Cocoa Beach: Heads Up On Charter Review Meeting.

We wanted to give people a heads up on the Cocoa Beach Charter Review Meeting scheduled for this Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

According to the agenda, this meeting will address the sections of the Charter that deal with height and density within the City.

As most people know, there is a divide among people in the City as to whether Cocoa Beach should allow higher condos / hotels or keep the height and density regulations as they are now. Some people feel that the issue to increase height and density is being driven by outside influences or those such as realtors who would directly benefit from higher buildings while destroying the family oriented, small town feel of Cocoa Beach.

There are also concerns that increasing heights would increase infrastructure on roads, sewage, etc, and those are systems that are already pressed to the limits now.

In short, the concerns are whether Cocoa Beach will maintain its current identity of a family oriented, recreational and tourist destination, or will it start to lean toward the “concrete canyons” towns of South Florida.

No matter which idea you support, this is the meeting to make your concerns known or at the very least watch the process and the thoughts of the Committee members.

As far as we know, the City is still struggling to get their broadcast and recording equipment up to its previous standards, so you should attend the meeting and participate.

At the very least, take some popcorn and watch.

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