Disgusting And Stupid.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

On April 13, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) signed Executive Order which suspended the law that made wearing of masks in public illegal.

The law had its genesis in 1951 and was designed to prevent members of the Ku Klux Klan from wearing hoods and masks in public.

Kemp signed the order in response to the CDC advice that people wear masks while in public shopping which would have been illegal. Kemp was also responding to several reports of people of color being stopped or followed while wearing masks.

Kemp thanked Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms for raising concerns about the anti-mask law. Last week, Bottoms ordered Atlanta police to suspend enforcement of the law

State Sen. Nikema Williams of Atlanta, who heads the Georgia Democratic Party, had also urged Kemp to take action. In a letter Friday, Williams told Kemp she feared racial profiling by police “will only get worse for people of color who wear homemade cloth coverings.”

Even if Kemp hadn’t taken action, it would have been illegal for police to bring charges against anyone peacefully wearing a mask for protection. Georgia courts have long interpreted the anti-mask law to apply only to people concealing their faces for purposes of intimidation.

In 1990, the Georgia Supreme Court rejected a Klan member’s argument in a lawsuit that the law “criminalizes a substantial amount of innocent behavior.” The court ruled the law applied “only to mask-wearing conduct” that “provokes a reasonable apprehension of intimidation, threats or violence.”

Mayor Bottoms is a Democrat. Kemp a Republican. Thank goodness in Georgia there were members of differing parties that came together to do the right thing for the right reasons.

With one stroke of a pen, Kemp reminded people that wearing masks was fine.

(As for the cops following people because of masks and skin color, the world doesn’t need you. Go find another profession.)

If that were the end of it, we would not be writing this post.

WGXA Fox 24 out of Macon, Georgia tweeted this about the Executive Order:

Somehow in the minds of the people at WGXA, an executive order designed to keep people safe and prevent racist acts was tied to idea that people may use COVID-19 as some sort of Ku Klux Klan rally or something.

Kemp was none too happy nor should he have been:

The WGXA tweet has since been deleted and we haven’t seen an apology on their site, the story on their site or their Twitter account. They did post on Facebook, but that post isn’t going well with people of all ages, gender and race slamming the station for trying to raise racial conflict where there was none.

We suspect that “accountability” only applies to others and not to them.

WGXA should be ashamed of this one. We suspect they won’t be, but they should.

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