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The Troubled Typeface.

We know how it feels.


Book Recommendations.

For some reason, we are in a comic mood this week.


It is both funny, and terribly sad because it rings all too true,

(Courtesy of The Pain Train.)

Cats And Squares.

It’s all downhill until the weekend, so we thought we’d take a small break from our normal ranting and raving about politics and feature a couple of comics from Scott Metzger.

First, if you have a cat, you can relate to this:


And then there are always the times you feel a little out of place, especially if you are a little geek-ish, love math, or love good puns:

Light Blogging Today.

Sorry about this, but one of the staff suffered a loss today and no one is really thrilled about blogging or posting anything.

In the meantime, please enjoy this comic from Pearshaped Comics, which sometimes reflects how we feel.


Enjoy the day and cherish those around you.

I Think My Dog’s A Democrat.

We don’t care who you are….. this is funny.

(h/t “This Ain’t Hell.”)

The Millennial Song.

You need a laugh today.

Happy Hump Day!

“I Dunno Tink Dat Word Means What You Tink It Means.”

ESPN reported yesterday that Spain and Czech Republic were involved in a tie late in their match.

Not quite.


Thanks Inigo. You are right again.

Two Year Old vs. Darth Vader.

My son Sebastian is a huge star wars fan and he loves Darth Vader. Thought it would be fun to see what happened if Vader woke him up in the morning.


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