Cocoa Beach: Ran Into Commissioner Skip Williams Today…..

We had been noticing some traffic coming from a Facebook page called “Cocoa Beach Vote” following our publishing of some articles on Ballot Question #1.

Today we popped over there just to see what was happening and found this post:

Ran into Skip Williams today and asked why he didn’t speak at either of the “Vote Yes on CB Question 1” events at Coastal Produce and Juice-n-Java. He said no one invited him to speak at either event.

Now, why do you suppose that was?

He also clarified his role in the ballot language only pertained to the FEMA changes after 2004 and measuring from the base flood elevation instead of crown of the road, nothing to do with height added to the top of buildings (which was Mike Miller). And, that he had to start a petition for the FEMA/BFE because the other commissioners refused to hold a discussion about it.

Skip said he voted with the commission only to allow the ballot language to be put to voters to make the final decision.

Be careful believing what the spin masters are telling us.

Clearly this blows up the narrative that the City, the pro-Ballot Question #1 PAC’s and supporters are putting out there.

It also falls back to our original question:


We are still waiting for any answer to that. We aren’t holding our breath because there is no answer.

4 Responses to “Cocoa Beach: Ran Into Commissioner Skip Williams Today…..”

  1. Hometown says:

    I originally supported Commissioner Williams proposal to add the FEMA allowance to new construction since we already provide this allowance for existing structures. Seemed a reasonable compromise to spur some new development in town. However. The old Saw give them an inch and they’ll take a mile showed the commission didn’t want compromise and changed Skips proposal by adding another 10′ on top, just taller and taller buildings. I fear if we approve this amendment we are starting down a path to taller buildings Everytime the city claims to have financial problems with no end in sight, we won’t fix our spending problems by building taller, we won’t improve our lagoon or red tide problems by building taller, we won’t fix our traffic and congestion problems by building taller. We just kick the can down the road a few years.
    Vote No on CB Question One.

  2. Concerned says:

    I appreciate ROH for allowing the citizens of Cocoa Beach to use this platform to get the “FACTS” out to the voting public about Question #1. We have been deceived long enough. Some individuals are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

    In regards to the comments made by individuals on the “Cocoa Beach Vote” facebook, I think that it is a shame that Commissioner Skip Williams is being criticized for not attending the presentation made Tuesday night about this issue. It was noted by one of the posts that Mayor Ben Malik, Commissioner Karalyn Woulas, and Commissioner Mike Miller were present. Some made comments and/or presentations I heard. I did not attend or watch the video. Someone took time to note on facebook that Commissioner Williams was not in attendance but did not note whether Commissioner Martinez was there. Has anyone asked where Commissioner Martinez was? What about following Florida’s “Sunshine Law”? Was this a sanctioned/approved city meeting? At least the absence of Commissioners Williams and Martinez is better than possible violation filings for those who did appear and/or speak.

    Commissioner Willaims really does what his constituents want and is not beholding to those with deep pockets (i.e. realtors, developers, hoteliers, and outsiders of Cocoa Beach with no voting rights). These are the ones who are making the HUGE donations to the PAC and are most vocal about voting yes on the issue. Residents do really matter to Skip, unlike some of the other candidates who speak with a forked tongue.

    I thought the “Citizens” were supposed to decide this issue. That is what ALL of the Commissioners stated at the commission meetings when they voted on the language to appear on the ballot. The city attorney cautioned them about taking a stand on this issue in their official capacity as Commissioners. I consider their “official” stance on this issue to be both unethical and a conflict of interest. Once the ballot language was voted on and made official, all Commissioners should make no further comments on this. Commissioner Mike Miller even made presentations using the data he presented at a commission meeting. They even voted to print “educational” material for the voting public. This should have been the end of their personal involvement as Commissioners.

    I already voted NO on Question #1 and #2, as Well as YES for Commissioner Skip Williams and YES for candidate Loi McKinley. I hope you will do the same.

    • Josephine says:

      I was out of town last week so I missed the social event you write about. I did read on hoecakes it was to be hosted by one of our local downtown merchants. Evidently it wasn’t a happy gathering as questions were asked and factual answers were not given.

      I did play catchup listening to the video on last week’s city commission meeting. Seems like Skip Williams is continuing to wear his commissioner working hat and he brought forth a possible Save our Lagoon research project.

      Mayor Malik opened up the meeting for comments and Ms. Loi McKinley indicated her Lagoon interest. Commissioner Williams responded to her question.

      I’ll be voting on Tuesday for that young Ms. Loi McKinley along with NO and NO on the city amendments that are trying to alter a couple of sections in our Official City Charter.

  3. Hometown says:

    Now is the time for all Cocoa Beach residents to come together and say No to the special interest groups and out of town money that are trying to raise building heights in our town. Our town has been tremendously prosperous for residents BECAUSE of our current charter height limits. If you’ve owned property anywhere in the city you know your property values have increased faster than anywhere in our county. This is because of our height limitations that have kept us from becoming another Daytona beach and maintained our small beachside residential charm. Don’t let the out of town money and all their misleading propaganda sway your vote. Vote No on CB Question One and re-elect Commissioner Williams to support the residents. And encourage your friends to do the same.

    Anyone who thinks the developers have spent over $41,000 spreading misinformation to benefit the residents should really think a little harder. Like they say follow the money and you’ll understand who benefits. Hint: it’s not the city residents.