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Things You’ll Never See…

Image courtesy PortugueseGeese.


Sometimes you need a laugh.

Courtesy of Pablo Stanley Art.

It’s A Dog’s Life.

This is a story of why we love pets.

A friend of ours has a golden Labrador retriever that they named “Boomer.” The name comes from the fact that they were born and raised in Oklahoma and so the dog is named after Oklahoma University “Boomer Schooner.”

Boomer is a typical lab. He is a kid in an adult body. He is loyal, playful, and somewhat protective. (By “somewhat protective,” we mean that he is protective, but he doesn’t see every one as a threat. He checks you out first.)

He’s big and still thinks he is a lap dog. Boomer is a perfect dog in many ways.

Yesterday we got a message from the friend:

The Dark Side.

Nothing like a good pun, (or a good dad joke depending on your point of view…..)

Image courtesy of Dogs on the 4th.

The Legend Of New Year’s Toilet Flood.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a story told to us by one of our staff people who mostly does research for us, and doesn’t write. We are going to write it in the first person as it was told to us.

“About 30, 35 years ago I had gone over to my girlfriend’s house for a small New Year’s Eve gathering. None of the people that were there were into going to loud parties or drinking. We certainly weren’t into being on the road with drunks either, so I always came home relatively early when compared to others people celebrating around the city.

After working that day, going to the party and driving back home, I fell into the bed and went to sleep around 2 – 2:30 AM.

Around 5 AM my father woke me up.

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Donald Trump.

This year we received a wonderful and polite email from a reader suggesting that we feature Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You as part of our “Christmas Music Extravaganza!”

We have joked in the past that suggesting that song may result in a ban from the site but we have mellowed and after all, it is the Christmas season. (No ban…. but lumps of coal in stockings are another matter.)

So instead of Mariah Carey singing the song, we present President Donald Trump singing “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

When we first watched the video, we laughed. It is that weird and funny.

This is not part of our “Christmas Music Extravaganza!” but something that we hope makes you laugh as well.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Has anyone else noticed the lyrics to the song say “I don’t want a lot for Christmas….” and then what Carey wants is the true love of her life? A soul mate, love and all that goes with it is not “a lot?”

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Spam Alert.

While many people are familiar with the satire site The Onion, not as many are familiar with the satire site “The People’s Cube.”

We visit there once in a while when we want some off the wall satire and when we visited a few days ago, we found a post talking about a Spam alert: confidential transfer proposal from Hunter Biden.

The premise is that Hunter Biden, son of presidential candidate and former vice President Joe Biden and who is embroiled in the Ukraine mess, is sending out a spam email similar to that of the Nigerian spam emails.

The writing is brilliant.

Greetings, my prospective rich and powerful friend in a foreign government,

This message may come to you as a surprise because you do not know me. I am Hunter Biden, son of the deposed vice president Joe Biden, seeking for an avenue to enter into an urgent but lucrative business transaction without delay. My poor father was a strong supporter of the ousted president Barack Obama, for which he had received control over one billion US dollars to be distributed among trusted friends and associates with reputable credit history, like yourself.

Right now my father is suffering from dementia and doesn’t remember where he put that one billion dollars. That leaves me as the only heir with access to my father’s fortune in the banks of Lagos, Tripoli, and Benin. Please be aware that the unlawful regime of Donald Trump wants this money back, so we better act fast. Additionally, I have keys to the crates with unmarked bills in the amount of 50 million dollars, Euros, and dinars, kept in a safe cargo area in a friendly Middle Eastern country. Half of this money can be yours if you allow me to become your business partner and if you follow my detailed instructions.

Housekeeping Notes And Those Tricky Engineers…

Many of our readers in Satellite Beach have written and asked us to comment on the ongoing feud concerning the proposed development project in the old South Housing area of Patrick Air Force Base and some residents.

It is not that we don’t want to comment, but that this is not a simple issue and we want to make sure we have all of the facts in place. Trust us when we say that we are on it.

Also, some readers may remember that Satellite Beach passed an ordinance that says that only the City may use the seal. This was aimed directly at us and for awhile, we backed away.

No more.

While the City cannot copyright the seal under federal law, the state allows certain protections under its statutes. Those protections are designed so that people can’t make money off of the seal or give the impression that what we say has the approval of the City. In our use of the seal here, we use it as part of legitimate discussion on the actions within the City and actions made by the City government. We don’t make a cent off this blog, so there is no economic gain for us, so that kills that argument. We are not claiming that the City is supporting anything we say. (To show the ridiculousness of the City’s position, one City Council member actually said that we could not post an official city public document that had the seal without the permission of the City.) We backed off a bit and we have decided we were wrong in doing so.

Funny, But Oh So Very Wrong.

There are some things in life that are an almost certainty. One of those things is that people want to name streets, roads, bridges, schools, etc., after past United States Presidents. This is especially true for recent presidents.

In that regard there have been efforts to rename things in honor of former President Barack Obama.

We were not and are not fans of Obama, but no president deserves this:

The Milpitas City Council (California) voted Tuesday night to honor the 44th U.S. President and rename a major roadway Barack Obama Boulevard.

The proposal passed 3-2 and Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran was among those who opposed the new name for Dixon Landing Road — mainly because the road passes through an area of the city known for its putrid stench.

The eastern end of Dixon Landing Road runs through the city’s Sunnyhills Community. In 1956 it became among America’s first planned racially integrated neighborhoods under Mayor and civil rights leader Ben Gross.

But when the road heads west, it passes over Interstate 880 and leads to the Newby Island Landfill, a recycling and composting plant that’s consider the source of the city’s notorious odors. Bay Area motorists often get wafts of the stink zipping by the Dixon Landing exit on the freeway, and Milpitas residents have complained about the stink for decades.

Pro Se Follies: “Intentional Emotional Abuse.”

In the legal world, acting “pro se,” means a person is “for oneself, on one’s own behalf” and without an attorney.

Often, pro se litigants and filings are fun to read and somewhat strange.

On August 26, 2019, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed the ruling of a lower court in the case of Ryan Anderson (the person acting pro se) v. Jason Pollard.

Anderson and Pollard were friends. Mr. Pollard had gotten divorced from his wife, Ms. Betsy Knapp. Anderson asked Pollard to “hook him up” with his ex-wife.

Pollard declined.

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