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Monopoly for Millennials. We Kid You Not.

“Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway.”

The fine folks at Hasbro have come out with a new version of the classic board game Monopoly called “Monopoly for Millennials.”

Money doesn’t always buy a great time, but experiences, whether they’re good — or weird — last forever. The Monopoly for Millennials game celebrates just that. Instead of collecting as much cash as possible, players are challenged to rack up the most Experiences to win. Travel around the gameboard discovering and visiting cool places to eat, shop, and relax. Interact with other players via Chance and Community Chest cards, (which are super relatable). And players don’t pay rent — they visit one another, earning more Experience points. This board game is a great way to bring a fun and relaxed vibe to a party or casual get-together.

Oh yay. Doesn’t this just warm your heart?

Unboxing video:

This Picture Could Be A Crime.

Last week we talked about the mascot of the United States Air Force Academy being injured in a “prank” gone bad between the Air Force Academy and the Cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point. We ran an image of the injured falcon to accompany the article and never thought anything about it.

It turns out we may have broken the law.

In 2008 the US Fish Fish and Wildlife Service passed a series of regulations dealing with falconry, which the Service defines as:

Falconry is caring for and training raptors for pursuit of wild game, and hunting wild game with raptors. Falconry includes the taking of raptors from the wild to use in the sport; and caring for, training, and transporting raptors held for falconry.

The rules require that states adopt the rules the Service created or have rules that are at least as strict or more strict. Whatever the Fish and Wildlife Service says, goes.

The Fish and Wildlife Service requires that for a person to practice falconry, they must have a license.

There are provisions in the US Code and the license that require bookkeeping on obtaining, care, transportation and selling of falcons. In that falcons are a threatened species, we can see this regulation as perhaps being positive. After all, if falconers love their birds and their sport, they should want to make sure there are records to protect the illegal trafficking of birds. Those documents should be made available to inspectors at any time. The rules also require that the areas in which birds are housed be open to inspection without notice or warrant.

But here’s the really strange part of the rules:

Fourteenth Amendment Is Dying A Slow Death.

We don’t talk about the 14th Amendment much because to us, it is such a simple, basic rule that goes beyond the Constitution, but rather into the lives of people and how we should treat people.

Section I of the amendment reads:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The clause “equal protection under the law” means that people should be treated identically regardless of race, creed, gender, and also station in life. It means that where you work and live shouldn’t matter to the blindfolded lady holding the scales of justice.

For years now, we have slowly seem the idea that we are all under the same set of laws eroded.

The latest case is former FBI Director James Comey.

You may remember Comey and his heading of the botched investigation into the Hillary Clinton email servers where he determined there was wrong doing and Hillary had broken the law, but that he felt prosecutors should ignore the infraction.

Count All The Votes – Even The Illegal Ones.

(image courtesy Getty Images)

As the fight rages over votes in south Florida, charges of incompetency are flying. We have no idea how an area with more poll workers per capita than Brevard County screwed this past election up so badly. In a just world, heads would roll, but this is politics and government jobs which means no one is ever accountable for anything.

However, one incident that has happened should anger every law abiding citizen who believes their right to vote needs to be protected.

While counting votes on Friday, a provisional ballot was discarded because the person who had cast the vote was not a US citizen. Seems easy, right?

The lawyers for both DeSantis and Gilliam objected to the ballot not being counted which means they wanted a non-citizen’s vote to be counted. Here’s a partial transcript of what happened:

Lawyers for the Florida Democratic gubernatorial and Senate candidates objected Friday to the rejection of a provisional ballot cast by a noncitizen, according to a transcript obtained by Fox News.

We Are Now A Verb?

The other day, we posted a Facebook post from Nicolas Tomboulides who we thought hit a homerun in “discussing” immigration and conservatives with a left leaning individual.

We said then that we weren’t sure who Mr. Tomboulides is, but we he had “dropped the mic” with his encounter with the individual.

Turns out Tomboulides is a the head of the group U.S.Term Limits which advocates for term limits for members of the US Congress. (We disagree with the group and don’t like term limits, but that is a post for another day.)

What is funny though is that Tomboulides became aware of our post and made another Facebook post:


Go Vote.


By the time many people read this, the polls on the east coast and much of Florida will be open.

If you haven’t voted, go do so. Make your vote and your voice heard.

It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt. (UPDATED!)

Pranks between the military academies are fairly common. The most famous of which is the stealing of the other team’s mascot.

Since the founding of the Air Force Academy in 1954, no other service institution has been able to kidnap the Academy’s mascot – a 22 year old falcon named Aurora.

This week the Cadets of the US Military Academy at West Point managed to break into the home of an Army colonel were the bird was being held before Saturday’s football game.

But something went wrong – horribly wrong.

While being kept by the Army cadets, both of the bird’s wings were injured, academy sources said.

Given its advanced age, the Air Force official said, Aurora might need to be euthanized.

Aurora was being brought back to Colorado Springs on Saturday afternoon on the football team’s charter flight, Air Force associate athletic director for communications Troy Garnhart said.

“USAFA mascot Aurora was injured over the weekend and is being transported back to Colorado,” academy spokesman Lt. Col Tracy Bunko said. “We have specialists at the academy who have the best training and facilities for her care. She is part of our academy family and we are all hoping for her full and speedy recovery.”


Happy Halloween!

We here at Raised on Hoecakes hope that you and your family have a fun and safe Halloween.

A man was walking home alone late one foggy night, when behind him he hears:




Walking faster, he looks back and through the fog he makes out the image of an upright casket banging its way down the middle of the street toward him.




Terrified, the man begins to run toward his home, the casket bouncing quickly behind him

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