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Palm Bay: DEVELOPING: Dear Gregg, Can We Get Our Car Back?

According to one source, after last week’s City Council meeting, Gregg Lynk hopped in the car provided by the City for the City Manager, picked up his girlfriend and drove to South Florida.

According to the same source, the City is wondering whether to report the vehicle as stolen or simply go down to South Florida and have it towed back here.

Lynk was no longer an employee of the City and therefore not entitled to use of the vehicle.

The City is deciding whether to report the car as stolen or to simply go and have the car towed back here.

We have no issues with the car being reported as stolen. Let the chips fall where they may on that one.

If the City decides to have the vehicle towed, according to long distance towing rates online, the cost would be $500.00 and up. Certainly the City of Palm Bay and the taxpayers shouldn’t have to eat that cost. That should come out of the severance package Lynk received.

No one should be immune from ripping the taxpayers and the City off.

One question that should be asked is “no one thought to get Lynk’s keys the moment he was terminated?”

No one said “turn over all City property?”

In times of crisis and personal challenges, true character comes through.

Palm Bay: Draining Of The Swamp. The Purge Continues.

We have to say that we didn’t see this one coming.

Palm Bay deputy city managers fired as administrative shake-up continues

Palm Bay’s deputy city managers have been terminated in the aftermath of former city manager Gregg Lynk’s firing last week.

Monday, Interim City Manager Lisa Morrell fired Deputy City Manager Ron Clare, who was hired by the city in December 2014, and newly hired Deputy City Manager William Curry.

“After careful review and interpretation of the direction and intent of Council’s discussion at the Nov. 21 special council meeting, it was determined that the best path forward would be to undertake a full reconfiguration of Palm Bay’s senior management team,” Morrell said.

Lynk was fired the night before Thanksgiving by a 3-2 Palm Bay City Council vote. Mayor William Capote, Jeff Bailey and Kenny Johnson voted to fire Lynk, while Deputy Mayor Brian Anderson and Harry Santiago voted no.

Clare was initially hired as Palm Bay’s director of human resources, then was promoted to deputy city manager.

In Clare’s termination letter, Morrell wrote that his services were no longer required, effective immediately. She stated that he served in an at-will position and could be released from employment without cause or notice, per city code.

Clare will receive 248 hours of vacation pay. He had previously directed the Broward County Sheriff’s Office human services bureau and worked as Lake Worth’s interim human resources director, following a series of jobs in Rhode Island.

Curry is a retired New Jersey State Parole Board deputy executive director who had 30 years of experience in the New Jersey corrections system. Lynk introduced Curry during the Oct. 4 City Council meeting.

In Curry’s termination letter, Morrell wrote that she was releasing him from employment “after carefully considering your performance during your initial orientation and probationary period.”

We have never seen this type of action from interim City Managers. That is neither a good or bad thing only that it is unusual.

When Morrell was at the last City Council meeting she was in a business suit which we thought was unusual for her as she usually dresses in a casual manner.

Gregg Lynk and Mike McNees. ‘Tis The Season?

What is this? Open season on City Managers?

According to the Florida Today, Melbourne is looking to dismiss their City Manager Mike Nees. More on that in a moment.

We wanted to talk for a moment concerning a comment left on our post that Palm Bay City Manager Gregg Lynk was relieved of his duties this past Wednesday night.

The last time our City Council took it upon themselves to fire (in this case for cause) a City Manager, it cost us taxpayers $300,000 and a bus ticket out of town.

I hope that those who decided this step was necessary had the foresight to look and see how much this little act of political (vengeance?) is going to cost us this time.

The commenter raises a valid point.

First, we aren’t sure where the number of $300,000 comes from. We aren’t doubting its veracity, but we can’t get to that number in our minds. (We really can’t get there with the Lynk termination so we will use the Lynk termination numbers.)

According the Mayor Capote and City Attorney Smith, Lynk’s separation package – irrespective of whether the separation was for “cause” of “no cause” – is 20 weeks of severance pay. According to several sources, Lynk’s contract was for a little over $183K so let’s call that $184,000 for the sake of making the math a little easier. Divide that $184,000 by 52 weeks then multiply it by 20 weeks for the cost of the separation package cost.

The cost of the separation package is therefore roughly $70,769. In addition, we suspect that Lynk’s medical insurance will be carried for a time and we have no idea how much that is.

Palm Bay: BREAKING NEWS. City Manager Gregg Lynk Removed From Office.

As we mentioned earlier today, the City of Palm Bay voted tonight to retain or remove Gregg Lynk as City Manager.

The Council voted 3-2 to remove Lynk with Mayor Capote, Councilman Bailey, Councilman and Councilman Johnson for Lynk’s removal and Councilman Santiago and Councilman Anderson against it.

There were several surprises to us in the discussions leading up to the vote.

