Damned Racism! Boycott the Olympics!

Close your eyes and imagine the scene. You work for internationally renowned Wolff Olins, a company that deals with branding and logos.

The contract value: $800,000.
The client: the 2012 London Olympic Committee
The deal: design a logo and brand that will represent the 2012 Olympics.

One has to believe that the weight of this project is enormous. This logo will be seen by billions of people in trillions of places. Companies will pay to have this logo on their product. Every Olympic broadcast will have this logo prominently displayed. The logo will never be changed. It will remain this way for the entirety of history.

Oh the pride. The majesty. The prestige.

Kind of makes you proud, doesn’t it?

Aw, screw it. Open your eyes and go consume large quantities of warm English Ale and get drunk. Kiss the porcelain king and the next day, in the midst of a hangover seldom felt by mankind, present the image shown above as the official logo of the 2012 Olympics.


Your headache is compounded by the complete, total and utter rejection of the logo by the world.

But there is good news for you!

Iran has now issued a formal letter of complaint saying that the logo is “racist.”

(I apologize if you laughed so hard that you spilled your morning drink all over the keyboard.)

Iran is saying that the logo actually spells out the word “Zion” and has not only threatened to boycott the Olympics, but calls on other Muslim states to reject the logo as well.

Some questions and answers:

QUESTION: What if they held an Olympics and Iran didn’t participate?
ANSWER: Who would notice?

QUESTION: The world is condemning Iran, calling on them to end their nuclear program, and Iran protests the Olympic logo?
ANSWER: Shhhhh!!! Don’t tell Iran that anyone with half a brain realizes that this is a pathetic attempt at a distraction.

QUESTION: How is the logo “racist?”
ANSWER: Pink and yellow are not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s favorite colors. The color choice offends Iran, you racist dog with the face of a pig!

The logo is ugly. Hideous even. But clearly this is a contemptible and feeble attempt by Iran to distract the world community from the real problems within Iran and the threat Iran presents to the peace in the Middle East and the world. Dragging religion into this is despicable and depends on the ignorance and hatred from Muslims.

I fear it may work.

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