Don’t Mess With Grandma’s Birds And Squirrels.

Garlene Eiceman’s Snake

Do not trifle with the back yard garden of Eden of 89 year old great grandmother Garlene Eiceman up in Tallahassee.

Like many people, Eiceman had set out a bird feeder where birds and squirrels would stop by for a bite to eat. But then something strange started to happen.

The birds started to disappear and some stopped coming her “seed shack.”

The culprit?

A snake.

About three weeks ago, Eiceman looked on in horror when she saw a snake slither out of a bird box where she’d been watching a nest of three baby blue birds be tended by their parents.

The snake’s throat had a tell-tale bulge.

“I started crying, I didn’t know what to

do,” said Eiceman, a great-grandmother of six and a grandmother of six, who goes by the nickname Grandma Bunny. “The snake went down and up a wooden flower box and it went out of sight. After that all the birds disappeared.”

Eiceman was not about to let this interloper affect her little slice of heaven and its inhabitants.

She removed all the places a snake could hide, including all the bird houses. Eventually she spotted the snake. As soon as she did she ran and grabbed a hammer and a twig.

“He would go thin and wiggle out from under the twig, I would run after him and finally I turned my hammer sideways and I got him good,” she said. “I was so angry with that snake.”

We are sure that there are people out there that are mourning the death of the snake and trying to make Eiceman out to be a horrible person. After all, snakes do provide a valuable service as far as the ecosystem is concerned. This snake, however, was not control pests and rodents. This snake had found itself an easy place for prey and was gorging down on birds that were Eiceman’s joy.

We have the mental image of the 89 year old running after the snake with a hammer raised in the air.

That image may or may not match reality.

What does match reality is “never mess with an 89 year old grandmother and her friends. It will be the last thing that you do.”

Grandma don’t mess around with snakes.

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