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Not A Repeat: Rules Are For Little People.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan and its Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been in the news lately after people refused to bow down and acquiesce to Whitmer’s overly broad and ridiculous lockdown rules.

The idiocy of the rules and Whitmer’s attitude of “you all must obey!” has been encapsulated by a fight over 77 year old barber Karl Manke. Unable to pay his bills, Manke reopened his shop gaining the support of many people in the area. After a request by Michigan to obtain a cease and desist order against Manke was not granted, without any sort of due process, the Michigan government suspended Manke’s professional license. Manke responded with action basically saying, “I don’t need no stinkin’ license” and continued cutting hair. Then, the Michigan Executive branch created new rules and laws because the people were no longer listening to Whitmer. Finally, last week, a Michigan Court ruled against Whitmer and her people in the Manke case, and said after reviewing the evidence and the positions of the parties, the court would not issue a cease and desist order against Manke.

We wondered from afar how much all this legal and law enforcement against a barber was costing the State of Michigan at a time when tax revenues are way down. It is hard for us to accept the idea that lawyers going after barber is any sort of “essential activity” which makes the lawyers and staff “non essential.”

Unlike people who aren’t in the government, those people retained their jobs and received a paycheck.

Now a new crisis and example of Whitmer’s “let them eat cake” attitude toward the average person has surfaced.

Fifth Circuit Tells City They Can’t Enforce City Order.

We mentioned the City of Holly Springs, Mississippi the other day in connection with some Neanderthal who decided to burn down the First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs spray painting a message of “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits (sic).”

The City itself was embroiled in a legal controversy with the Church over “stay at home orders” issued by the City that were stricter than those issued by the Governor of State of Mississippi. The City had specifically created rules for houses of worship and religious gatherings and not just gatherings in general.

The Church had sought an injunction against the City from enforcing its targeted rules against religious institutions on the basis of the First Amendment.

Michigan Judge Sides With Barber.

We’ve written several times about Owosso, Michigan Karl Manke who defied the “stay at home” orders of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in order to make a living and pay his bills.

After the State tried to close Manke’s shop down, the State applied for a “cease and desist order” which would force the closure of the shop. Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart refused to issue the order saying he wanted to hold a full hearing.

As the State was shot down and could not get the cease and desist order, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs [LARA] suspended Manke’s license without cause or reason. At the same time, the State went to the Appeals Court asking that they order Judge Stewart to rule on the cease and desist order sooner rather than later.

The Court of Appeals said Judge Stewart needed to issue a ruling by Thursday, May 22, 2020.

In a classic case of “be careful what you wish for,” Stewart did indeed issue his ruling and formally denied the State its coveted “cease and desist” order against Manke.

COVID-19: Ignorant Arsonist Burns Church To The Ground.

If you disagree with a group, burn their building down.

That’s what happened to the First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs, Mississippi.

HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. (WMC) – A Mississippi church at the center of an arson investigation is the same church currently in a battle with city leaders over a COVID-19 safer-at-home order.

First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs was destroyed by what investigators believe is an arsonist.

Investigators found graffiti on pavement in the church parking lot that reads, “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits (sic).”

Sad News In The Blogging World.

Walter Olson

Okay, this is not the end of the world type sad news, but it is sad to us and we think to the blogosphere as well.

Walter Olson, who runs the excellent and award winning legal blog, has decided to hang up his blogging hat as of May 31, 2020.

In a post announcing his decision, Olson writes in part:

Michigan Has Officially Jumped Into The Land Where There Is No Law.

The government of the State of Michigan seems to have made it official: laws don’t matter any more. Do what they say, or else.

Michigan, as you remember is the home of Karl Manke, the 77 year old barber who defied an order from the governor, convinced a judge not to issue a “cease and desist” order for him to stop cutting hair, and then in retaliation, the State suspended his license.

All of this was too much for some of the people in and out of the state. A group called the Michigan Conservative Coalition organized a protest in the Michigan capital of Lansing called “Operation Haircut,” where barbers and stylists from in and out of the state cut hair for free.

The event with about 350 people was peaceful. However, the police decided to issue citations to seven people for cutting hair after being ordered to stop.

The citations were for “disorderly conduct” which the seven cited people took, put in their pockets and returned to cutting hair.

California Company Announces They Believe They Have A Cure For COVID-19

This would be great news if true.

A California-based biopharmaceutical company claims to have discovered an antibody that could shield the human body from the coronavirus and flush it out of a person’s system within four days, Fox News has exclusively learned.

Later Friday, Sorrento Therapeutics will announce their discovery of the STI-1499 antibody, which the San Diego company said can provide “100% inhibition” of COVID-19, adding that a treatment could be available months before a vaccine hits the market.

“We want to emphasize there is a cure. There is a solution that works 100 percent,” Dr. Henry Ji, founder and CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics, told Fox News. “If we have the neutralizing antibody in your body, you don’t need the social distancing. You can open up a society without fear.”

Michigan Barber Has License Suspended.

A few days ago, we wrote about 77 year old Karl Manke, a barber in Owosso, Michigan who after being denied unemployment three times, decided he had to reopen his barber shop to make a living.

For him, there was no other option.

Police issued two citations which will be heard on June 23 in a Michigan Court.

Still refusing to stop cutting hair and close his shop, the State of Michigan sought an immediate “cease and desist order” from Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart. Stewart refused to grant the order, saying he wanted to hold a hearing where both sides could present evidence and make arguments for their position.

That did not please the State of Michigan.

Without any hearing or ability to appeal, the State of Michigan suspended Manke’s license.

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