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Dusty In Here Right Now.

Frank Manchel

Manchel, 95, collapsed and died on his flight home to San Diego after a weekend seeing memorials and historic sights in Washington, D.C.

In the final moments of his life, Frank Manchel knew that many people honored him for his World War II service.

Manchel collapsed Sunday, on the final leg of a trip sponsored by Honor Flight San Diego, a nonprofit that gives World War II veterans all-expense-paid visits to Washington, D.C. Two physicians aboard the chartered American Airlines flight tried to resuscitate him, but he died before the plane landed at San Diego International Airport. He was 95.


Odd Things From The Sporting World.

One of the things we love about sports is that just when you think you have seen it all, you see something new.

For example, you have this practice swing hitting the golf ball by Zach Johnson at the Masters Golf tournament on Friday:

There was no penalty for this, but you have to love the reaction of Johnson and the other golfers. “What the heck just happened?”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all……

And then there is baseball.

Hope There Was A Fire Extinguisher Handy.

When you watch this, you have a good idea what is going to happen and yet the ending still surprises you.

To some extent, we think the person who put this together was surprised because the table isn’t secure and the force,….well…wait and see.

We also decided just for fun to figure out the cost of this adventure.

Sully Enlists.

(This is one of those stories that has us noticing the amount of dust in the air.)

President George H.W. Bush’s service dog ‘enlists’ at Walter Reed

Sully, the celebrated yellow Labrador retriever that was the service dog of former President George H.W. Bush, has joined the ranks of working dogs at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Inducted by way of a paw shake and through an oath of office given Feb. 27, 2019, by Walter Reed’s director, Navy Capt. (Dr.) Mark Kobelja, Sully enlisted in the medical center’s facility dogs program, in which he will work with disabled inpatients and outpatients.

During his enlistment ceremony at the center’s USO building, Sully was cited as “a true patriot” and was enlisted as a Navy hospital corpsman, 2nd class.

Bush received Sully in June from America’s VetDogs nonprofit organization. The president had a form of Parkinson’s disease, and Sully could open doors, pick up items and summon help.


Someone Has Way Too Much Time On Their Hands.

For some reason this just made us laugh. Someone actually counted the number of missed shots by stormtroopers in the escape sequences from the Death Star in the original Star Wars film, which is Star Wars IV, which is Star Wars “A New Hope.”

We have to admire their tenacity though. We can only imaging huddling over a video screen counting shots, verifying the, “was that one or two?” etc.

Stormtroopers are the intimidating enforcers of the Empire. When Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO came to the Death Star and rescued Princess Leia, these armored soldiers were quickly dispatched to stop their escape. Find out how many times stormtroopers fired blaster shots as the rebels looked to flee the battle station!

Still, watching all of the scenes did remind of all the fun we had watching the original Star Wars in the theater, how good it was, and how it has withstood the test of time.


We normally end our “Christmas Music Extravaganza” the day after Christmas, but we decided to have one more day and after listening, we think you’ll know why.

At the time of the video below, Kaylee Rogers was 10 years old and attending the Killard House School in Donaghadee, County Down in northern Ireland.

According to the school’s website:

Killard House School is a co-educational Controlled School providing for children and young people with additional special educational needs. These include Moderate Learning Difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and associated Emotional barriers.

According to several sources, Kaylee has a mild form of autism.

Colin Millar, head teacher at Killard House, said: “For a child who came in P4 and would really talk, couldn’t really read out in class, to stand and perform in front of an audience is amazing.

“It takes a lot of effort on Kaylee’s part.”

The performance here is good not because of any “special needs,” but rather it is great because of Kaylee Rogers. It is difficult to believe how great this child’s voice is. Simply mind blowing.

The lyrics for this version of the song were written by the group Cloverton

(much, much more below the fold.)

Happy New Year!

From everyone here at Raised on Hoecakes, we wish you and yours a happy, safe and blessed new year!

Moonlight. (Clair de Lune)

Sometimes it is just best to sit back, relax, and enjoy serenity.

This visualization attempts to capture the mood of Claude Debussy’s best-known composition, Clair de Lune (moonlight in French). The piece was published in 1905 as the third of four movements in the composer’s Suite Bergamasque, and unlike the other parts of this work, Clair is quiet, contemplative, and slightly melancholy, evoking the feeling of a solitary walk through a moonlit garden.

The visuals were composed like a nature documentary, with clean cuts and a mostly stationary virtual camera. The viewer follows the Sun throughout a lunar day, seeing sunrises and then sunsets over prominent features on the Moon. The sprawling ray system surrounding Copernicus crater, for example, is revealed beneath receding shadows at sunrise and later slips back into darkness as night encroaches.

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