1) Several City Union heads spoke in favor of retaining Lynk citing the good relationship they had with him. One union head said they had not had a grievance in sometime with the City. While the speaker meant that as a positive, it is not. The fact that the City under Lynk did not have disputes with the union may indicate the City rolled over to too many demands. The fact of the matter is that management and unions are always at odds with each other and the idea that Lynk was not may not be a positive thing.

2) No one spoke in favor of dismissing Mr. Lynk. That too was curious to us.

3) A letter and criminal investigation concerning Mr. Lynk was mentioned. That too is troubling.

4) Councilman Anderson spoke in favor of Lynk by saying in part that City voters had voted overwhelmingly to approve the bond issue and that shows a confidence in the City Manager. We would disagree. It shows that people want the roads fixed as has not been happening. We don’t know of anyone who went to the polls and said “you know, I am going to vote for this bond thing because of the City Manager.”

Palm Bay: Tonight: City Council To Vote On City Manager Gregg Lynk.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is our third post of the day.

This ought to be interesting…..

Palm Bay City Councilman Jeff Bailey — a frequent critic of City Hall administration — has called for a resolution to terminate City Manager Gregg Lynk.

The Palm Bay City Council will consider the resolution during a special meeting at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Lynk would be terminated without cause.

“I think that’s the best path for Palm Bay to move forward, just to separate our ways and let him go and let us rebuild,” Bailey said. He declined to comment further before the meeting.

Former Councilman Holton would normally have been a swing vote here, and with him gone that changes the game a lot.

The only thing we would caution is that we don’t know when Lynk’s contract is up for renewal. If the Council fires him now, there could be buyouts in the contract that would not come into play if they simply don’t renew the contract. Yet that all depends on when the contract expires. If it expires at the end of the year, the Council could and perhaps should, just let the contract run out. If it expires 10 months from now, that is a different story as the Council members may not feel the City is not well served under Lynk and won’t do will under his leadership for 10 more months (or whatever it is.)

What we are trying to say is that the contract language may play a role in this as well.

Certainly the cost of a head hunter to replace Lynk is the same no matter the timing, but to be honest, most people aren’t looking to change jobs this time of year and so that may limit applicants, (depending on how fast the search company can get up to speed.)

Palm Bay: Truth Is Not Up To “Parr.” (Or Is That Parr Is Not Up To Truth?)

As a bit of a background in case you weren’t aware, City Council Seat 5 is up for grabs and the election is between incumbent Jeff Bailey and Aaron Parr.

We haven’t seen the same fireworks between Bailey and Parr and their respective supporters and we think that is due to Bailey letting his record and his ideas speak for themselves. He is just not willing to engage in the type of manure slinging that we have seen elsewhere.

We were therefore somewhat surprised by this post from Aaron Parr on Thursday night at the City Council meeting.

There’s a problem with this.

Here is a screen shot of Bailey at the meeting during Tres Holton’s “farewell address.”

Why looky looky!

There is Councilman Bailey sitting in his customary seat.

Palm Bay: Yes, We Have Met And Discussed Issues With A Candidate For Council Seat 4.

In August of last year, we sent our graphics guy up to the meeting of the Palm Bay City Council

We had several issues that he discussed including a failed public records request that was not filled completely by the City and then City Attorney Andrew Lannon. That presentation failed so we sent him up there again armed this time with a full blown graphic presentation on the law, what was required, etc. Lannon admitted no wrong doing, but Councilman Tres Holton attacked our guy from the dais which led to another presentation on what we felt was corruption in the City.

The meeting was long and during a break, our guy decided to leave the meeting and head home.

As he left, he was approached by two men.

One of the men said he was running for City Council to replace Tres Holton. He then said that he appreciated what our guy had said and that he agreed with us. The men and our guy talked for about 10 – 15 minutes. The man explained his background and philosophy. Our guy explained that he did the graphics on Raised on Hoecakes and he invited the man to stop by and read the content.

It was a pleasant conversation and before our guy left he shook hands with the candidate.

The candidate reiterated the he liked what we said about Holton and the City and he wanted to help clean it up. He said that he hoped that he could have our guy’s support.

Our guy explained that we don’t endorse candidates on the site, but if he was elected, we would hold him to the same standard that we held Holton.

The man said he would want nothing less and expected nothing less.

Palm Bay: To Blur Or Not To Blur. That Was The Question.

This is the third time we have used the above image in a post. The prior two are here and here.

Questions have arisen as to why we chose to blur out the person to whom Robert Burns was talking to and the content of their discussion.

No one has bothered to stop by here and ask us directly and instead have chosen to attribute our blurring to some nefarious purpose in other forums.

We want to end that speculation now.

We blurred the other person and the topic of conversation because it had nothing to do with Robert Burns’ threats to sue people. (For those who don’t remember, Burns is Kenny Johnson’s campaign manager.)

The topic or gist of the thread had to do with Johnson’s past, which Burns doesn’t like being brought up.

(When the issue was raised, we covered the Johnson campaign’s response here. The campaign was kind enough to mail us their response which we published in its entirety. We know the particulars of the allegations and have decided to not make them public for a variety of reasons.)

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