Electioneering In Satellite Beach.

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The above notice was mailed out to the residents of Satellite Beach. Our first thought was “who is paying for this mailing?” but it could be the City or the County using franking privileges for commissioners. Smith is in a fight for his Commission seat with Trudi Infantini in the upcoming November elections. As far as we know, Smith has never done anything like this (a mailing and a meeting) so please excuse us if we see this as nothing but a political campaign stop organized with the help of the City of Satellite Beach.

If Smith wants to talk about Brevard County and his “leadership,” we are all for it.

First, we want to ask him about his disastrous and unConstitutional “Civility Ordinance” that he proposed and then pulled from the agenda after feedback from many groups and people.

Let’s talk about the $5 million for “sports turf” for the Viera Sports Complex. It is not that we are against the expenditure, but rather we are against the idea that the Commission was able to pay for the turf without going through any competitive bidding process by allowing USSSA to pay for the turf, and then the County reimbursing USSSA. The no bid contract may technically be legal, but in a county that is screaming for money to pay for the lagoon and roads, why not have the expenditure above board and within the spirit of the law? Does Smith really think that the County should be doling out $5 million without insuring the taxpayers are getting a good deal?

Let’s talk about the appointment of Eden Bentley as the new County Attorney. The Commission had put out notices for applications and certainly Bentley could apply, but last week Smith subverted that process and made a motion to appoint Bentley to the position. Bentley may be a fine candidate and a fine attorney, but why go through the charade of public notices and advertisements only to have the whole thing go out the window because of a back room deal?

Let’s talk to Smith about roads. Period. Enough said.

Let’s talk about Smith’s opposition to the Randy Fine bill that would allow some of the tourism tax to be diverted to the lagoon cleanup rather than silly projects like a visitor center along I-95.

Let’s talk about Smith’s incessant whining and sniping with fellow Commissioner John Tobia and Smith’s ridiculous complaint that “it is all political.”

Let’s talk about Smith’s pledge as a candidate in 2014 to be a fiscal conservative and yet there is seldom a spending measure that Smith hasn’t liked and supported.

Let’s talk about Smith’s support of CRA’s, even though there is no indication that the CRA’s are able to police themselves and are nothing but slush funds.

There is a lot to talk about with Curt Smith, and we would bet that this dog and pony show won’t deal with the tough issues and Smith’s record.

Correction: An earlier version of this post stated Smith was running against Kristine Isnardi. Obviously he is not and is running against Trudi Infantini. Thanks to the sharp eyed reader who pointed out our mistake.

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