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Expectations vs. Reality.

It’s Monday and we all need a laugh. (Even though it may be a little inappropriate>)

(The music on this is a little loud so be careful it for are watching this in the office.)

It is impossible not to turn away, isn’t it?

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A Brief History Of Flash.


(Image courtesy

Star Wars: The World War II Edition.

It’s Sunday and once in awhile you just have to relax and say “huh?

Ever wonder what WW2 would look like with Imperial Walkers? We did too!

Somehow we can hear the conversation between MacArthur and Admiral Ackbar…..

MacArthur: I told then I would return!
Ackbar: No! It’s a trap!

Don’t Try This With Your Watermelon On Saturday. (Or Any Day.)

You can see what is about to happen and yet there is something compelling about watching the train wreck that is about to occur.


Epic Smithsonian Tweet.

In case you missed it, the Smithsonian recently tweeted this:


#PrattKeeping is a key component of the exhibition process. Our Dinosaur Curator, Matthew Carrano, has a tough job!

It’s Thursday And You Need A Laugh.

We saw this shirt on another site and haven’t stopped smiling about it.

It is available from OffWorld Designs.


Funny stuff.

(For the record, we don’t make any money or receive any compensation for linking to this product.)

The Park Is Open.

Another one from A. F. Branco.


(image courtesy of A. F. Branco)

If Everything Was Bundled Like Cable.

Something to smile and think about as you start your work week.

You don’t pay for all the parking spaces you don’t park in, so why pay for all the channels you don’t watch?

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