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Joe Biden Witnesses A Crime.

Mike the Cop is back with a video of interviewing Joe Biden who claims to have witnessed a crime.

We all need a little humor theses days.

PALM BAY: The Candidates Speak On How To Address Ethics Within The City.

The Florida Today newspaper ran an article on the ethical issues within the City of Palm Bay and more specifically, how different candidates that are running for election would address the City’s corruption and lack of ethics.

Some of the answers surprised us and we thought we’d go over them.


Range Time Matters.

As we noted a few days ago….

Nancy Pelosi Can’t Stop Pandering.

Spitting Image is a satirical show from England.

Funny stuff.

You can watch Spitting Image on BritBox as a streaming service.

Tolerance Personified.

This flyer is being left on people’s homes in the Kansas City area:

Obviously this is more of the “tolerance” from the left.

Biden Spouts Off Nonsensical Advice On Shootings. Again.

You may remember back in 2013, then Vice-President Joe Biden offered this advice to his wife and people looking to protect their homes and family from criminals:

They don’t need an assault-style weapon. If there are bad guys on the property, walk out on the balcony and fire a couple blasts from their double-barrel shotgun. “You don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself,” he adds, and a shotgun’s easier to aim than an assault-style rifle. Plus, two shotgun blasts should scare off most intruders, Biden says.

Biden’s advice was rightfully assailed by many people as being ridiculous. There are three types of shotguns: break action, pump action and semi-automatic. “Break action” shotguns are typically used for hunting and skeet shooting and carry one or two rounds before they must be reloaded. Biden’s advice would essentially make it that people would not only have to get a shotgun to protect themselves, but would have to grab a fist full of shells with it. Loading a break action shotgun in a highly stressful situation by non-professional shooters is difficult to impossible. Experts said that Biden’s advice would leave home owners vulnerable.

Brevard County: Just Stop It.

The people that we are supposed to hold our nose and vote for are at it again.

This Photoshopped image has been making the rounds:

This appears to be part of an attack that we talked about the other day where State Representative Randy Fine had volunteered with the Boy Scouts. In that the Boy Scouts are in trouble for workers and volunteers sexually abusing young men and boys, a post was put up saying that if someone had any information about being abused by Fine, they should call a certain number.

Frankly, this is a disgusting thing to say or do. First, there is no indication that Fine did anything wrong. Secondly, it denigrates and cheapens the experiences of actual survivors of sexual abuse as it ties them into a cheap political attack. Third, Fine’s opponent Phil Moore has said he is not a part of this attack, but at the same time he has not condemned those who made the accusations and this Photoshopped image of called for them to stop.

On Friday, this post made the rounds from Randy Fine:

BREVARD COUNTY: Randy Fine Steps In It.

Representative Randy Fine sent out a text that contained the logo used by the Brevard County Public Schools.

While the main issue is the use of the logo, there is another issue at hand.

Fine claims that his opponent in the upcoming election, Phil Moore has “proposed legislation to close Brevard charter schools and end all voucher programs….”

That seems to be an overstatement. As far as we can determine, Phil Moore has never held an elected public office which means he has not “proposed” any legislation.

In addition. the charge Fine is making against Moore appears to go back to an interview in 2018 where Moore stated he was against funding of charter schools and voucher programs, but later walked back his opposition to not funding charter schools:

Florida House candidate Phil Moore says he misspoke last month when he said charter schools should not receive taxpayer dollars.


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