Cocoa Beach: Tumulty Has Memory Problems And Look Who Supports Him.

This post started out looking at one thing and then made a hard turn into another direction.

We got sent a link to a site supporting Tim Tumulty who is running for Seat 4 on the Cocoa Beach Commission against Skip Williams. What caught our eye was in the description of Tumulty, as we read this:

-No highrise development- The will of the people is the deciding factor.

This is a jaw dropping claim. Tumulty must think that if you tell a lie enough, that people will believe you.

One only needs to go back to when Tumult was on the City Commission both as a Commissioner and serving as mayor after Dave Netterstrom resigned. (Tumulty was never elected to the position of Mayor.) During the Ocean Dunes discussions, Tumulty made it clear that he wanted the height limits raised. In furthering that agenda, he voted for the variance to allow the Ocean Dunes condos to be built in spite of the voter supported City Charter provision that established the height limit at 45 feet.

Tumulty and his friends decided that the people weren’t the deciding factor and instead voted against the clear position of the residents.

Now he wants people to forget that. He is, in essence, saying “listen to me! Don’t look at what I did in the past! Listen to my words now!”

That was to be the original focus of this post – that Tumulty says one thing and does another.

But then things took a turn as we wondered “who is running that site?”

The site is registered through and the actual owner is hidden. (That’s fairly standard these days.) The content is copyrighted to the site and a company called “Your Brand Voice” out of Orlando, FL. They are a marketing group for the hospitality industry – ie hotels and restaurants.

On the Tumulty page there is a link that looks like this ====>

Clicking on that banner takes you to a site called “Stay Cocoa Beach Florida,” which is owned and operated by Ocean Partners, LLC.

They claim to be the “Premier Space Coast Hotel Management Group” and their contacts are listed as Tom Williamson and Maria Sheldon. The group manages four hotels in the area: the Best Western Cocoa Beach Hotel & Suites, Courtyard by Marriott Cocoa Beach-Port Canaveral, Days Inn Cocoa Beach, and the Hampton Inn Hotel in Cocoa Beach.

Perhaps it is us, but we somehow find it odd and interesting that Tumulty, (despite what he did in the past) is saying “the people should decide” but yet is being supported by groups that want the height limits raised.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

We completely understand that it is not easy and in fact darn near impossible to limit those people and groups who support one candidate over another. For example in elections in 2016 across the country, members of racist groups would come out in support of a candidate and even donate money. Most of the time the candidates would recoil in horror and return the money as they had no idea the groups were supporting them. In some ways you cannot blame the candidates for people who support them.

Yet with Tumulty, this feels different and we think it is.

There are two candidates in this race for Seat 4, Tumulty and Williams.

Tumulty has been for increasing height limits within the City for some time. Williams has been against it.

Tumulty voted to raise height limits on the Ocean Dunes project. Williams voted against it.

The hoteliers and hospitality industry within the City has made it clear that they want the heights raised allowing bigger and taller hotels. In other words, their position is the same as Tumulty’s.

They are supporting Tumulty because he agrees with them and given his past record, there is no indication that even if the heights stayed the same, that Tumulty would not vote for any variance that would raise the height of building. Unlike other candidates that we mentioned in 2016, Tumulty is not trying to distance himself from those who want to raise the heights, but embracing them as he thinks the same as they do.

As we said, we started out on this post looking at one thing and it went to another.

There is the ol’ saying that you can tell a politician is lying because their lips are moving, and that politics make strange bedfellows.

Tumulty is talking and is resting comfortably in a hotel bed reading real estate ads.

5 Responses to “Cocoa Beach: Tumulty Has Memory Problems And Look Who Supports Him.”

  1. Sandy says:

    Ocean Partners = Tom Hermansen. If Tumulty gets elected, the hoteliers, developers and realtors PAC will own the city commission.

  2. Frances says:

    Now is the time for residents to support Commissioner Williams.

    Also, don’t forget we have two commission seats (Williams and Miller) up for grabs this November. Still looking for a candidate to support the residents for the Miller seat – Any takers 🙂 . Any idea who will be running against Commissioner Miller?

    If not, I’m sure Miller will run again or they’ll find another pro-development candidate to replace him.

  3. Well, well,well, ” LittleTimmy” wants back on the CB commission after a MAJOR loss in the primary (poor Timmy didn’t make it to the big show in November) running for State Rep.
    He couldn’t even carry his hometown if you recall. Yes, it seems the voters were smart enough to reject his phony smug ass. LOL- I hope the voters remember that he thought he was too BIG for just Cocoa Beach and delusional enough to believe he could win on the county level. Voters get out in November and support Skip Williams. he’s a little quirky but has the City’s best interest at heart. Little Timmy on the other hand only cares about his egotistical self and his own personal agenda. He’s easily the biggest douchebag that’s been involved in local politics in a LONG time. And,he’s had some pretty stiff competition.

  4. RJM says:

    Do we really need Tim T representing Cocoa Beach again? He’s only running because it’s the only chance he has to be elected to something, anything,please pay attention to me! I need the power to feed my obvious insecurities and narcissism. He doesn’t care what it is, as long as he’s elected.

    Cocoa Beach is a better fit for a guy that should be going to AA meetings rather than commission meetings in his spare time. When you bar hop all day and half in the bag most of the time,can’t be driving too far. So I guess I understand why he’s going back to small-town politics. Oh wait, he didn’t have any other options.

    Just need to add: The local police need to keep an eye on him, he’s always impaired and endangering other motorists.


  5. Hometown says:

    Tim seems like a nice enough guy but is the stereotypical politician who will do and say anything to get elected and then do what his sponsors (i.e. Developers and hoteliers) want while ignoring and belittling the majority of residents. He does not represent the residents and continues to believe like the Gang of Four that they know what is best for you.

    In this race Commissioner Williamsis the only choice to ensure we have at least one Commissioner that listen and hears what the residents want for our city before making his decisions.