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Mickey Jannis Throws A Knuckle Ball In Spring Training. (Plus A Bonus Video!)

Baseball is back!

Now try and hit this thing….

Of course, not only is the lack of spin amazing, but the camera work is incredible as well. On the video, someone commented that it almost looks fake, but it isn’t.

Given how much a knuckleball floats and flutters, the old question is “how do you catch it?”

The answer is “you wait until it stops rolling and pick it up.”

And then there is this:

Isn’t Winning Enough?

With less than two minutes in the NFL Wild Card Playoff game between the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw an interception to Ravens’ cornerback Marcu Peters that effectively ended what was a hard fought game.

Peters’ return took him to the Ravens’ sideline where, once the whistle had blown ending the play, one would expect Peters and the Ravens to celebrate.

Instead, Peters and other Ravens ran to the center of the field and started to “dance” and stomp on the Titans logo.


Coach Hits Nine Year Old Player. And No One Stops Him.

(There is no sound with this video.)

Gerrell Williams used to be a coach of the Savannah Gators.

Instead of coaching, he has been fired from his position as a counselor in the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office’s detention center, and is facing charges for assault.

It is not enough.

So You Want To Officiate Sports?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a critical shortage of officials for sports at the high school and youth level.

For many, the amount of money it takes for classes, clinics, gear, uniforms, etc., does not yield a positive return on investment, so the people that officiate do it for the love of the sport.

For that love, they get screamed at by players, yelled at by coaches, abused and cursed at by fans who don’t know the rules or who don’t have the guts to step on the field / court and make a call.

Even with all that, Edinburg High senior Emmanuel Duron took abuse of an official to a new level.

After a referee announced that Duron was guilty of two fouls – a roughing the passer and an unsportsmanlike foul – Duron rushed the field and leveled the referee. Watch:


Vandy’s Sarah Fuller: We’re Probably Going to PC Hell For This One.

This past weekend, the sports world was abuzz as Sarah Fuller became the first female to play in a Power 5 football game.

Fuller, who is the goal keeper for the University of Vanderbilt’s womens soccer team was asked by the football staff to come and try out for the placekicking position after the regular kickers for the team were ineligible to play due to COVID-19 protocols.

The coaches did not ask the men’s goalie to try out, and did not put out a general call for kickers. They went to Fuller for what would be touted as an “historical event.”

Vandy needed something or someone like Fuller to try and distract from their miserable season and being 0 – 7 for the year before entering Saturday’s game against Missouri.

They left that game with an 0 – 8 record after being blitzed by Missouri 44-0.

Fuller’s only play was a kickoff to start the third quarter:

An Unworthy “Historical” Event.

This seems to be a case of “look how progressive we are” from the NFL:

The NFL has assembled an all-Black officiating crew for the first time to work Monday night’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, citing the opportunity to recognize the league’s history and recent practices in diversifying its officiating department.

“This historic Week 11 crew is a testament to the countless and immeasurable contributions of Black officials to the game, their exemplary performance, and to the power of inclusion that is the hallmark of this great game,” NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said.

The individuals on the crew were pulled from other crews for this “look at us” event.

Perhaps The Dumbest Play Evah.

Late on Thanksgiving night, we were watching the Ol’ Miss vs. Mississippi State football game. The two teams have the 10th longest continuous running rivalry in college football, dating back to 1901 when the two teams played for football supremacy in the state of Mississippi.

The game is also known as the “Egg Bowl,” a name which has it’s origins in a fight that occurred between fans after the 1926 game.

To prevent such events in the future, students of the two schools created the “Golden Egg,” a large trophy which has been awarded to the winning team each year since 1927. The trophy is a large football-shaped brass piece mounted to a wooden base and traditionally symbolizes supremacy in college football in the state of Mississippi for the year. The footballs used in American football in the 1920s were considerably more ovoid and blunter than those in use today and similar to the balls still used in rugby; the trophy thus, to modern eyes, more resembles an egg than a football. The awarding of the “Golden Egg” was instituted in 1927 by joint agreement between the two schools’ student bodies. In the event of a tie (before overtime was instituted in Division I college football in 1996)[11] the school that won the game the previous year kept the trophy for the first half of the new year and then the trophy was sent to the other school for the second half of the new year. The game was given the nickname “Egg Bowl” by Clarion-Ledger sportswriter Tom Patterson in 1979.

As usual, the game on Thanksgiving was loud and raucous but with very little of the “chippiness” that has come to characterize many rivalry games.

With the clock ticking, Ol’ Miss down by 7 and probably looking at their last timed play of the game, Ol’ Miss quarterback Matt Corral threw a 2 yard pass to wide receiver Elijah Moore for a touchdown, bringing the Rebels to within one of tying the game with the Bulldogs. Then the unbelievable happened.

A “Senior” Moment.

Things change.

Even rules in sports change.

Sometimes those rules can reach up and bite a person.

Lee Ann Walker was participating in the Senior LPGA Championship. The event is the first LPGA sanctioned event she had played in since 2016.

Walker shot rounds of 85 and 74, which is respectable.

That was before a rule change kicked in. At the start of this year, the LPGA changed its rules on putting, specifically on caddies helping players line up their putts.

Walker says she wasn’t aware that caddies no longer can stand behind players as they putt unless a player starts the stance over. She didn’t realize it until midway through her second round Tuesday, and then she had to add a two-shot penalty for every time it happened.


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