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Don’t Try This With Your Watermelon On Saturday. (Or Any Day.)

You can see what is about to happen and yet there is something compelling about watching the train wreck that is about to occur.


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Epic Smithsonian Tweet.

In case you missed it, the Smithsonian recently tweeted this:


#PrattKeeping is a key component of the exhibition process. Our Dinosaur Curator, Matthew Carrano, has a tough job!

It’s Thursday And You Need A Laugh.

We saw this shirt on another site and haven’t stopped smiling about it.

It is available from OffWorld Designs.


Funny stuff.

(For the record, we don’t make any money or receive any compensation for linking to this product.)

The Park Is Open.

Another one from A. F. Branco.


(image courtesy of A. F. Branco)

If Everything Was Bundled Like Cable.

Something to smile and think about as you start your work week.

You don’t pay for all the parking spaces you don’t park in, so why pay for all the channels you don’t watch?

RC Fails.

A few years ago there was a guy in our neck of the woods who was into radio controlled cars. The cars he had were loud and we supposed some people thought the sound was obnoxious. The cars were fast – really fast. he and friends would travel to another town and race on Sundays in an abandoned parking lot.

One Sunday he came home with a “hound dog look” on his face. We asked him what was wrong and he said that while he was racing his cars with friends, someone had come through the parking lot and deliberately run through the course, crushing his car and others.

We thought of him when we saw this.

There’s something special about that moment when someone flies their $2,000 drone into some electrical wires, or their RC plane goes up and down in 10 seconds.

(We love the dog at 0:53 seconds in the video. Good puppy!)

Bing To Debut Self Driving Car.

With Google developing a self driving vehicle, it was only a matter of time until Bing jumped into the fray.

Google better watch out, there’s a new automated vehicle on the road. Introducing the Bing Self-Driving Car.

(In case you aren’t sure, this is a parody video. It’s perfect for a Friday.)

Nice, Sunny Day.


Ain’t that the truth?

(Courtesy Chris Hallbeck at Maximumble)

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