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Happy Mother’s Day!

For all the moms out there, thanks for all you do. Too often under-appreciated and often taken for granted, this is the day we remind you and ourselves what we should act on every day.

You’re awesome.



Rejoice all ye haters!

Okay, that’s a bit harsh, but we are chest deep in a professional project as well as making changes to the official Raised on Hoecakes computer. We are backing up everything and that takes time to not only back the files up, but to verify them when placed into their new home. There are a lot of files and a lot of work spread out amongst a lot of people. Because of that, posting will probably be light this week.

While we do what we have to do, enjoy this incredible piece of art:

This is a chess board that I made with my father. It is made out of Walnut, Soft Maple and Jatoba wood. It took several weeks to create and is 100% playable! Each ‘square’ has a magnet embedded in it, as does each chess piece for easy movement of the pieces.

We have no idea how old the son or the father is, but it warms our heart to see generations spending time together to create, bond, and share. We doubt if while cutting the wood, anyone was looking at a cell phone.

Well done.


The Barkley Marathons.

Via another website comes the trailer for a documentary called “The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young.”

Frankly, they had us at “race that eats their young.”

What the heck is the “Barkley Marathons?” Basically it is an ultra-marathon in the hills of Tennessee. The organizer claims that the race is 100 miles, but contestants say the race is closer to 130 miles – that’s five normal marathons. Throw in elevation changes of 65,000 feet, and you are going up and down Mount Everest. Twice. All of which must be completed within 60 hours.

The race course is not marked. Racers are given time to look at a “master map,” then mark their own maps and using only the maps and a compass, find their way to each waypoint. Each waypoint has a book and to show the runner has been there, the runner removes the page of the book which corresponds to their race number and brings that back with them to the start / finish line. The race is five laps and is so difficult that in the 25 years of it being run, only 17 people have completed the race in the required time.



What We Can’t See … Is Beautiful.

This is awesome stuff.

Cut out the lights, go full screen and prepared to be awed.

Created entirely with infrared converted cameras, Invisible Oregon is a study of light across time and space. As the sun rises over the State of Oregon infrared light travels across the earth revealing the subtleties of new growth and the dramatic intersection of sky and earth. Witness for the first time this diverse and interconnected landscape rendered from light we can’t see with our own eyes.

(Courtesy Sam Forencich at


Enjoy The Popcorn.

It’s the weekend and after a busy week, we are going to sit back, relax, read a book or two and pop some popcorn.

Popping Popcorn at 30,000 Frames Per Second Filmed in Ultra Slow Motion Macro with the Phantom v2512 Ultra High Speed Camera.

The slowest slow motion clip of popcorn being popped that I know of on Youtube slow mo vids, this is a simply beautiful clip and it shows us just how fast this process actually happens.


One More Song.

Some of you may know the name Kerry Livgren.

Livgren was one of the founding members of the musical group Kansas and is responsible for what is arguably their to biggest and most memorable songs, Dust in the Wind and Carry On Wayward Son.

Livgren left Kansas and went on to make several contemporary Christian albums including one called “Prime Mover” in 1988.

For some reason a song from that album has been stuck in our heads as we end one year and start another. Its a song called “One More Song.”

Perhaps as we and the staff here get older, we come to realize that each day – each moment – is precious in and of itself. This sentiment is echoed in the chorus:

One more song, ’cause I’ve got so much I still need to say
One more song, a melody that won’t fade away
One more song, each day I live is one more song

We’d thought we’d share it with you because to be honest, Prime Mover didn’t get much play on the mainstream radio or even CCM radio. You probably haven’t heard of it until now and we understand why that would be the case.

Go out and make your own song and live life to the fullest this year.


“One More Song”

I remember long ago, how the time just seems to fly
The days are passing by so fast that it makes you want to cry
And the old bad times are good times now
When you’re lookin’ back to see, but the times,
They change so elusively, and it’s


Happy New Year!

From everyone here at Raised on Hoecakes, we wish you a ……



Menorah Technion Rube Goldberg Machine.

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah began at sunset on December 24, 2016.

According to Wikipedia:

Each night throughout the 8 day holiday, a candle or oil-based light is lit. As a universally practiced “beautification” (hiddur mitzvah) of the mitzvah, the number of lights lit is increased by one each night. An extra light called a shamash, meaning “attendant” or “sexton,” is also lit each night, and is given a distinct location, usually higher, lower, or to the side of the others.

Back in 2012, two students of the Technion school decided that if you are going to light a menorah, do it in a spectacular way that combines the holiday, the meaning of the holiday, and a love for your chosen field of study.

Thus was born the “Rube Goldberg device” of Menorah lighting.

Technion students Eyal Cohen and Tomer Wassermann from the Mechanical Engineering faculty and Matan Orian and Dvir Dukhan of Industrial Engineering and Management take on the challenge to build a Rube Goldberg machine that lights the Chanukah menorah. Hanukkah is the holiday of miracles and here is another one.


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