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Installing Software.

A friend of ours is making some small changes to his computer system. With each new tweak and discovery of a setting that needs to be changed, he has decided to reinstall his operating system.

In honor of his efforts and those who install software that seems to take forever…..


(courtesy CommitStrip)

Share the Hoecakes

That One File…..

Yeah….. who hasn’t done this before?


courtesy According to Devlin.

Thank goodness for the search feature, eh?

Who’s Ready For The Super Concave Serving Vessel?

An hysterical commercial highlighting the rabid copyright protection of the term “Super Bowl” by the NFL.

Hats off to Staples for this one.

Everybody’s talking about it. And we’re no different. No matter what kind you need or what you need it for, we have the perfect Super Concave Serving Vessel for your business. So get excited.

You Know Who You Are.


(Courtesy Lunar Baboon.)

Bush’s Humorous Return To White House

Classic George W.

Former president George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush bring humor to the unveiling of their official White House portraits.

“NFL 2015″ — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

With “Deflategate” in the news, the irrelevant and insufferable NFL Pro Bowl this weekend, and the Super Bowl a week away, we all need a laugh.

“…and then you invented dirt lumps.” More of what COULD have been said in the NFL.

Who comes up with these things?

Work Fails.

There are times when we think that workplace rules and regulations are way overdone. Then there are times when we look a workers and wonder “what are they even thinking in trying that?”

Below is a compilation of “fails” from the workplace. Some you can see coming. Some are cringe worthy. Some make you wonder how the person ties their shoes in the morning.


NOTE: Be aware that at the start of the video there is a brief “ad” for the new FoxTV shows “World’s Funniest Fails” starring Terry Crews. It’s short, but it took us by surprise. Sorry about that.

A Math Problem That Starts Fights.

Go ahead and figure out this math problem.

Answer below the fold.

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