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Things That COVID-19 Sound Like.

Even we need breaks from the hard news and need to laugh.

Courtesy John Atkinson at Wrong Hands.

(The “Ikea duvet cover rings so true to us.)

And then there is this posted a while back from the Struthers, Ohio Police Department.

Even the police and a break once in awhile.

EDITORS NOTE: We are going to have a second post today hitting around 5:45 AM. It is not nearly as light hearted as this one.

Wrong Password.

A bit of a non-COVID-19 centered post and humor:

(Courtesy jakelikesonions)

Imagine Waking Up To This.

Imagine waking up to the sound of this rooster crowing.

“Here’s my Deathmetal Rooster called Klobesen(means Toilet brush) crowing. He is really unique! His kind is called Sanjack Crower, recorded in Austria”


Star Trek Meets Bernie Sanders.


Well done satire to boot.


Wonder if she can vote?

Subtle And Hysterical.

William Adler is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Northeastern Illinois University.

That’s hysterical, yet somehow sad we have come to that point as a county.

From Monty Python and the Holy Grail: (start at 1:47)

Meet Mayor Lincoln.

Mayor Lincoln of Fair Haven, VT.

Meet Mayor Lincoln of Fair Haven, Vermont, a small town of with a population of roughly 2,600.

Under the southwestern “hook” of Vermont, where the Taconic Mountains give way to the historic Champlain Valley, lies the picturesque town of Fair Haven…the Slate Center of the Nation…and Vermont’s Western Gateway

Fair Haven governs itself via a Board of Selectmen (and women.)

The citizens decided they needed a “Pet Mayor” and elected “Lincoln,” a 3 year old Nubian goat.

While this all sounds so silly, it is actually great in our opinion.

FAIR HAVEN, Vt. — Lincoln, a 3-year-old Nubian goat, on Thursday announced she is seeking reelection as the mayor of Fair Haven.

She is preparing to end her first term of public service in March after winning a special election against Sammie the dog last year.

“It is with great consideration that Mayor Lincoln would like to announce a run for her second term,” campaign manager Chris Stanton told NBC5. “The citizens of Fair Haven have only one question to ask themselves, ‘Under Mayor Lincoln, am I better off today than I was a year ago?'”

Things You’ll Never See…

Image courtesy PortugueseGeese.


Sometimes you need a laugh.

Courtesy of Pablo Stanley Art.

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