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I Think My Dog’s A Democrat.

We don’t care who you are….. this is funny.

(h/t “This Ain’t Hell.”)

The Millennial Song.

You need a laugh today.

Happy Hump Day!

“I Dunno Tink Dat Word Means What You Tink It Means.”

ESPN reported yesterday that Spain and Czech Republic were involved in a tie late in their match.

Not quite.


Thanks Inigo. You are right again.

Two Year Old vs. Darth Vader.

My son Sebastian is a huge star wars fan and he loves Darth Vader. Thought it would be fun to see what happened if Vader woke him up in the morning.


Election Insurance.

April Fools Day was a few days ago, and while you may have played a few pranks on people or even have had a few planks played on you, we always like the pranks that some companies come up with.

This year one of the best might be “Election Insurance” from the online insurer “esurance.”

Protect your home in case of a sudden move to another country with Election Insurance.

Well played. Well played indeed.

This is Pun-ny.


Sometimes we all need a good pun-ny joke to make our day.


Sanders Sign

via Nikki Goeser.

If Only…..

Web User is a real magazine published in the UK which focuses on computers and the internets. Their Facebook page can be found here.) We saw an ad for the magazine the other day and just had to laugh. (And then we made our own modification to it.)

The original is below the fold.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. spy agencies have told Congress that Hillary Clinton’s home computer server contained some emails that should have been treated as “top secret” because their wording matched sections of some of the government’s most highly classified documents, four sources familiar with the agency reports said.

The two reports are the first formal declarations by U.S. spy agencies detailing how they believe Clinton violated government rules when highly classified information in at least 22 email messages passed through her unsecured home server.


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