Celebrating Failure.

State Representative Randy Fine (who is in the hospital due to complications / concerns with COVID-19) posted this little gem:

In other words, after botching this entire mess and the “exchange to nowhere,” costing the taxpayers millions of dollars (and more to come,) government representatives from Palm Bay and Brevard County are going to meet and hold a “ribbon cutting ceremony” as if what they did is a reason for celebration.

In actuality, they didn’t do a daggone thing other than waste money, make back room deals, break those deals and then get backstopped by the taxpayers.

Furthermore, because there will be people who are on the payrolls of the respective governments, the taxpayers will be compensating those folks at this “celebration,” at the same time regular families in the area are struggling to pay bills because of the impact COVID-19 has had on businesses in the area.

Of course, these government folks are the same people who want people to stay inside as much as they can and certainly not gather in groups to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

What they really meant to say is you can’t gather in a group and you need to stay at home and self quarantine, but they will go out for a group photo-op which you are paying for.

Funny how concerns for safety go out the window when they can get their names and pictures in the paper on your dime.

We would say something pithy like “shame on them,” but that assumes that these people have anything that borders shame within them.

P.S. As a side note, we wish Randy Fine, his family and anyone who has the COVID-19 virus a swift and speedy recovery.

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