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Perhaps The Dumbest Play Evah.

Late on Thanksgiving night, we were watching the Ol’ Miss vs. Mississippi State football game. The two teams have the 10th longest continuous running rivalry in college football, dating back to 1901 when the two teams played for football supremacy in the state of Mississippi.

The game is also known as the “Egg Bowl,” a name which has it’s origins in a fight that occurred between fans after the 1926 game.

To prevent such events in the future, students of the two schools created the “Golden Egg,” a large trophy which has been awarded to the winning team each year since 1927. The trophy is a large football-shaped brass piece mounted to a wooden base and traditionally symbolizes supremacy in college football in the state of Mississippi for the year. The footballs used in American football in the 1920s were considerably more ovoid and blunter than those in use today and similar to the balls still used in rugby; the trophy thus, to modern eyes, more resembles an egg than a football. The awarding of the “Golden Egg” was instituted in 1927 by joint agreement between the two schools’ student bodies. In the event of a tie (before overtime was instituted in Division I college football in 1996)[11] the school that won the game the previous year kept the trophy for the first half of the new year and then the trophy was sent to the other school for the second half of the new year. The game was given the nickname “Egg Bowl” by Clarion-Ledger sportswriter Tom Patterson in 1979.

As usual, the game on Thanksgiving was loud and raucous but with very little of the “chippiness” that has come to characterize many rivalry games.

With the clock ticking, Ol’ Miss down by 7 and probably looking at their last timed play of the game, Ol’ Miss quarterback Matt Corral threw a 2 yard pass to wide receiver Elijah Moore for a touchdown, bringing the Rebels to within one of tying the game with the Bulldogs. Then the unbelievable happened.

A “Senior” Moment.

Things change.

Even rules in sports change.

Sometimes those rules can reach up and bite a person.

Lee Ann Walker was participating in the Senior LPGA Championship. The event is the first LPGA sanctioned event she had played in since 2016.

Walker shot rounds of 85 and 74, which is respectable.

That was before a rule change kicked in. At the start of this year, the LPGA changed its rules on putting, specifically on caddies helping players line up their putts.

Walker says she wasn’t aware that caddies no longer can stand behind players as they putt unless a player starts the stance over. She didn’t realize it until midway through her second round Tuesday, and then she had to add a two-shot penalty for every time it happened.


You Play To Win The Game.

“Win or go home.”

That’s what happens in a best of 7 series. You either win or you go home.

The same is true in a game 5 of a five game series. You either win that game or you go home.

On Wednesday night, in Major League Baseball’s National League Division Series (NLDS) there were two game fives. If you are a fan of the game, it was set up to be a great night of watching America’s pastime. The Dodgers were set to take on the Washington “Natinals” (not a typo) in the late game while earlier, the St. Louis Cardinals traveled to Atlanta to face the Braves.

The Dodgers, Nats and Cardinals were all focused on baseball. After all, as we said, the losers of these two games were going to go home for the season.

The Atlanta Braves were concentrating on something else – the so called “tomahawk chop.”

Ever since the early 1990’s the team had used the chop as a rallying cry for fans in the stands. Thousands of people doing the chop in unison as well as the accompanying music and cheer was a unifying message to the team, as well as to opposing teams.

Editor’s Note: We aren’t fans of the “chop” as it seems rather silly to us and was stolen borrowed from Florida State University. That’s just us, however.

Prior to the game – arguably the biggest game of the season for the Braves – the Braves announced they would be scaling back on the “tomahawk chop” because a member of the St. Louis Cardinals was offended by it.

Frank Robinson Has Passed Away.

Frank Robinson has passed away at the age of 83.

This one is personal to us.

We remember Robinson (and his brother Brooks) as members of the Baltimore Orioles. We never saw a more gracious off the field, fierce competitor on the field than Frank Robinson.

When Robinson was traded to the O’s we were happy, but concerned. The Cincinnati Reds had claimed the National League MVP was “too old.” The trade for Robinson remains one of the worst trades in MLB history. With the Orioles,…

In his first season in Baltimore, Robinson showed he still had plenty left in his 30-year-old body as he was named the AL MVP following a 1966 campaign in which he won baseball’s Triple Crown. His MLB-best marks of 49 home runs, 122 RBIs, .316 batting average and 122 runs scored helped carry the Orioles to their first World Series title.


Macau Grand Prix 2018- F3 Accident.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The audio on this video is quite loud. You may want to turn your speakers / headphones down.

Seventeen year old German F3 driver Sophia Florsch survived this horrific crash in Macau, China.

