Cocoa Beach: UPDATE: Commission Meeting Tonight. (Also Known As “Oh Crap, Did We Miss This One.”)

We are going to do something that we seldom (if ever) do – use a comment as the entire post. (Or at least the focus of the post.)

One of our readers noticed that while he felt that our discussion on the County Appraisers and Tax Collector interlocal agreement was important, there was another issue on the agenda of importance:

K. New Business:
Approve proceeding with the design for the construction of a new City Hall, Police Department and Parking Structure, following Option D, as presented at the February 9, 2017, Commission meeting, and requests that Staff begin the planning and the budgeting for the project.

We stopped reading after “proceeding with the design for the construction of a new City Hall, Police Department and Parking Structure,” and did not realize that the agenda item would present, vote upon, and essentially give the approval of the basic design plans, including locations.

Geez, did we screw that one up.

Here’s the comment that was left for us and we are presenting it because we don’t think we can add more to it.

These are important issues, but I believe the big issue facing our city is the proposed option D for the new downtown police dept, city hall, green space, and parking structure. While I agree these facilities require updating I really hate the idea of placing the police secure parking along our main drag (S. Orlando ave.). This would be a poor use of high value real estate and an eyesore for folks traveling thru our city.

Below is a copy of an email I sent to the commissioners and city manager. If you agree (or disagree) I urge you to either show up at the meeting to voice your concerns or email them with you inputs. Thirst decisions will be very tough but will affect the look and feel of our downtown area for many years to come. Now is the time to voice your inputs.

(click on image for larger resolution)

Dear Commissioners and City Manager:

I am resending my original input to voice my objection to having the PD parking along our main drag (South Orlando) as it looks like happens if you select option D. I realize there are many ways to skin this cat but IMHO placing a parking lot along our main thru-way would be an eyesore and a turnoff for both tourists and residents – also a very poor utilization of high value real estate. Put the PD parking lot back on Brevard ave.

Please consider placing the new PD next to the fire department – I believe there is a lot of synergy to be gained by locating these two buildings in close proximity (meeting spaces, training classrooms, communications antenna’s and towers, backup power units, etc). No need to have separate stuff at two separate locations when you could put it all together and share common items between police and fire.

A nice green space and city hall along our main drag would be very attractive and make our city look great, additionally by putting the green space along S. Orlando you locate it closer to the proposed parking structure which would seem to make more sense than having to have folks park in the garage and walk across A1A to access events at the new green space as option D would have you do.

Also, as I stated in my previous letter it seems like a bad idea to co-locate police parking and public parking in the same structure due to security concerns.

The writer and commenter is dead on point. No matter how you feel about this, you should show up and express your support or concerns as this is a long term project for the City of Cocoa Beach.

Thanks to the writer for noting our omission and making a great comment.

One Response to “Cocoa Beach: UPDATE: Commission Meeting Tonight. (Also Known As “Oh Crap, Did We Miss This One.”)”

  1. Tom says:

    Please note that the image in the above post above is not what the city approved to move forward with for design. This was just my input. The approved preliminary design can be viewed in the meeting agenda packet on the city website (Option D) or at Option D.

    Again, many ways to accomplish this thing, I just hate the idea of having such a large portion on our main drag A1A become secure police parking. In my opinion that would be an eyesore and look horrible.