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Mascot Gets Ejected.

Devon Booker is a NBA player for the Phoenix Suns. He played collegiate ball at the University of Kentucky, where the fans are rabid rooting for the team just as fans on the road rood against Kentucky.

It was therefore somewhat of a surprise the other day when after shooting a free throw, Booker demanded that the referees move the mascot for the Toronto Raptors.

As he is shooting the first free throw, the Raptor mascot jumps up in the air to distract Booker’s shot. It is a tactic that has been going on for as long as people have been playing sports.

Dogs And Christmas Trees.

We saw a meme that talked about dogs, sticks and Christmas trees. Our graphics guy recreated it for a friend who has two dachshunds.

(She has had several dachshunds in her life but never a puppy. All of her dachshunds are rescue dachshunds that are from bad or deteriorating situations. The two she has now were rescued from a woman who was dying of cancer, and the dogs were set to be euthanized due to their age.)

She posted it on her Facebook wall and suddenly there were people asking for requests that the meme be made with images of their dog.

The graphics guy did them all, making each one unique. Some with Santa hats on them or not. It was all up the owner.

It was his Christmas gift to friends of a friend and if it made people smile, he was good with that.

Then this came to our attention:


While funny, we have to wonder if we are heading down this path….

“All I Want…..Arrrgh!!”



It can be said that this past year have been one like no other with stress and anxiety and worry. We here at Raised on Hoecakes have felt it and frankly, as we approach Christmas, we are simply tired of bad news, conflict and strife.

From here until Christmas, we are going to post things that hopefully will make you smile – even for a moment.

Bob Dole Switches To Democrat Party.

From the Babylon Bee:

RUSSELL, KS—Former Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole has passed away at 98, marking his transition from a lifelong Republican to a reliable Democrat voter.

“Bob Dole was an American hero and a patriot,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “We are grateful for his service to the country, and we welcome him to the Democrat Party as a faithful Democrat voter for the rest of time.”

Political Dissent Takes To The Skies.

A Cessna C150 aircraft owned by Avaito Research LLC, took to the skies near Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at approximately 11:38AM MST.

The plane flew for a leisurely 38 minutes on a seemingly random route. recorded the route which seems to have left a message…..

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