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“Brush And Nibs” Wins Free Speech Case In Arizona.

(image courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom.)

In 2015, Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski of Phoenix, Arizona met each other and decided to combine their talents to design and produce custom, hand lettered invitations to events including events such as a wedding. Duka and Koski were creating specific, individual invitations that celebrated marriage. The two formed a company called “Brush & Nibs” which offered the custom and hand lettered invitations. What the two devoutly Christian women refused to do was to use their talents to create specialized wedding invitations for same sex marriages due to the women’s religious beliefs.

From the Alliance Defending Freedom, who represented Duka and Koski:

But this wedding focus drove Joanna and Breanna straight into a problem. Phoenix law required Brush & Nib to create and speak according to Phoenix’s definition of marriage.

As Joanna and Breanna were starting their business, they kept seeing news reports about authorities forcing Christians in the wedding industry to promote same-sex wedding ceremonies. Meanwhile, their friends began to ask them if Brush & Nib would promote same-sex wedding ceremonies. Then Joanna and Breanna saw the ensuing social media frenzy over the U.S. Supreme Court creating a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. They realized that they may not have the freedom to create art consistent with their artistic and religious beliefs. They had to find out for sure.

“The 3rd ID Does Not Condone This Behavior…..”

In July, a soldier in complete uniform went off over an incident at Savannah, Georgia mall parking lot.

We’re going to show you the video, and then a news report on the incident. First, the video. This video is not safe for work as there is some strong language and some violence against a woman.

There are lots of issues with this guy’s behavior. First and foremost is his reaction itself. It’s a parking space. At a mall. On a sunny day. With a child. Have some sense of what is important in this world. In the scheme of things, a parking space is not worth getting that upset about.

Florida House District 28 Candidate Elizabeth McCarthy Withdraws.

Elizabeth McCarthy has withdrawn from the Florida District 28 House race. The district, which is northeast of Orlando, is currently represented by Republican David Smith.

McCarthy, filed as a Democrat citing her long experience in health care and other issues.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Darren Soto, for one, introduced McCarthy as a hero, and someone who advises him on health care issues.

McCarthy said her experience in legislative affairs, understanding policy, politics, crafting law, networking, and communicating ideas, has long made her interested in running for a legislative office for a long time, but that the timing was not right until this year. She’s building a platform around the environment, education, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, unions, and health care.

Normally, we wouldn’t comment on this race unless something odd and spectacular happened.

It did.

Vimeo Bans Project Veritas.

A few days ago we wrote of a video concerning Google and how Project Veritas had exposed what appears to be a concerted effort to ban conservative voices.

Almost immediately after the video was published on Google owned YouTube, it was taken down by Google.

Project Veritas then posted the video to Vimeo.

Vimeo has now removed the video from their platform and closed the Project Veritas account:


UPDATE: Project Veritas Posts Elsewhere.

In our post on Google and Project Veritas below, we noted in an update that Google, which owns YouTube had removed the video in question.

While Google may think they own the internet, they don’t and there are other sites that are hosting the video, but also other video streaming services suchas Vimeo.

The video can also be seen on the Project Veritas site.

This is not going away any time soon, nor should it.

Defendant Does Something Really Crappy.

left: Dorleans Philidor right Circuit Court Judge Lisa Walsh

This past Friday a trial was delayed when 33 year old Dorleans Philidor defecated in the courtroom and then threw the feces at Judge Lisa Walsh.

You read that right.

A Miami criminal trial was delayed briefly Friday when the accused man defecated and “cast feces” inside the courtroom before closing arguments were set to begin in his burglary trial, officials said.

The excrement from Dorleans Philidor, 33, was aimed at but did not reach Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh. Lawyers fled as county police officers and corrections officers swarmed the courtroom. “It’s protein! It’s good for you!” he yelled, according to witnesses.

The incident happened during the routine morning court calendar. No jurors were on hand yet.

Philidor was sitting in a wheelchair near Judge Walsh, who scrambled away as her bailiff yelled for her to run. He also ate some of the feces, witnesses said.

“It was intense. The corrections officers and police officers were swarming. Like 60 of them,” said witness Allen Rios, who posted a short clip of the commotion to his Instagram page. “They told everyone to leave and you couldn’t go back in. It was a hazardous area.”

It gets better:

Adrian Moss-Beasley.

It was 2012 and Brevard was in the midst of what people have said was the most acrimonious election seasons on memory. There was an all out war for the Clerk of the Courts office. The Property Appraiser’s race was full of salacious accusations and counter accusations.

Several of our staff were interviewing candidates for a local radio show. We made a pact not to do any “gotcha” moments or anything like that. We weren’t looking for “ambush journalism” rather than asking questions that would allow candidates to make their points and highlight where they agreed with their opponents and where they disagreed. We wanted to let people see the differences in the candidates and their positions.

There were some races and discussions that afterwards, we wanted to take a shower and hopefully wipe away the mud and the stench that had been slung. There were races that after the interviews, we looked at each other and said “are these the best candidates we have?” It was that bad.

But then there was the race for Brevard County Sheriff to replace the then retiring Jack Parker.

Tim Conway.

Comedian Tim Conway passed away the other day. He was 85.

Conway was known for his role on “McHale’s Navy” where he played the role of bumbling Ensign Parker. He was also known for his outlandish series of tapes called ““Dorf On Golf”.”

In a strange sort of way, he was also known for never starring in a successful series as the lead actor. Last time we looked, he attempted his own show eight times without success.

However, most people will remember him for his appearances on the “Carol Burnett Show” where he worked as both a writer and a performer.

Conway would take great delight in writing and rehearsing scenes in one way, and then the day of filming in front of a live audience, would change his lines or actions to things that would make the rest of the cast crack up. It was one of the joys of watching the Carol Burnett Show and watching the other actors try not to laugh and break character.

Perhaps the greatest example of this is the “Elephant Story” which took over a skit and just had the cast members struggling in vain to stay in character. (That set of characters would later be spun off to the sit-com “Mama’s Family,” staring Carol Burnett alum Vickie Lawrence.)


Isnardi Case Update.

The Judge Nancy Maloney, who was scheduled to hear the Isnardi case, has recused herself.

Code Enforcement Fines Leads To Foreclosure Of Florida Home.

Jim Ficken is a 69 year old man living (at least for the time being) in the City of Dunedin, which is on the west coast of Florida.

In May of 2015, Ficken was away from his Dunedin home tending to his sick mother in South Carolina. While he was away, City code enforcement officers cited Ficken for having grass that was too long. Ficken was not fined for the long grass, and when he returned home, he cut the grass. However, even though he corrected the issue, if during the next 5 years he received another citation, he would be considered a “repeat offended” which allowed the City to double any fines.

Ficken’s mother died in 2016, and in 2018 Ficken went to South Carolina to handle his mother’s estate, which included the sale of her condominium. In his absence, Ficken hired friend and handyman Russ Kellum.

Unbeknownst to Ficken while he was in South Carolina, Kellum died.

The grass height again became an issue.

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