Cocoa Beach: When Promises Become Reality.

We talked the other day about the Cocoa Beach City Commission and the proposed ballot initiative to raise the height limits.

Part of the discussion that occurred during last week’s meeting was a proposed amendment by Commissioner Skip Williams. Amazingly, the Commission did not want to consider the amendment – not even talk about it – and some people in the audience stood up and said that the people in Cocoa Beach wouldn’t understand the proposal. How nice of them to say that the residents of Cocoa Beach do not understand the written word and English.

It was suggested that if the amendment were important, someone should start a petition drive to get the Williams amendment on the ballot.

Someone has.

We were contacted by someone who is helping organize a petition drive. Details are sketchy right now and the group appears to be organizing as to where and when they will have representatives out in public to collect signatures, but the drive itself is real.

They were kind enough to send us a copy of the petition:

As we learn more, we will post it. We know the group is continuing to look for volunteers to help with the collection of signatures, and as soon as we get permission to post contact information, we will do that as well. (Or you can send an email to us expressing your interest and we will forward that to the person who contacted us.)

2 Responses to “Cocoa Beach: When Promises Become Reality.”

  1. Sandy says:

    Why doesn’t the rest of the commission hear him out? What are they afraid of?

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