Cocoa Beach: Tim Tumulty And Attention To Details.

So former Mayor Tim Tumulty is running for the City Commission seat now held by Skip Williams.

Back in 2016, Tumulty ran for the Florida House of Representatives only to lose to Tom Goodson in the primary.

This year, Tumulty was going to run for County Commissioner from District 2, replacing Jim Barfield who had announced that he would be leaving and not seeking re-election. Tumulty pulled out of that election in January of this year in a politically orchestrated move with other candidates. (After Tumulty dropped out, Robyn Hattaway, the person who he thought was the best person to win the job of County Commissioner, left the County race and moved to the Canaveral Port Authority race instead. (Ah yes, the convictions of politicians and those who support them.)

So as we said, Tumulty decided he would run for Williams seat in Cocoa Beach.

Someone forgot to tell his graphics people. In a Facebook post, Tumulty posted this:

Generally speaking, we like our candidates to have more attention to detail than this exhibits, but that is just us.

Your mileage may vary.

4 Responses to “Cocoa Beach: Tim Tumulty And Attention To Details.”

  1. Sandy says:

    First, Tumulty was originally going to run for Goodson’s seat again. Then, he changed his mind and was going for Barfield’s county commission seat. Now, he’s after Skip Williams’s seat on the city commission. Tumulty was never elected mayor by us voters. He was appointed by the rest of the city commission when Netterstrom bailed out in the middle of his 1st term as mayor. We already know from previous experience that Tumulty is the developers choice and is madly in love with tax hikes. Plus, not only do they want to build to 78 feet, they are trying to get rid of the 5-0 vote that has, so far, kept developer’s from destroying our city. If developers get their way, either by changing the Charter to a 4-1 vote or Tumulty getting elected, it’s game over for Cocoa Beach as we know and love it.
    What Cocoa Beach needs is some diversity on the commission. We have 4 pro-development commissioners with Skip being the only free thinker. Mike Miller’s seat is also up this year. We need someone else who isn’t in bed with special interests like Malik, Martinez, Woulas and Miller are.

  2. Percy Veer says:

    Like the old saw goes “follow the money”. You can go to the Cocoa Beach Elections page to view who is funding each of these candidates and get a good understanding of who will better support the residents and who will be supporting more uncontrolled over-development of our area. Very interesting that so many out of town contributors that don’t live in the city are able to funnel so much money towards financing a candidate. What’s in it for them???

    Last election someone told me to vote against a candidate when you start seeing their big campaign picture signs posted in front of the big hotels in town, think I may follow their advice this time.

    Like Sandy says Commissioner Williams is the only free thinker on this commission and we need to keep that voice of reason in place. I don’t always agree with him but he keeps an open mind and actually listens to the residents before making his decisions.

  3. EPH says:

    That is pure gold and really says a lot about what an idiot he is. Hey Tim need to borrow some part to fix that? LOL

    Vote for Skip Williams-The REAL rocket scientist.