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The Smothers Brothers: Boil Them Cabbage Down.

You might ask yourself, “why is Raised on Hoecakes doing a post with the Smothers Brothers?”

It’s a fair question. We perusing the internet and came upon this clip with the Smothers Brothers appearing with the Boston Pops back in the 1980’s. The song is an old American folk song called “Boil Them Cabbage Down” which like many folk songs, has different variations of the lyrics.

This version of the chorus is obviously our favorite.

Boil them cabbage down, down.
Turn them hoecakes ’round, ’round.
The only song that I can sing is
Boil them cabbage down.

Here’s another version of the same skit performed by the Smothers Brothers way back in 1963.

The Movie Meme That Keeps On Giving.

In 2004, the movie “Downfall” was released. The movie deals with the last days of the Third Reich and the descent in to madness of Adolf Hitler as he is abandoned by close advisors and the reality Germany’s situation hits home.

In a warped sort of way, there is a scene from the movie that has become the inspiration for endless video memes. Known as the “Hilter Finds Out…” scene, people have used different subtitles to “translate” the German dialogue.

When done well, the scenes never fail to draw a laugh – no matter what side of the political spectrum from which you hail.

This one is no different.

(NSFW language.)

Funny stuff.

Mini-Me: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Without taking a position on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez herself, this is hysterical.

Funny stuff.

Why Yes, Hollywood Does Have New Ideas For Films.

One of the laments in today’s world is that Hollywood never has any new ideas. It always seems that they regurgitate or redo the same ideas and films that we have seen over and over.

We have to admit, that we believe that theory too.

Well, no more. We have seen a new and fresh idea for a film. (Wait for it….)

The Velocipastor.

After losing his parents, a priest travels to China, where he inherits a mysterious ability that allows him to turn into a dinosaur. At first horrified by this new power, a hooker convinces him to use it to fight crime. And ninjas.

Admit it. You cannot remember the last time you heard a tag line for a movie that had a crime fighting dinosaur, prostitutes and ninjas in it.

Lose Some Weight.

(image courtesy System32 Comics on Facebook)

This is both nostalgic and comical. Many of us remember the buzz and excitements of 3.5″ floppy discs. After all, some of us had dealt with 8″ floppies and were thrilled with the 5.25″ floppies that carried a whopping 1.2m of data at their height of use.

We’d Pick The Band Too.

We’ve been readers of the blog “Grand Old Partisan” for a long time. The blog bills itself as a “celebration of the Republican Party,” but for us we just like the history of people upon which the blog focuses as far too many made an impact and are forgotten or unknown today.

The posts are always short and a quick read, but the other day the blog had a post on renowned band leader and composer John Phillip Sousa and the Marine Band.

The video of the post is here:

“…. believe the country would rather hear you than see me, so you have my permission to go.”

Read the post or watch the video. If you are like us, you’ll agree with President Harrison; we rather listen to the Marine Band than the President. (Any president.)

Burger King And The Chocolate Whopper.


Burger King continues to work on and develop the chocolate Whopper.


A little Sunday humor…..

(courtesy of oddball today.)

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