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(courtesy The Gentleman’s Armchair.)

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March Badness.

The Final Four in the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament is decided this weekend and in the honor of the teams excellence, we want to note the people and teams who contribute to what can be called “March Badness.”

We guarantee that one thing these “fails” have in common is that someone thought it was a great idea to try them.

The Digits Of Pi.

Okay, so Saturday was officially “Pi Day,” (a rather epic one if taking to 5 digits (3.1415) so the fine folks at College Humor decided to try and see how far they could list the digits of pi. Being that pi extends to an infinite number, they certainly couldn’t get to the finish, but the choice of the song they use – Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” – is inspired.

The video itself is surprisingly amusing….. and long.

In honor of Pi Day, we try and name ALL the digits of Pi. Can we do it?

Happy Pi Day!

Today is March 14th and that means it is Pi Day!


Celebrate by taking a mathematical constant to lunch.

Things IT People Never Say.

“Try shaking the hard drive.”

We know people who have actually tried that.

Installing Software.

A friend of ours is making some small changes to his computer system. With each new tweak and discovery of a setting that needs to be changed, he has decided to reinstall his operating system.

In honor of his efforts and those who install software that seems to take forever…..


(courtesy CommitStrip)

That One File…..

Yeah….. who hasn’t done this before?


courtesy According to Devlin.

Thank goodness for the search feature, eh?

Who’s Ready For The Super Concave Serving Vessel?

An hysterical commercial highlighting the rabid copyright protection of the term “Super Bowl” by the NFL.

Hats off to Staples for this one.

Everybody’s talking about it. And we’re no different. No matter what kind you need or what you need it for, we have the perfect Super Concave Serving Vessel for your business. So get excited.

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