Charges Dropped Against Catfish Thrower.

The charges against the guy who threw a catfish onto the ice during the Stanly Cup Finals have been dropped.

District Attorney Stephen Zappala said in a Facebook post Wednesday that Waddell’s actions “do not rise to the level of criminal charges” so the charges “will be withdrawn in a timely manner.”

Thank goodness as we were worried about the catfish being an “Instrument of crime.”

“You….step away from the fish! Don’t go near the flour or the pan! Just step away….”

But with the new day comes this from the guy who threw the fish:

In an interview Tuesday with 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, Waddell described all that went into the catfish toss:

— He paid $350 for a pair of upper-level tickets to the game, then bought “an entirely too big” catfish at a Tennessee market. He said his wife was “tentatively OK with it.”

— He sprayed it down with Old Spice cologne and threw it into a cooler for the trip to Pittsburgh.

— On Monday night, before Game 1, he filleted the fish at a relative’s house, cut out half its spine, and then ran it over with his truck in an attempt to better conceal it.

— He stashed the fish over his underwear, then under a pair of compression shorts and baggy shorts.

— He entered the arena, then staked out a lower-bowl section where he could heave the catfish over the glass. Sure enough, during a stoppage of play, Waddell made the move.

Recalling how it unfolded, Waddell told 104.5 The Zone: “I thought, ‘Man, wouldn’t it be awesome to get to go to that game?’ And then, like an ignorant redneck, I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome to throw a catfish on the ice at this game?'”

If we were the company that makes Old Spice, we would be having a field day with this.

“Old Spice – makes even fish smell good.”

There is the truck angle too.

“Our F-350 can run over any sized catfish you want and then get you where you want to toss it in a tank of gas…..”

The possibilities are endless.

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