Cocoa Beach: If It’s Such A Great Idea …….. Part 3.

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Comments made by people often lead us into another direction. As you can imagine, it is impossible for us to be everywhere, see every thing, and know all that is going on. We often rely on tips or suggestions from readers.

Such is the case with a comment from “Hometown” to our post Cocoa Beach: If It’s Such A Great Idea………. Part 2.

I was looking at the state database for political action committees and noticed that the Cocoa Beach Hotel and Motel PAC made a $1000 donation to this local PAC (on 9/19/2018) that also was not reported to the city in their financial reports.

We decided to follow up on that.

Information on the Cocoa Beach Hotel and Motel Political Action Committee can be found here. This is a screen shot of their organization from the Florida Department of Elections:

On September 19, 2018, the Cocoa Beach Hotel and Motel PAC did make a contribution of $1000.00 to the Protect & Preserve Cocoa Beach PAC. Please notice that the address of the Protect & Preserve Cocoa Beach PAC listed on the activity report is the same as the address for the Protect & Preserve Cocoa Beach PAC given to the City of Cocoa Beach when the PAC registered. (PO Box 320106, Cocoa Beach.) We say that because we want people to see that it is same PAC.

(As an aside, the Cocoa Beach Hotel and Motel PAC also donated $250 each to Tim Tumulty and Mike Miller.)

The report which covered the dates of the contribution by the Cocoa Beach Hotel and Motel PAC to the Protect & Preserve Cocoa Beach PAC was flagged by the state as being incomplete.

The Cocoa Beach Hotel and Motel PAC corrected the error and now the contribution to the Protect & Preserve Cocoa Beach PAC is shown as below:

(click for full image which will open in another window)

It is beyond dispute that the Protect & Preserve Cocoa Beach PAC received a contribution. There can be no doubt of that.

Clearly the Protect & Preserve Cocoa Beach PAC has broken the law and failed to report the contribution they received.

We will say it again: how you intend to vote on ballot question #1 is your choice and your decision.

However, we have to wonder about those who endorse the proposal and why they feel the need to lie and break the law in their support of what they claim is a great thing for the City.

It makes no sense to us to say “trust us in our endorsements” while lying and breaking the law.

If it makes sense to you, please let us know how.

Once again, a tip of the fedora to Hometown for this information.

7 Responses to “Cocoa Beach: If It’s Such A Great Idea …….. Part 3.”

  1. Josephine says:

    Thanks for all this great information.

    I can only hope this article is read by property owners hosting the PAC signs and that they quickly remove them from public view.

  2. Sandy says:

    Well, surprise! Surprise! Surprise! No wonder the PAC has been waiving their financial reports. They don’t want us to see who the man behind the curtain really is. Isn’t Tom Williamson connected to Tom Hermansen, owner of 4 or 5 major hotels in Cocoa Beach? When you see who the loudest voices are promoting yes on Q1 it all makes sense.

  3. Hometown says:

    A very nice summary of the facts. At least the hotel/motel PAC followed the law in reporting who they are supporting and we really shouldn’t be surprise that they support taller buildings and more hotels/motels in our small community. As most businesses, they are profit driven and the taller they can build means higher profits. I am not against a business or investor making a profit but every single landowner that purchased land in CB bought in knowing they could only build to 45′, they paid a fair price based on the current charter requirements knowing they would be able to make a profit. A small group of speculators bought in hoping they could con the residents into changing the requirements thus creating a windfall profit for themselves. This whole thing is nothing but a few folks wanting additional profits on their investments at the expense of our community. Overdevelopment has all but ruined the Indian river lagoon which is our most precious resource. Time to say we are not going to sit idly by while developers continue to exploit our precious resources for additional profits. Vote no on CB question One.

    As I’ve said before the developers are spreading misleading info all over town and on social media, let’s get the facts out to all residents so they can make an informed decision.

    As for the local PAC, shame on your group for misleading the residents and trying to hide who is backing your efforts by filing what appear to be false financial reports to our city staff.

  4. Hometown says:

    I guess your post lit a fire under the protect and preserve PAC because they have now posted a financial report with the city showing they raised a little over $41,000 in two days. They must be really, really, really good fund raisers to raise that amount of money so quickly. Not that it matters, but i found it interesting how CB hotel and motel PAC made their donation on 9/19 but the protect and preserve PAC says they received it on 10/9. Must have been delivered by pony express.

    Why haven’t any of our crack investigative reporters at Florida today or morning talk show host Bill Mick talking about how these special interest groups are pouring so much money into deceiving the residents of CB???

    The amount of money being spent by this special interest group in our little town is staggering, if anyone actually thinks they are doing this for the benefit of the residents you need to switch your meds. Hopefully residents will go to the city website and look at who is funding CB Question One and candidate tumulty. Don’t fall for these deceptive tactics, get the facts for yourself. It’s a real eye opener but boils down to if you love Cocoa Beach and don’t want to become another congested overdeveloped Florida beachside community you need to vote for Commissioner Williams and vote No on CB Question One.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      We have a post set to go for Monday on not just the PAC, but the culpability of the City in this whole Ballot Question #1 issue.

      To us, this is more than just about one PAC, but misinformation and false statements put out by the City and its “leaders.”

      This weekend, we are simply stepping back from politics a bit.

      Have a great weekend!

      A. Afterwit.

      • Josephine says:

        Dear Atterwit:

        Have a wonderful weekend.

        I think many of our returning winter-time voting residents will probably appreciate hearing some facts before the November 6th election. The scope and purpose of the joint Amendment No. 1 is very complex and confusing.

        I am looking forward to your scenario with regards to the Cocoa Beach’s Amendment No. 1.

        However, I will vote AGAINST CHANGING the CITY CHARTER.

        • AAfterwit says:


          Thanks for the comment and we certainly hope that you have a great weekend as well.

          If you notice, we accept no advertising on this site. We never run a “tip jar” or a “fund raiser” to get the money to pay for the things that are required to keep the site “on the air.” That means we don’t have the $41,000+ dollars the misleading PAC has in their war chest to deliberately lie to citizens. We don’t even have the $1900 the City spent on an article and graphic in a digital magazine that is misleading. We can’t combat it from a fiscal point of view.

          We think what this is going to take is citizens talking with other citizens. It is going to take citizens sending links to each other for posts on this site and perhaps others that talk about what is going on. It is going to take citizens using social media to talk about the issue and refer people to sites like this one. that look at the facts.

          You can go to the front page of our site and search for “Cocoa Beach” and or click on the tag “Cocoa Beach” which should bring up the posts.

          We and we suspect the citizens, cannot outspend the misleading groups (including the City itself) but we can out talk them. We can spread the word like a modern day Paul Revere.

          The fact of the matter is that when the Ocean Dunes project came about, the Mayor and certain Commission members said that there would never be a need for a building in Cocoa Beach to have a physical height of over 58 feet. Ballot Question #1 allows for a height greater than that.

          The question we think must be asked is “with the Mayor and some Commission members supporting Ballot Question #1, were they lying to the public back on the Ocean Dunes project? Or just hoping that people won’t remember and will be swayed by the wilful misinformation the City and PACs are putting out now?”

          Thanks again.

          A. Afterwit.