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New Audi “E Tron” is a “Turd.”

One of the commercials that was rated highly by people was Audi’s commercial for their new car, the “E Tron.”

The commercial features a man who goes to heaven with perfect weather, sees his old home, his grandfather and gets to drive the E Tron. The punch line is that the man has to come back to earth when a cashew is dislodged from his throat by the Heimlich maneuver. No more heaven.

The problem is that while Audi wants to sell the car world-wide, the name “etron” in French translates to “turd.


Best Warning Sign Evah.

(via Neatorama.)

Good to know that someone has a sense of humor.

(And we suspect that the humor will actually make the sign more effective as more people will be talking about it.)

“I ‘Identify’ As……”

We found this both funny and an appropriate comment on those who “self identify.”

(Courtesy Reddit.)

The Expert.

Sadly, if you work in the corporate world or are self employed, these types of meetings seem all too common.

Best exchange (in our opinion):

So what exactly is stopping us from doing this?


Just ignore it.

Check out the next video where our hero (who has the best “what the heck?” facial expression we have seen) deals with right and left angles.

This Contest Will No Longer Stink.

People will make a contest out of anything they do in their lives. Such is the case of the World Pie Eating Championship where contestants in the UK see who can eat pies traditionally filled with meat and potatoes in the fastest time.

(Pie Master Tony Callaghan, pictured with 2017 champions Martin Appleton-Clare and Vicky Lindley: Image courtesy of the

This year’s contest is in a state of flux and outrage after officials made a monumental change.

The World Pie Eating Championship has descended into ‘chaos’ after contestants were forced to change their filling to chicken to stop them breaking wind.

It will be the first time in its 26-year-long history the competition has not used red meat and potatoes over fears the ingredients could cause some unwelcome smells.

The decision was made in the wake of a recent scandal at a darts event where a competitor said he was put off by another player’s farts.

Officials have said the move was necessary to make the event more enjoyable for onlookers.

There is even a claim that the change was to help limit “climate change.”

Tony Callaghan, owner of competition venue Harry’s Bar, said: ‘The surprise element for many pie purists is that we’re going chicken.

‘We’re steering things away from red meat content this year for health considerations, and also to avoid the methane issue.

Alternative Cuss Words – Tim Hawkins.

Son of a motherless goat, this video made us laugh. Fartknocker……

Progressive Christmas Carols.

We had another post for this space ready to go but unfortunately a series of mistakes meant that a 2500 word post went down the internet black hole and is irretrievable. The person who deleted the post has been placed in Hoecake purgatory by the staff. We simply don’t have the time, energy or desire to write another post.

So today we are taking a rather cheap shot across the bow of “progressives” and how society has and continues to change based on the idea of people being “offended” by words, phrases and even Christmas songs.

We don’t like to politicize Christmas so this is offered more tongue in cheek than anything.

Not Your Typical Lawyer Advertisement.

When you think of billboards along the side of the road for lawyers, you think of something like this:

What most people don’t think of is this:

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