There are oh so many things wrong with this:

We wouldn’t want our kids within 50 miles of that woman, and we certainly wouldn’t want them “playing” with her (or even anyone of her imaginary friends.)

There are other issues as well.

This woman is trying to get kids to pressure their parents to make a certain medical decision. Nothing says “propaganda” like trying to get a 5 year old (for whom there is no vaccine at this time) to pressure mom and dad.

Secondly, any parent that succumbs to whining and complaining from kids this “song” is designed to produce is the type of parent whose kids can’t be told “no” in a store when they want candy and go off on a crying rage bothering everyone else.

This is not about the vaccine of the virus. This is about using kids as a weapon against parents, and parents that can’t say “no” to whiny children they are raising.

When these types of kids get older and are arrested for stealing or other crimes because they just wanted the item, the parents will go to court and say “Jimmy was always a good boy……”

Jimmy may have been a “good boy,” but parents not doing their job doesn’t help the child or society.

Finally, there is this.

Carolla is right.

We are doomed.

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