Caught In The Spam Filter.

Like most sites, we have a spam filter that catches comments from spammers. Because there are times when legitimate comments get caught in that filter, we review the contents of the spam folder, approving the comments that need to be approved and deleting the spam.

You’d be surprised at what people try to sneak in on the comments. Everything from sites with “prescription” drugs, to viagra, to sites promoting advertising opportunities, to offers to write articles that carry links to other sites, to Nigerian scams. etc.

By far, the spam that we get the most is advertising for porn sites.

We skip over them quickly and delete them but last night an comment with something that we had never seen before was caught in the filter.

It was a comment advertising a site with “Amish porn.”

We have no idea what that means or is.

We don’t want to know.

There are some strange people out there.

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