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It’s Not Enough.

There’s a lot going on in the world today that others far more capable than we are covering. For example, London (and all of England for that matter) is dealing with yet another attack on citizens who were just minding their own business. The Brits know the names of the attackers and information on them but have not released that information because of “operational concerns.” Fair enough. We suspect that when the information is released, the people won’t be Amish from Pennsylvania or Methodists from Dry Ridge, Indiana. Draw your own conclusions.

President Trump used his pen and his phone to withdraw the US from the Paris Accords on climate change. We have two thoughts on this. First, the Accords acted like a treaty, enjoined countries as if the agreement was a treaty and other countries approved the agreement as if it was a treaty. One country that did not approve the Accords as a treaty was the United States. President Obama decided at the time to sign his name to a Special Executive Order committing the US to the Accords and bypassing Senate approval of treaties as required by the Constitution. Trump is well within his rights as President to subvert and stop the end run around the Constitution that Obama started.

One of the staff here said that those on the left screaming about the withdrawal are saying that Trump and people who are against the Accords are against clean air and clean water. How they get to that conclusion is a mystery because no right thinking person is for polluted water and air. It is hyperbole in order to change the debate on whether the massive amount of money redistribution required by the Paris Accords would 1) make the world a better, less polluted place and 2) is more show than go.

This blog is premised on the notion that “all politics is local.” (Thanks Tip O’Neill!)

Charges Dropped Against Catfish Thrower.

The charges against the guy who threw a catfish onto the ice during the Stanly Cup Finals have been dropped.

District Attorney Stephen Zappala said in a Facebook post Wednesday that Waddell’s actions “do not rise to the level of criminal charges” so the charges “will be withdrawn in a timely manner.”

Thank goodness as we were worried about the catfish being an “Instrument of crime.”

“You….step away from the fish! Don’t go near the flour or the pan! Just step away….”

But with the new day comes this from the guy who threw the fish:

Is That A Catfish Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

There are a lot of weird and odd things that come across our electronic desk, but this one is right up there:

Predators fan Jacob Waddell charged for throwing catfish on ice in Game 1

A Nashville Predators fan who threw a dead catfish on the ice in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final is facing criminal charges, the Pittsburgh Police Department said in a statement Tuesday.

There’s a bit of a backstory to this that the staff was talking about last week. It seems that in 2003, in order to start some sort of tradition, the fans of the Nashville Predators took to throwing catfish onto the ice during hockey games. The act is similar to the tradition that happens in Detroit where people throw octopus onto the ice. The Detroit tradition started because at one point in time, it took eight game victories to win the Stanley Cup.

The fans of the Predators seemed to say “this is the south. We are throwing catfish.”

It takes all kinds.

We understand that you cannot have seafood flying through the air at sporting events. Frankly, some of the catfish people have thrown are rather big and we can see someone getting hurt if the fish doesn’t make it onto the rink.

However, instead of just removing the guy from the arena and telling him to never come back, he was charged with a crime – multiple crimes in fact:

Do You Believe In Terrapins? YES!

In 1975, Frank Urso led the Maryland Terrapins to their second NCAA Lacrosse Championship (1973, 1975.) Urso was a magician with a stick and to this day he is our favorite lacrosse player.

Following 1975, the Terps had made it to Championship Weekend – the Final Four of lacrosse and come away empty.

The tenth time was the charm.

Be the Best! Maryland’s Erases Title Drought In 9-6 Win over Ohio State

We Play On Monday.

What a game.

Maryland survived a rough and tumble contest against Denver 9-8 in the second NCAA Semifinal on Saturday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.

Junior midfielder Connor Kelly scored the go-ahead goal

for Maryland with 8:41 remaining in the fourth quarter, and the Terps worked clock before a final flurry in the final two minutes that involved significant calls from the game’s officials.

An apparent goal from Maryland senior attackman Colin Heacock that would have given the Terps a two goal lead with 1:25 remaining was disallowed for a crease violation. On the ensuing Denver possession, junior midfielder Connor Donahue made a last ditch individual effort with seconds remaining, putting the ball in the back of the net while diving towards the cage. His goal was disallowed for a crease violation as well, and the Terps threw the ball in the air with seconds remaining to secure the victory.

