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Alternative Cuss Words – Tim Hawkins.

Son of a motherless goat, this video made us laugh. Fartknocker……

Progressive Christmas Carols.

We had another post for this space ready to go but unfortunately a series of mistakes meant that a 2500 word post went down the internet black hole and is irretrievable. The person who deleted the post has been placed in Hoecake purgatory by the staff. We simply don’t have the time, energy or desire to write another post.

So today we are taking a rather cheap shot across the bow of “progressives” and how society has and continues to change based on the idea of people being “offended” by words, phrases and even Christmas songs.

We don’t like to politicize Christmas so this is offered more tongue in cheek than anything.

Not Your Typical Lawyer Advertisement.

When you think of billboards along the side of the road for lawyers, you think of something like this:

What most people don’t think of is this:

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Parody (Opinion Rhapsody.)

Ding Ding Ding!

We have a winner!

The Sheet Meme.

This is making the rounds and in the midst of shootings, terrorism, and a political climate were legitimate discussions cannot be had because of trolls and insults, we needed a laugh.

Have a great week.

Santa Claus On Halloween.

Be careful what you may give to the fat guy in red!

It’s been a long week and we thought this was funny. (Not everything needs to be about politics, you know.)

(Courtesy jdrift01 on Instagram.)

A Little Bit Of Humor Before Michael.

We are writing this the day that Hurricane Michael is about to slam into the Florida panhandle. As anyone who has witnessed first hand a hurricane of any strength bearing down on them, it is a scary and stressful time. If people leave their homes and evacuate, that adds more stress to the situation. If you are a “first responder,” the time leading up to a hurricane, during a hurricane and after a hurricane is stressful as well.

Which is why we love this “trespass notice” from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office to the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore.

The Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Office says:

Wired Vs. Wireless.

Ain’t this the truth.

(comic courtesy Deathbulge Comics.)

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