Colion Noir: “Now They Want To Ban Airsoft Guns, I Told You They Will Never Stop.”

The video below is by lawyer and Second Amendment rights advocate Colion Noir concerning Canada’s attempt to ban “airsoft guns.”

For those who don’t know:

Airsoft is a team game in which participants eliminate opposing players by tagging them out of play with spherical plastic projectiles shot with mock air weapons called airsoft guns.

The imitation guns are not lethal which makes one wonder, “why would anyone seek to ban them?”

Let this be another warning to everyone in America that the Anti-gun lobby and their politicians will never stop at trying to ban GUNS.

Five Years ago, I made a video titled “The Future of gun Control.” In that video, I warned what the future of the 2nd Amendment would look like if we kept letting the government restrict our 2A rights inch by inch.

When this video came out, people called me a fear-monger and said I was ridiculous. But look what’s happening; Canada is trying to ban Airsoft guns now.

Many of you are going to dismiss this because it’s happening in Canada and not the US. YET! Canada is the canary in the coal mine.

They are a vivid example of what will happen in the US if we continue to allow the government to restrict our rights incrementally.

If it can happen to our great neighbor to the north, it can happen here.

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