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Range Time Matters.

As we noted a few days ago….

Nancy Pelosi Can’t Stop Pandering.

Spitting Image is a satirical show from England.

Funny stuff.

You can watch Spitting Image on BritBox as a streaming service.


We cannot find the author of this comic, but we did find it funny.

There Are No Words.

Leningrad Cowboys – Sweet Home Alabama (1993)

“Your Mama” Jokes Make A Return.

Teachers sometimes have a very rough job. Yet we think that there are times when teachers have to do something, like writing notes to parents, while laughing inside.

This is one of those notes from a teacher to a kid’s parents.


And All The Church Said “Amen!”

(h/t Ace of Spades)

House Painting.

Ain’t this the truth….

Courtesy Skeleton Comics.

We Found This Funny.

Without commenting on the merits, we found this video from Mike the Cop the other day while watching his take on the James Blake shooting.

If Joe Biden Was a Cop

Satire. Ya gotta love it.

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