Reports are that Florsch was driving on the fastest part of the street circuit after a restart. Her tires were not up to temperature when she was nudged by another driver sending her onto the curbing which launched her car into the air. She then flew over another car, striking it and causing her car to careen into the corner wall.

She was doing over 172 miles per hour when she went airborne.

Florsh fractured her spine and was scheduled to be operated on a few days ago. Other people hurt included two track workers, a photographer and the driver of the yellow and white car Florsh flies over. All had relatively minor injuries and are basically fine.

We wouldn’t consider ourselves a “fan” or auto racing, but we follow it to some extent. This is one of the worst accidents we have ever seen and it is fortunate that no one was killed.

We wish everyone a speedy recovery.

The US Open Debacle.

On Saturday, the women’s final for the US Open tennis tournament was held between 20 year Naomi Osaka and arguably the greatest female player of all time, Serena Williams.

Osaka won the championship 6-2, 6-4 becoming the first person of Japanese descent to win a major tennis tournament. Osaka is young, polite, softspoken, and doesn’t have an orgasmic shriek each time she hits the ball. She is just what tennis needs – a rising star for people to emulate.

Sadly, Osaka’s win will not be remembered for the actual victory, but the “controversy” surrounding it.

It all starts with Williams up 1 – 0 in the second set after losing the first set:

Chair umpire Carlos Ramos gives a code violation to the people sitting in Williams’ coaching box for “coaching.” Tennis is one of those sports where the governing body wants the matches decided on the court between the players and not by getting input from coaches. To get around the rule against coaching, coaches have taken to using hand signals. At the 0:28 mark of the above video, you can see Williams reacting to the violation saying all the coach was doing was giving her a “thumbs up.” Later, Williams makes the claim that the umpire was calling her a “cheater” by saying she was getting coaching. She even brings her young daughter into the picture saying she wants to be a “role model” and she would “rather lose than cheat.”

There’s a real problem with this outburst from Williams: her coach admitted they were giving her coaching from the stands.

Lacrosse Championship Weekend!

It’s here. Finally.

The Division I NCAA National Lacrosse Championships are this weekend with the semi-finals today and the finals on Monday. There is still time to get up to Boston to take in the games, if you want.

The party starts today at noon with Albany taking on Yale.

Albany has looked really great as of late yet Yale spanked them earlier in the year 14-6. The caveat to that win was that Albany was missing their best player Conner Fields and even though he is back, he still isn’t 100%. Yale is favored by 1/2 a goal (is that when only half of the ball goes in the net?) and the thought is that this should be a really close, high scoring game.

Albany / Yale is the warmup for the Maryland vs. Duke at 2:30. Maryland used to play in the ACC and the rivalry within the conference was heated. Now that the Terps are in the Big 10, they don’t play the Blue Devils as often and so the rivalry has gone from “heated” to abject hate and loathing. Duke is favored by that same 1/2 goal (maybe that is where the other half of the ball from the Albany / Yale game went…) and should not be as high scoring as Albany / Yale game as Maryland is has more of a deliberate style of offense. Still, even with the line as it is, Maryland is the defending champs and one of two thing will have to occur: You have to beat the best to be the best, or heavy is the head that wears the crown.

No matter what, it should be a great weekend of lacrosse and it all can be seen on ESPN2



On To Round Two.

In case you were out of town or otherwise dealing with other things, the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament this past weekend was great.

Our beloved Maryland Terps looked like turtles in the headlights at first, but came won over a very stubborn and game squad from Robert Morris, 14-11. Maybe the pressure of being the defending champs got to the Terps, but they have to do better if they want to lift the trophy again, or even to make it to the Championship Weekend.

Maryland will play Cornell in the second round, who beat seeded Syracuse 10 – 9. Neither team looked great, but a win is a win.

Seeded Notre Dame lost to Denver 9 – 7 in a game that the Irish should have won. Fundamental play wins and loses games in any sport, and Notre Dame turned the ball over, couldn’t pick up ground balls, or make on target passes.

Facing Denver in the second round is Albany who looked really great in beating Richmond 18 – 9. Albany has great attack men who play inside, a great overall offense and a good defense. It is going to take a huge effort to beat those guys.

Round two will also have the battle of the dogs – the Yale Bulldogs who beat UMass 13 – 15 and the Loyola Greyhounds who played a sloppy, weather delayed game but beat Virgina 14 – 12. Virginia used to be a powerhouse in lacrosse and something has happened to them They are still good, but not where they used to be.

Duke crushed Villanova 17 – 11 and for their troubles will face rival Hopkins.

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