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Sweat It To Get It.

Gatorade is partnering with different athletic governing bodies such as the NFL to promote “Sweat It To Get It.”

The intent of the campaign is to get people working out and moving, rather than sitting around. According to the tongue and cheek campaign, if you aren’t sweating, you can’t have a bottle of Gatorade.

Watch Houston Texan and NFL star JJ Watt (who is listed at 6′ 5″ and 289 pounds) bring the point home below.

(Watt’s last comment is an instant classic.)

You can find more of the commercials here in the Gatorade YouTube channel, including commercials with the hysterically stoic Manning brothers (Eli and Peyton)

It’s a strange campaign, but it is funny.

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If Call Center Employees Were Honest.

Now you know what those call center people really are thinking.

Yes, I know how long you’ve been holding and I don’t care.

Donald And Walter.

This has been floating around in our minds here at Raised on Hoecakes.

Donald Trump and Jeff Dunham’s friend Walter.



(more below the fold.)

Satellite Beach And Young Coders.

The City of satellite Beach, having determined that nature will bow to their will when it comes to trees, will hold a CRA meeting tonight at 6:00 PM followed by a meeting of the City Council at 7:00. The agenda for the meeting can be found here and the support packet can be found here.

The Council has had a habit of blocking out what is important to the people of Satellite Beach and taking the approach of “we need to tax and spend so let’s find more ways to do that.”

We were reminded of that when we saw this cartoon which pushing aside what really matters:

A Very Common Coder’s Youthful Mistake


(cartoon courtesy of Commit Strip.)

Hope to see you at the meeting(s).

Alien Artifact.


(click image for larger size.)

(courtesy Down the Upward Spiral.)


Expectations vs. Reality.

It’s Monday and we all need a laugh. (Even though it may be a little inappropriate>)

(The music on this is a little loud so be careful it for are watching this in the office.)

It is impossible not to turn away, isn’t it?

A Brief History Of Flash.


(Image courtesy

Star Wars: The World War II Edition.

It’s Sunday and once in awhile you just have to relax and say “huh?

Ever wonder what WW2 would look like with Imperial Walkers? We did too!

Somehow we can hear the conversation between MacArthur and Admiral Ackbar…..

MacArthur: I told then I would return!
Ackbar: No! It’s a trap!

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