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Instead Of Just One Person Being Wrong, There Are Two.

This is a somewhat bizarre story where no one except the dog is totally right.

Amy Cooper was walking a rescue dog named “Henry” in the Bramble section of New York’s Central Park.

Christian Cooper, (no relation) a black male, asked the woman to put Henry on a leash as per the law. She refused.

Cooper then started to film the confrontation and it is not pretty:

Opening For Business And The ADA.

There are people in this world that think about issues long before we do. Thank goodness they are around, especially when expose problems when over-broad laws such as the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) runs smack into businesses reopening in the face of requirements and recommendations based on trying to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once such person is Walter Olson who runs the excellent legal site and who is also a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

Olson has a post on the CATO site dealing with possible ADA compliance issues as businesses start to open back up. It is well worth the read, but here are the highlights:

FloridaToday And Their Breathless Support Of Rebekah Jones.

Rebekah Jones

For at least the past week, the FloridaToday and other news sources have been running stories on the termination of Rebekah Jones, who led the development of the Florida website / dashboard on tracking of COVID-19 cases.

Jones says she was fired because she refused to manipulate data. Governor DeSantis and the State claim she was fired for insubordination.

In these times, it seems nothing can happen without being politicized and this case is no exception.

For example, in an opinion piece entitled “A cover-up or ‘non-issue?’ We must learn more about COVID-19 data chief’s ousting | Our view” the FloridaToday left this tracking change / artifact at the bottom of the article after they had finished the piece itself.


Memorial Day Flags “Non-Essential.”

This is one of those posts of bad news, good news, horrible news.

What are these idiots thinking?

The answer is no.

FlagZone LLC near Gilbertsville [Pennsylvania] will not be allowed to sell flags for Memorial Day observances, and Berks County is still scrambling for flags for Memorial Day cemetery events.

According to a statement to the MediaNews Group from Casey Smith, communications director at the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development: “As the administration’s main priority is protecting the health and well-being of Pennsylvanians, flagmaking operations are thus deemed non-life-sustaining. While FlagZone will unfortunately need to suspend its operations this year, we are hopeful that in the years to come, it will be able to continue to provide Pennsylvanians with a symbol of our patriotism for future Memorial Day celebrations.”

COVID-19: News From the Front Lines.

We thought we do a bit of a round up of news and events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic that you may have missed.

F.D.A. Halts Coronavirus Testing Program Backed by Bill Gates

SEATTLE — An innovative coronavirus testing program in the Seattle area — promoted by the billionaire Bill Gates and local public health officials as a way of conducting wider surveillance on the invisible spread of the virus — has been ordered by the federal government to stop its work pending additional reviews.

The program involved sending home test kits to both healthy and sick people in the hope of conducting the kind of widespread monitoring that could help communities safely reopen from lockdowns. Researchers and public health authorities already had tested thousands of samples, finding dozens of previously undetected cases.


As we do daily, we were looking around at other blogs and seeing what they are writing and discussing.

We came upon a post where the author was talking how so many blogs were talking about “blogger burnout” and how blogging was taking a toll on them. We can sympathize. Staying at home, looking at people attacking each other all the time with seemingly no good news wears you down. We wrote the other day that a barber in Michigan be a spark that ignites a real or virtual Lexington and Concord. We also think that we have never seen people divided so much and willing to tear the country apart over the president since Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. (We are not comparing Trump to Lincoln just the attitudes toward the men to the point that politicians and some groups want them both to fail even if that means the end of the county.) Draft protests during the Civil War were often highly confrontational between regular people and the government just as protests demanding the opening of the economy are today. Foreign governments sought to interfere with the United States up to and during the Civil War, hoping the collapse of the US would allow those countries to pick at the remains like a vulture. We see the same thing today from foreign countries.

It’s history repeating itself.

A couple of nights ago we came upon a song by the group “For King and Country,” called “Together.”

It resonates.

The people in the video are not politicians, so called “leaders” or anything. They are normal people just like you and we are.

We Have A Headache.

Actual poster courtesy of the Veteran’s Administration:

Oy vey.

San Francisco Delivers Alcohol, Tobacco And Medical Marijuana To 43 Homeless Addicts.

Well, isn’t this peachy:

SAN FRANCISCO – In response to a Twitter debate stemming from a person upset that drugs and alcohol are given to the homeless staying in hotels, San Francisco’s Department of Public Health on Wednesday confirmed it provides nicotine and other addictive substances to those trying to recover from addiction.

They say it’s part of a plan to help the unhoused population quarantine rather than out on the streets.

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