Dogs And Christmas Trees.

We saw a meme that talked about dogs, sticks and Christmas trees. Our graphics guy recreated it for a friend who has two dachshunds.

(She has had several dachshunds in her life but never a puppy. All of her dachshunds are rescue dachshunds that are from bad or deteriorating situations. The two she has now were rescued from a woman who was dying of cancer, and the dogs were set to be euthanized due to their age.)

She posted it on her Facebook wall and suddenly there were people asking for requests that the meme be made with images of their dog.

The graphics guy did them all, making each one unique. Some with Santa hats on them or not. It was all up the owner.

It was his Christmas gift to friends of a friend and if it made people smile, he was good with that.

Then this came to our attention:

(click on cartoon for larger version in a new tab.)

However, nothing has made us laugh more than this case of “life imitating art:”

Never work with animals and kids.

3 Responses to “Dogs And Christmas Trees.”

  1. Bob Chadwick says:

    Thank you. Given the situation lately with COVID, Omicron, Crummy politicians badmouthing everybody, crummy people badmouthing school boards and teachers, more crummy people badmouthing our police, we needed something funny and bright.

    • Don says:

      Well Bob, 2 out of 3 “crummy people” examples being right on is OK, but not perfect, IMHO!

    • AAfterwit says:

      Bob Chadwick,

      Thanks for the comment.

      In that someone else has commented on your comment, we thought we’d chime in.

      First, we agree that the world needs a little laughter. That’s why our graphics guy made the memes for people (even for people they don’t know.) We also loved the cartoon and the video and we laughed at all three elements of the post.

      We agree with you on the idea that COVID and the Omicron variant are depressing on many levels.

      That being said, we suspect that most people would agree that whether a person is a “crummy politician” or not is based upon several factors, i.e. whether they agree or disagree with the politician making the comments and the targets of their comments, as well as the methods used to make those comments.

      We don’t think it is right to say “crummy people badmouthing school boards.” We disagree because even here in Brevard County, when school boards violate the law, the state and Federal Constitution, and restrict rights of people, we think that criticism of them is warranted. We would agree that yelling and being disruptive is “crummy,” but that doesn’t mean their criticisms are not valid.

      As for teachers, can we agree that most teachers are hard working, and during this time are under tremendous strain? Can we also say that the California teacher who (without medical training) vaccinated a student without parental consent is “crummy?” Can we say that the 28 year old teacher in Pembroke Pines who was arrested for having sex with a under aged student is “crummy?”

      As for the police, can we agree that 99.99% of the interactions between the police and people are good, professional and appropriate, but that 00.01% of the time where a cop shoots someone, or denies them their rights needs to be condemned? Talking bad about the police in general is crummy. Talking bad about crummy officers is not, in our opinion.

      Still, no matter what, we are glad we brightened up your day – even for a moment.

      Thanks again for the comment.

      A. Afterwit.