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That Left A Mark.

(image for illustrative purposes only.)

George Hollingsworth of Marion, Indiana thought someone had broken into his garage. On March 12, 2019 Hollingsworth reported to the police that the frame to his garage was damaged and he felt someone may have broken into building. Because the garage was a cluttered mess, the police didn’t find anything and Hollingsworth could not tell them if anything was missing.

On March 13th, Hollingsworth was cleaning the garage when he noticed something was wrong.

While cleaning, he discovered his 900-pound antique floor safe had been knocked over. That’s when Hollingsworth found a body underneath the safe.

“I came in and told my wife, ‘I think we’ve got a dead body out there.’ She thought I was kidding,” said Hollingsworth.

George’s wife quickly called 911. Amid the mess of the garage, the first officer on scene initially wasn’t sure the man was actually dead.

“The officer walked in and said, ‘Buddy. Hey buddy,'” said Hollingsworth. “I’m was thinking he’s dead. Come on now.”

Posting Of Fight Video At School On Social Media Gets Mother Arrested.

Maegan Adkins Barras

A 32 year old mother in Lafayette, Louisiana spent the night in jail after posting a video of a fight at her son’s school.

Maegan Adkins-Barras was charged with the crime of “unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity” when she posted a video fight her son filmed at the Acadiana High School in Lafayette to Facebook.

The problem is that the charges don’t seem to fit the incident.

107.4. Unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity

A. It shall be unlawful for a person who is either a principal or accessory to a crime to obtain an image of the commission of the crime using any camera, videotape, photo-optical, photo-electric, or any other image recording device and to transfer that image obtained during the commission of the crime by the use of a computer online service, Internet service, or any other means of electronic communication, including but not limited to a local bulletin board service, Internet chat room, electronic mail, or online messaging service for the purpose of gaining notoriety, publicity, or the attention of the public. (emphasis ours)


Randy Fine: Opaqueness Is The New Transparency

(image courtesy WFTV.)

State Representative Randy Fine is introducing a bill that will no longer require governments and government entities in the State of Florida publish legal notices in the local newspaper. The bill is HB 1235 and can be found here.

Fine, who called his legislature the 2019 Public Notice Reform Act, now wants the part of the law that forces the use of printed newspapers gone.

“Right now, we believe that all of the state’s government entities are spending $200 million on such notices,” Fine said in a media gathering in Viera, Fla. “It’s a burden on the taxpayers, money that’s wasted. We all know how expensive newspaper advertising even if the number of readers is down.

Let’s stop at the first problem. “We believe that all of the state’s government entities are spending $200 million on such notices,” Fine said. We don’t know how much entities and the governments are spending? Fine is just guessing or maybe trying to extrapolate figures?

Why is Fine proposing a bill that eliminates transparency in government and at the same time, doing so based on numbers that are only an estimate?

According to the FloridaToday:

What Noise Annoys An Oyster?

When we saw this article about the New York Harbor, two things happened. First, we remembered that Satellite Beach had held workshops on building oyster nets (but limited it people who lived on the water which seemed stupid to us.) Secondly, we wondered if the oysters were successful cleaning the toilet bowl that is the New York Harbor, could they help the Indian River lagoon?

The New York Harbor for years has been polluted and depleted of marine life. But one nonprofit is working to clean the murky water and revive its long-lost ecosystem — one oyster at a time.

The Billion Oyster Project has worked since 2014 to rebuild oyster reefs in the waters surrounding New York City. The creatures are natural purifiers: A single adult oyster can cleanse about 50 gallons of water per day. And their reefs can provide a habitat for other marine life and help protect New York’s shores against storm surge during rough weather.

The group has so far restored about 30 million oysters to local waters. But that’s still a tiny fraction of what used to thrive in the area (emphasis ours)

Hard to believe that 30 million oysters is a “small fraction,” but when you consider the volume of water and the size of the harbor, it is understandable. (They are looking for a billion oysters.)

Hats And Guns.

A Tennessee man was charged with first-degree wanton endangerment after witnesses told police he pulled a gun on a man who was wearing Make America Great Again hat inside Sam’s Club.

