Cocoa Beach: Commission Meeting Tonight.

Just a small reminder that tonight there is a regular Commission meeting for the City of Cocoa Beach starting at 7:00 PM. There doesn’t seem to be anything on the agenda that we would label “controversial,” but that is our opinion.

There are only two items in the “new business” part of the meeting and both are final votes for approving the final language on ballot questions for the November elections. The first question is the height issue, and the second question is the correction to the charter to correct some alleged errors.

These two questions have been discussed and beaten to death and as this is the second reading of two for both, we don’t expect much discussion and debate.

However, this is also your last chance to comment on the language of these two ballot measures, so if you want to make your feelings known or this or on any other issue, you should head on up to the meeting and speak.

Be a part of the process and the solution.

3 Responses to “Cocoa Beach: Commission Meeting Tonight.”

  1. Hometown says:

    IMHO the City Commission had decided months ago that some kind of amendment to increase the building height was going to be put on the ballot and all the discussions have focused mainly on how high do they think they can go and get the majority of the residents to agree. That said, I was in favor of the original proposal by Commission Williams to provide developers with an accommodation to cover the changing FEMA requirements. The rest of the Commissioner cried outrage at his proposal and then added another 10′ to it for appurtenances on top of the Williams proposal. It really boils down to this, if you think CB needs more taller buildings you should vote for this amendment. If you think CB has enough tall building, as I do, you should vote NO. I am optimistic that the majority of residents do not want more taller buildings and they will turn out and vote NO.

  2. Sandy says:

    Well stated, Hometown.

  3. Frances says:

    Over four hundred residents who signed Commissioner Williams’ petition seeking FEMA guidelines had an insignificant review of it by the City Commissioners’ as they moved on to discuss other presentations and input at the workshop and city commission meetings.
    The Charter Review meeting participants indicated their primary concern was with a building’s starting point elevation. Today’s city documentation is very complex and also difficult to locate on-line.
    The Charter Review Committee recommended a shorter roof top for appurtenances agreeing that the 8′ would be sufficient for servicing equipment like air conditioners/electronics. The Architects and Construction folks attending the Charter Review sessions indicated acceptance even though they still wanted more height but felt adding the FEMA elevation baseline would suffice and residents might vote for it. After several discussions on roof top appurtenances’ needs the additional 8 ft on a roof top was agreed to by the Charter Review Committee and submitted to The City Commission.
    Research indicated that an 8 ft. appurtenance would allow stand-up room availability for service workers and the intent was not to add density with habitable space, whereas, the 10 ft unoccupied space going before the voters in November might someday be converted into an occupied habitable living space.
    Once again, you try to be reasonable and provide some flexibility to developers by allowing for FEMA accommodations and the first thing they do is start trying to add more to the top.
    Vote NO to Amendment height when seen on the November Ballot