Commissioner’s Smith Request For Advertising Of “Censure Ordinance” Pulled From Agenda.

This past Saturday, we wrote a post on Commissioner Curt Smith’s request for funding for the advertising of a public hearing concerning his proposed “Censure Ordinance.”

The request popped up on the agenda that was revised at 9:39 AM on December 1, 2017.

This is a screen shot of that version of the agenda.

Yesterday, we got a notice from one of our ninjas that the item had been pulled from the agenda. Initially we could not find that to be true by going through the Brevard County Meeting Portal site, but the Clerk of the Courts site had an updated version of the agenda that was changed at 10:52 AM on December 4, 2017. A screen shot of the updated agenda is below.

For now, we will take this as a victory in keeping this insidious ordinance off of the books. Shame on Commissioner Smith and County Attorney Scott Knox for joining together to write this abomination and attack on the rights and liberties of people.

However, we feel that this victory may be short lived. The item may have been pulled because of blowback from people and not because the ordinance never should have been written, much less seen the light of day.

Before we knew the item had been pulled from the agenda, we had prepared a long, lengthy email for Commissioners on the problems with the proposed ordinance. Even though it is off the agenda for now, we sent that email to all of the Commissioners in the hope that they can learn and understand what was wrong with the ordinance and never let something of its kind appear before them again.

We’ll post that letter tomorrow.

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