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“Baby Got Back” – Revisited.

When we decided years ago to start this blog, we never thought that we post one version of Sir Mix Alot’s “Baby Got Back” (see here for the song being performed by the Seattle Symphony’s Sonic Evolution) much less a second version of the song within ten days.

NBC Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams raps Sir Mix-A-Lots classic “Baby Got Back.”

We Don’t Know How To React To this One.

Tactical Firearms out of Katy, Texas seems to have some definitive feelings on recent and ongoing events in the world.


It is predicted that the company will receive visits from the IRS, the ATF and OSHA in the near future.

There Are Going To Be Days….

There are going to be days when you have to take a goat somewhere.

But what if you need to go and a cart or truck is not available?

There are solutions for that dilemma.

Sometimes you get the goat and sometimes the goat gets you.

How To Screw Up An Image Of A Woman.

Upton-Small-ROHThere is little doubt that model Kate Upton is an attractive woman. The 5’10″ blonde who was raised in Melbourne, Florida has appeared in movies and on the covers of many magazines.

It is therefore understandable that people want to know everything about the woman.

(Actually, it is not understandable to us here are Raised on Hoecakes. We don’t care what she eats, how she works out, who she is dating, and we certainly don’t care how often she “cleanses” her insides.)

Harper’s Bazaar caused a bit of a sensation when it presented an article taken from Elle Magazine entitled “Kate Upton’s Trainer Spills Her Fitness Secrets.”

The sensation is not from the article’s content and how many calories Upton consumes, but rather the accompanying picture:

(image courtesy Harper's Bazaar)

(image courtesy Harper’s Bazaar)

Somewhere there is a art director wondering why they ever approved an image that appears to be Photoshopped so badly that Upton’s right arm is mangled to the point of where it appears she has palm fronds growing from her arm pit.

Oy vey.

Secret Of The Universe.

We have been absolutely swamped at work for the last few days and no one had a better idea as to what to post than “secret of the universe.”


Who knew it was that deceptively easy?

(Courtesy Safely Endangered.)

There’s A Reason Why “Fan” Is Short For “Fanatic.”

This is hysterical.

Yankees fans think they’re booing a cardboard cutout of Robinson Cano – until the real Cano steps out from behind it and surprises them.

Magic Watch!

A company called “Deal Extreme” has this really spiffy touch screen wrist watch they want to sell.

It seems like a great deal to us because not only does the watch tell you the time in either a 12 or 24 hour format, it sticks to your wrist!

It’s amazing! It’s magical!


Please Digital Extreme, put the mouse down, close Photoshop and walk away.

Just walk away.

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