The hat is associated with President Donald Trump’s campaign for office.

James Phillips, 57, of Cottontown, Tenn., was charged with first degree wanton endangerment after pulling a gun on a man who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in a Sam’s Club Warehouse store.

Terry Pierce was wearing the “MAGA” hat while walking through the store with his wife when Phillips decided to give him the finger.

Pierce told WNKY, “My wife was at Sam’s Club shopping Saturday night, and as we was walking up to the check-out line, a man approached us and flipped us off. I didn’t see the initial act; I seen him bringing his hands down and my wife had said, ‘Did he just flip us off?’ And she hollered at him, ‘Hey, did you flip me off?’ And he turned around and he done it again, and he said, “Yeah, I flipped you off because of them explicative hats you got on.’”

Pierce continued, “And when he said that, I went after him. And I went to him and I said, ‘What’s your problem, buddy?’ And he started screaming at me, so I returned the favor to him. Next thing I know, he drew a .40 caliber and stuck it in my face. Told me, he said, ‘This is a good day for you to die.’ And I asked him, I said, ‘Well, then, pull the trigger. Either put the gun down or pull the trigger’ … And he left, and when he did, I went after him. I actually, before I went after him, Sam’s Club management had come and said, ‘Did that guy pull a gun on you?’ I said, ‘Yes, he did.’ I said, ‘I’m going after him.’ They said, “No, don’t. We do not do stuff like that; we don’t want you having nothing to do with that.’ I said, ‘That’s not me. I’m going after him.’”


Posting Note.

First, some humor….

(image courtesy Jason Calzadilla – The Cannibal Orange via Instagram)

Secondly, we are well aware of the comments, arguments and actions of Mayor Capote during two issues on Thursday night. In our mind, they are related and while we want to discuss them, we need time to transcribe the comments and get our thoughts down.

We appreciate your patience.

(Besides, who wants serious political commentary on a weekend?)


On January 25, 2019, an earthen dam at a mining site in Brumadinho, Brazil collapsed killing at least 121 with another 226 missing. The missing are not expected to be found.

Here’s the video:

There was no time to run when an avalanche of liquid mining waste swept through the Córrego de Feijão open-cast iron ore mine on 25 January, destroying offices, workshops and a canteen where hundreds were eating lunch.

The wave tore through the lush green countryside of Minas Gerais state, eventually plastering some 252 hectares (623 acres) in sticky red-brown mud.

Since then, 121 bodies have been recovered, but 226 are still missing, and at Brazil’s “Ground Zero”, the question hung in the fetid air: can all those missing bodies ever be found?

“Negative,” said firefighter Fausto Diniz, his neoprene workwear smeared ochre after a recent day crawling on all fours across the mud. “But we will do everything possible to find the most we can.”

The local morgue has asked relatives of some of the missing to provide DNA samples and dental records to help identify the dead. But many relatives are slowly coming to realize that they will not even have a body to mourn.

Masterpiece Cakeshop Back In The News.

You may remember the case Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission which was decided by the US Supreme Court last year.

The case was about Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado and it’s owner, Jack Phillips. In 2012, a gay couple came into the shop and wanted a specialized cake made for their wedding. Parker, who is a Christian, declined to design and make the cake on religious grounds, mainly that he did not want to be creating something that would be used to promote an idea that was against his religious beliefs.

The two men filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission saying Parker had violated their civil rights. The Commission ruled against Phillips and demanded that he and his staff undergo training on the issue and for the next two years write reports that would be reviewed by the Commission on the cakes he sold.

Phillips appealed the decision and the case eventually made it to the Supreme Court which ruled against the Commission but did not endorse Parker’s assertion that he had the right to deny the artistic creation of a cake if it endorsed a message that was against his religious beliefs.

The Supreme Court noted that at the time, Colorado did not recognize gay marriages.

The second thing the Court noted was that someone named “William Jack” had gone to three different bakeries and asked the bakeries to make a cake with a message that demeaned gay marriages. In each case, the Commission upheld the rights of the bakers not to make the cakes which contained messages with which they disagreed.

The Court also took note of the animus of the members of the Commission towards religion itself. From the Supreme Court opinion:

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