Dana Loesch Has Been Busy This Week Using Logic And Reason In The Wake Of the Parkland Shooting.

This past week NRA spokesperson and author Dana Loesch made several appearances on different panel debates after the horrific shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The first appearance was at the CNN “townhall” that according to many, was a scripted and rigged event.

One of the more interesting segments came when Loesch and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel had a very interesting exchange, especially in the light of new revelations that a Broward County School Resource Officer was on the scene and sat in his car for 4 of the 6 minutes the shooting was going on.

First, watch the exchange between Loesch, a student and Israel:

Additionally, from the transcript:

ISRAEL: So if an individual was threatened and it was real, that’s a crime. But these posting things – –

LOESCH: Yes, they were threatened with death. They were threatened that they were going to bleed. They were threatened that they were going to be killed.

ISRAEL: Well what’s your specific case?

LOESCH: And he had already taken bullets and knives to school. He had already assaulted people. He assaulted his parent. He assaulted other students. Thirty-nine visits and this was – – known to the – – to the intelligence and law enforcement community.

ISRAEL: You’re – –

LOESCH: Now I’m not – – look I’m not saying that you can be everywhere at once, but this is what I’m talking about. We have to follow up on these red flags.

ISRAEL: You’re not the litmus test.

ISRAEL: You’re absolutely not the litmus test for how law enforcement should follow up. You’re wrong. There weren’t 39 visits. Some of them, they were GOA. Some of them called from other states, so say there were 39 visits I don’t know where you go those facts, but you’re completely wrong.

LOESCH: Media. Did they report it inaccurately?

ISRAEL: Yes, they reported it inaccurately. But if you’re going to stand up in front of a national audience, you shouldn’t rely on a media – –

ISRAEL: It’s incorrect. We are looking at every single case we got. We are following up on it. We will decide and discern what deputies did, what investigators did and we will – – I will handle it accordingly and people will be punished if they didn’t do what they were supposed to do. But that being said, the power of police is not that – – is not as great as it should be.
We need to take people out of their homes and involuntary Baker Act them.
If the totality of the circumstances rise and they’re not an immediate threat to themselves or someone else. But here’s the most important point. If you and I were — our sport was tennis and we tore our ACLs, the doctor would say, surgery was successful, you’re released from the hospital. We can’t go back and play tennis the next day. We need to rehabilitate. When we release an individual from a mental health facility, they’re not ready to go out and carry a gun. They have to rehabilitate. And that’s a year process, a two-year process. And they should never be around firearms. That’s where I agree with you. It’s making sure people — but it’s not one thing anymore. It’s three or four things. It’s building schools differently. It’s having our mayors and our commissioners give more money to police, more money to schoolteachers — those are the most undepaid people in the world.

The problem is that Israel is making that the police and the police alone can judge whether their actions were correct. That seems a little odd to because after the CNN “townhall” meeting, Israel was forced to make do this:

The police officer assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School resigned Thursday, under investigation for failing to enter the building as a gunman opened fire and killed 17 people.

Sheriff Scott Israel said Deputy Scot Peterson should have “went in. Addressed the killer. Killed the killer.” Video footage showed Peterson did none of that, Israel said.

The sheriff’s office also said Thursday that two deputies were put under investigation for how they handled potential warnings about Cruz, including one from November in which a caller said Nikolas Cruz “could be a school shooter in the making.”

To use, that seems to be Israel saying “trust us, we did everything right but we are investigating where we didn’t do anything right and people died. No need to get upset about it. Just pass some more laws that we can ignore.”

Loesch also appeared on a panel at CPAC with Sean Hannity and Geraldo Riveria.

Rivera made a complete fool out of himself and fell into the trap of “we have to do something” while proposing more laws that restrict people’s rights.

We would much rather the laws that are on the books be enforced now and then see what happens. As those laws are not being enforced, we see more laws as just window dressing. There is also the idea that as one speaker says, “the one common distinguishing characteristic amongst criminals is that they don’t follow the law.”

Geraldo responds with “it is a small step.”

It doesn’t matter to him if the step is positive or productive or not. It is the optics of taking a step that matters.

(Funniest line might have been when Loesch says that Geraldo doesn’t know anything about ballistics and Geraldo responds with “thirty eight assignments in a combat zone and I don’t know anything about ballistics?” Yeah, because being in the front of a bakery selling goods means you know about actually being a baker. Not only that, if you remember, in 2003 he was told to leave Iraq after he failed to abide by regulations for embedded reporters. Wonder if his knowledge of ballistics could have opened Al Capone’s alleged vault sooner?)

It appears to us that the people who think that denying lawful citizens the right to bear arms and defend themselves will work and make things better.

History has shown that it will not.

After all, how’s that banning of illegal drugs working out?

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  1. Alice Addertongue says:

    It didn’t take our School Superintendent to quickly start beating the drum to continue the half cent sales tax in 2020. School security is important, but he was quick to point out the future cost of upgrading the schools, and the additional cost of personnel to do so.

    I for one will be voting against continuing this tax as they are bringing in far more than expected and should plan on letting the tax retire in a few years.