Another recap:

Fear The Turtle.

As we noted yesterday, the Maryland Terrapins mens lacrosse team played Albany in a quarter-final game for in NCAA Tournament.

We jokingly said that there would be “blood tonight” but like most people expected a close game.

That didn’t happen.

Maryland scored 12 goals in the first half alone, including a 8-0 run to go up 10-2. The Terps were never threatened after the 2-2 tie with the offense clicking on all cylinders and the defense playing lights out.

The final was 18-9, but it wasn’t really that close as Maryland rested all of its starters in the fourth quarter.

With the win, Maryland heads to “championship weekend” where they will play Denver in the semi-finals next Saturday. This will be Maryland’s 6th appearance in the Final Four in 7 years. It’s about time we bring one of these championships home.

Fear the Turtle!

Why Is Fake Blood So Hard To Make?

While this seems like a different topic for us, there is a reason.

You see, the University of Maryland Terrapins have the number one seeded team in the NCAA women’s lacrosse tournament as well as the men’s tournament. That’s right, there are two turtles sitting at number one.

Last week, the men looked lethargic in beating Bryant College, but to be fair, Bryant was out of school and the Terps were still in exam week. The Terps won, but didn’t look good doing it.

Yesterday, the women “stunk up da joint” and barely beat Stoney Brook. Maryland had trailed most of the game and late in the game was trailing 11-7. Somehow they managed to close the gap to 11 – 10, and following a Stoney Brook goal, scored the next three to win 13 – 12.

The men have Albany this afternoon and Albany is no slouch. The prediction is a close game, but we are hoping for a blowout.

We get too nervous in close games.

So why the reference to making fake blood?

Because if Maryland wins, there will be “Albany blood” on the field. If Maryland loses, there will be blood on the field as well.

Lacrosse Is Back!

After this past weekend, it can truthfully said that college lacrosse is back in full swing.

Thank goodness.

Below is going to be one of the year’s best goals and it only happened a few days ago. On Feb 8, Johns Hopkins was playing the Naval Academy when Hopkins pulled off “the ol’ hidden ball trick.”

It’s a thing of beauty.

Johns Hopkins midfielder Joel Tinney fakes a flip to teammate John Crawley for a hidden ball trick that fools enough of the Navy defense to leave the goalie totally unaware and enables Tinney to bomb it into the net from a step outside the box.

For those who think that this was the goalie’s fault, it’s not. The goalie cannot really see if the exchange between the two Hopkins players took place. (The ball is white and in white crosses with white webbing.) It’s up to the defender to call out where the ball is. He didn’t and the resultant 40 yard laser beam goal was the result.

All we can say is “thank goodness lacrosse is back!”

Ref Hit By Kick…… And It’s Good!

We haven’t seen this before.

Have you ever seen something like this? Midland Lee kicker Luis Aranda lined up for an extra point in the second quarter on Friday. His kick nailed a referee in the head before finding its way through the uprights! Talk about special teams player of the week!

Some people have said that this is similar to the incident in Texas several weeks ago where a referee was targeted by two players for a blindside hit.

High School Referee Gets Run Over By Players.

Anyone who has ever refereed a football game will tell you that the most dangerous position is that of the umpire – the guy who stands in the defensive backfield 5 – 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. It is a rough place to be with players flying by you.

The position of an umpire is not – and no position taken by a sports official – one that deserves to be “targeted” by players.

The video below shows just such a targeting. With less than a minute left in a Texas high school football game between John Jay High School and Marble Falls High School, two safeties from John Jay appear to deliberately crash into the umpire.

At the snap of the ball the first Jay player, Victor Rojas, runs into the back of referee Robert Watts as he watched the play unfold. A second player, Michael Moreno, appeared to target the official while he was on the ground.

Prior to the play in question, two John Jay players were ejected in separate plays:

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