.

If you haven’t heard of this incident, it is because it happened a few years ago. (Quite a few if we are being honest.)

According to

In 1912, Florida was in Havana, Cuba, playing a two-game series that included games against Vedado Tennis Club and then against the Cuban Athletic Club of Havana, a setup now known as the Bacardi Bowl. The Gators won the first game, which took place on Christmas Day.

The second came on Dec. 28 and was much more contentious than the first. Florida coach George E. Pyle allegedly spent most of the first quarter arguing with officials over holding penalties and the officials’ failure to fully enforce penalties against the Cuban Athletic Club. Pyle eventually refused to continue after he learned that the referee was a former coach of the Cuban Athletic Club.

As a result, Cuban authorities arrested Pyle at the game for “forbidding the suspension of a game for which gate money has been charged.” A judge ordered Pyle to take his team out of town “before he put them all in jail.”

Celebrating Beating The ‘Rona In Style.

Jenny Stejna successfully beat the coronavirus and celebrated in style by popping a Bud Light beer – her favorite.

Oh. Did we mention she is 103 years old?

A great-great grandmother aged 103 cracked open an ice-cold beer in her bed to celebrate recovering from coronavirus. Jenny Stejna supped on her favorite Bud Light after overcoming Covid-19 at her nursing home in Easton, Massachusetts, earlier this month.

Jenny’s granddaughter Shelley Gunn is thrilled by her recovery, having said what she feared was her final goodbye to the elderly woman after she was diagnosed with Covid-19.

The senior, who has two children, three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren, fell ill with a low-grade fever at the start of May.

Jenny’s condition soon worsened, to the point where the elderly woman did not realize what was happening to her, with her stricken family told to say their goodbyes while she was still lucid.

Stejna was the first to test positive for coronavirus in her nursing home, Gunn said. She had a low grade fever and was moved to a separate ward.

Enhanced Krispy Rice Treats.

Food Network star Alton Brown has been making “QuaraVids” where he and a socially distanced camera man film food to make while staying at home.

In this version, AB makes enhanced Krispy Rice Treats by toasting the Rice Krispies and browning the butter. The container he uses to make the treats and hide his addiction to the “Krispy Rice Treats” is genius.

So if you see your kids or a significant other walking around munching on cereal out of the box, check the contents. Take it from them for “inspection” and then go on a munching spree.

The Doobie Brothers – Black Water (Live In Isolation).

We are tired of fights and negative news and came upon this and found it to be incredibly cool and even a bit uplifting.

Still rockin’ and entertaining after all these years – even while staying at home.

We’re Guilty Of This.

We saw this cartoon and it really made us think.

(courtesy of Lunarbaboon)

It’s easy to look around and see what is going wrong these days. COVID-19, the economy, local politicians screwing up, political fights in Washington, etc.

What’s the old song from Hee Haw?

Gloom, despair and agony on me…..deep dark depression, excessive misery….

It feels that way a little bit now. We are concentrating so much on the darkness that we aren’t seeing the light even when it is there.

Here’s hoping that even for a few moments, you can find some rays of light.

When All Seems Lost, You Do What You Can To Keep Fighting.

Crew of the B-17 Tondelayo,
Bohn Fawkes is in the center of the back row.

This story comes from two sources: a memoir of World War II called “The Fall of the Fortresses” by Elmer Bendiner, and a series of tweets by Greg Lewis, who came across the story while doing research for another project.

(Editor’s Note: The link is to the American Heritage site. While available through other outlets, we want to make it clear that we are not mentioning the book because of any kickback to us. We have never believed in associate links and programs and we aren’t going to start now.)

In the summer of 1978 two former members of a B-17 crew met to discuss their escape from death in a raid on Kassel in 1943.

Sitting on a porch in New York, co-pilot Bohn Fawkes turned to his navigator Elmer “Benny” Bendiner & said: “Remember we were hit with 20mm shells?”

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