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Engineering Flowchart.

engineering flowchart

That about sums it up.

(courtesy of Memrise on Facebook.)

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Sea Wars: The IKE Awakens.

Okay, the men and woman of the USS Eisenhower (CVN69) seem to be really excited about the new Star Wars film. (They also seem to have a little too much time on their hands.)

Sea Wars: The IKE Awakens.

Well done gang. Well done.

A Star Wars Nerds Worst Nightmare .

Worst nightmare indeed.

If You Are Wondering Where The Sun Went….

Daylight Savings Time - 500

Sometimes it takes awhile for the end of Daylight Saving Time to take root in our lives.

(Image courtesy of Adrienne Hedger.)

(ED. NOTE: As pointed out in the comment below by CRA Resident, we had made an error in calling it “Daylight Savings Time” instead of “Daylight Saving Time.” We have corrected the post to reflect the correct terminology.)

Bad Lip Reading.

A YouTube Channel called “Bad Lip Reading” has come out with ““FIRST DEMOCRATIC DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015” —- A Bad Lip Reading of the First Democratic Debate ”

It’s hysterical.

And lest you think that we are only promoting the lampooning of Democrats, fear not as the same group did their take on the Republican Debate. It too is hysterical.

Waiting Rooms.

One of the staff here at Raised on Hoecakes has spent a lot of time in waiting rooms over the past few weeks.

They swear this cartoon is right on the money.

We wouldn’t know as we always carry a spare power cell and charger.


(click on cartoon for larger version)

(Cartoon courtesy of Maximumble.)

Zombie Flamingos?

If you are a redneck, live around rednecks or even live in Florida, you have seen yards with pink flamingos. In some ways the plastic birds on metal legs has become a bit of a stereotype but the best thing about stereotypes is that someone always breaks the mold.

Anyone for zombie flamingos?



The Death Star Architect Speaks Out.

‘Bout time we heard from this guy…..

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