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Biden On Drugs.

Here is President Joe Biden speaking in anger concerning the rising insulin prices.

So who is in part responsible for the rising cost of insulin?

Glenn Youngkin – Hitting The Ground Running.

Newly elected Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has hit the ground running.

You may remember the Youngkin was the surprise winner of the Virginia Gubernatorial race over far left leaning Terry McAullife. The media hates Youngkin, and people on the left even blamed Youngkin for the screw-up along the I-95 corridor where cars sat for up to 27 hours even though Youngkin was not even in office yet.

Youngkin is now the governor and is hitting the ground running.

The first day in office, Youngkin issued a series of Executive Orders:

Biden And “Voting Rights.”

A few days ago, President Biden gave a speech in Georgia where he tried to gin up support for ending the Senate filibuster – the filibuster that he supported when Democrats were in the minority in the Senate – and what he says are voter suppression laws in states. Biden wants to federalize local and state elections in spite of the Constitution saying the States run their elections including that of elections for Federal offices.

Might As Well End The Year With A “Brandon” Post.

There were so many things that we considered for our last post of 2021. Corruption at all levels of government continues to be a problem. The “nanny state” continues to tell parents that they know better how to raise and educate children better than parents do. (And that includes what morals and ethics children should have forced upon them.) We could have chosen the uprising of parents at school board meetings and the false claim that speaking at these meetings is some sort of “domestic terrorism.” Our collection of bookmarks on COVID and the myriad of conflicting advice, mandates, regulations and data is now over 300 links. We’d need to consume a lot of adult beverages to sort through them all, but suffice it to say that the response to COVID has been a failure at every level of government everywhere.

Afghanistan anyone?

As passionate free speech advocates, we could have written about government entities violating the First Amendment without any remorse and demanding that we surfs bow down and kiss their rings. Social media giants have taken to banning people and information. What has surprised us is how often the “fact checkers” were wrong on not only the facts, but the attribution to speakers of things that were not said. The so called “fact checkers” made statements up whole cloth and yet companies relied on them.

Ultimately, we decided on writing about President Joe Biden.

It has been a rough year for the most powerful man in the free world. It seems to us that he has been given far too much shade as far as media coverage and the lack of asking difficult or pressing questions. Nothing personifies that more than the origins of the “Let’s Go Brandon!” chant where an ESPN reporter chose to say that the crowd was not chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” but rather “Let’s Go Brandon,” the winner of a NASCAR race she was covering.


Cocoa Beach Christmas Boat Parade.

The normally fun loving and community gathering of the Cocoa Beach Christmas Boat Parade which was held on December 11, 2021, took a bizarre turn when some boats showed up with political messages on them.

In the above video of the parade, two boats can be seen with messages that, in our opinion, are far outside the spirit of the holiday and the event.

First, at 6:18 of the video is a boat with a flag reading “F*** JOE BIDEN.” The flag has the “C” and the “K” with the “U” being a graphic of a middle finger.

Secondly, at 20:50, there is a flag on a boat that reads “F*** BIDEN”

Two other boats have messages that people objected to.

The first is seen at 3:20 and has the letters in lights of “FJB.” The second boat, seen at 13:42 has a flag which reads “Let’s Go Brandon.”

People reached out to the Cocoa Beach City Hall to complain as they were not amused.

Political messaging has no place in a Christmas parade,” Cocoa Beach Mayor Ben Malik said.

“We have enough to fight amongst each other about. We don’t need to ruin Christmas over it,” Malik said.


It’s a Problem.

From the Babylon Bee.

Liberal Parent Trying To Figure Out How To Cheer For His Son Brandon.

Can this parent cheer for his son Brandon without saying the dreaded, “Let’s go, Brandon!“? Watch and find out.

From Her Lips To God’s Ears.

(Our third post of the day!)

This quote from Vice President Kamala Harris may come back and haunt the Democrats.

If President Biden could remember what she said, he would agree.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.

In Virginia, Glen Youngkin has defeated Terry McAullife for governor, despite McAullife getting backing from Biden, Harris, Obama, and the MSM.

The State motto of Virginia is “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” which is Latin for “thus always to tyrants.”

Tyrants always lose in the end.

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