DeSantis Vacates Official’s Seat. Paging Randy Fine….

Gov. DeSantis declares vacant seat on Alachua County School Board following concerns about Diyonne McGraw’s residency

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Governor Ron DeSantis declared a vacant seat on the Alachua County School Board Thursday evening, following a lawsuit filed against school board member Diyonne McGraw, accusing her of running in the wrong district.

The Governor issued executive order 21-147 declaring the vacancy.

In the executive order, DeSantis wrote “due to Diyonne McGraw’s failure to maintain the residence required of her by law a vacancy exists on the Alachua County School Board, District 2, which I shall fill in compliance with the law.” (emphasis ours)

We don’t normally cover the happenings in Alachua County and we won’t talk about the back story of the removal of the School Board member by Governor DeSantis.

What we want to concentrate on is the reason for which DeSantis removed the elected official, which is her failure to maintain residency in the district she represents.

Paging Randy Fine…..Paging Randy Fine…..

Florida House of Representative Randy Fine represents the 53 District of Florida. The district encompasses much of southern Brevard County.

The Florida House requires that representatives live in the district which they represent.

According to the Brevard County Property Appraiser’s Office, Fine’s address is 103 Oak Street, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951. He owns no other property in Brevard County.

(click on image for larger image which opens in a new tab)

The State of Florida provides maps of each House District. The Map for District 53 can be found here. (Its a big pdf file if you want to click on it.)

Something interesting happens when one overlays the location of Fine’s residence and the district map:

As you can see, Fine’s residence – the one that he takes a homestead exemption for as a primary residence – is clearly outside of District 53 and is in District 52.

According to the Florida Division of Elections:

Continuous residency. Any residency requirement for an office is a continuous one. Failure to maintain the residency throughout the term results in vacancy in office. See generally s. 3, Art.X, Fla. Const. and s. 114.01(1)(g), F.S.

In addition,

Further questions about residency should be directed to the respective Florida legislative chamber which has exclusive jurisdiction over the qualifications of its members. Senate and House Joint Rule 7.1, which addresses residency, in part, provides: “A member shall be a legal resident and elector of his or her district at the time of election and shall maintain his or her legal residence within that district for the duration of his or her term of office.

By all impressions, Fine is not living in the District which he represents.

Paging Governor DeSantis…..

2 Responses to “DeSantis Vacates Official’s Seat. Paging Randy Fine….”

  1. Percy Veer says:

    I like Gov. DeSantis and think he’s shown some real backbone leading the state through the pandemic crazy times. I appreciate him standing up to enforce rules like this but agree that if he’s going to enforce a rule it should apply equally to all. Seems like our election officials should be monitoring this stuff a little closer and maybe working with tax collection agencies and tagging these elected officials by their homesteaded (primary) address to ensure they truly remain residents of their districts after they are elected.

    • AAfterwit says:

      Percy Veer,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Someone once said that you can tell the quality of a person by their enemies.

      If that is the case, DeSantis is a great man.

      We have noticed how the media (particularly the Florida Today) absolutely hates him and will publish anything rumor or negative innuendo about him.

      When on “Juneteenth” there was an accident when a person drove through a gay pride parade, the left immediately tried to blame DeSantis for the people injured saying that his stance of transgendered people in sports led to hatred of gays.

      As more information came out and it was found that the driver was a participant in the parade, was gay and was drunk, the driver was forgiven by the mob, but DeSantis was still attacked for somehow causing the incident. That kind of hatred is well beyond any rational thought.

      In may ways, we view DaSantis as better looking, younger, smarter and more “reserved” Trump. DeSantis still fights back and doesn’t back down, but he does it with less name calling and less outlandishness.

      As far as the residence requirement, local officials are aware of the problem and refuse to do anything and bring it up the ladder. That says something about their commitment to the law, doesn’t it?

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.