“Evil” Police Officer.

Much has been in the news about “defunding” the police and how all police are terrible people.

We have always maintained that like any profession, there are good cops and there are bad cops. Police Departments need to work to remove the bad cops and encourage the good cops.

Here is a story out of New York about one of those “lumped together with all cops” police officer named Deputy Dale Quesnel who works for Washington County Sheriff’s Department, NY and is a K-9 handler.

Deputy Quesnel pulled over Jeanette Porter for speeding.

Her reaction to being pulled over is interesting:

Well, I was speeding and I deserved the ticket. I thought to myself, ‘It is what it is,’” said Porter.

Kudos to Ms. Porter for knowing what she did and admitting it was wrong. She didn’t try to make excuses, blame the cop, throw a tantrum, or pull any “sovereign citizen” nonsense.

Like most cops would do, Deputy Quesnel asked Porter as to why she was speeding.

I encountered a woman speeding. I pulled her over and talked with her for a minute to see why she was speeding. I asked her where she was heading to. She told me she was getting diapers for her twin nieces.”

Jeanette Porter was not going to the store to get the diapers; she was on her way to the food pantry. Porter says she was in a hurry because the pantry was giving them out for free.

If you think that Quesnel let her go with a warning and sent her on her way, or wrote a ticket quickly for speeding, you’d be wrong.

Deputy Dale says instead of giving her a traffic ticket, he wanted to help her out. “I just got to thinking she didn’t seem like she could afford a traffic ticket, so I didn’t think she could afford diapers either,” he said.


She says she was completely caught off guard when he asked, “Why don’t you follow me to the dollar store and why don’t I buy the babies some diapers?”

“Deputy Dale showed me so much compassion. Not only did he not give me a speeding ticket—which I definitely deserved—but he spent his own money to buy diapers and wipes for my nieces,” said Porter.

Deputy Dale says this isn’t the first time he has helped others out in need. “I guess I’m a soft cop, I like to help people out,” he said. “I’ll help her or anybody. I’m not rich I live like just about everybody else, but I like to help people out.”

Jeanette had a message for Deputy Dale, too:

“Thank you Deputy Dale for being so nice, generous, and compassionate. This act of kindness shocked me I couldn’t believe that a cop would go above and beyond for my family.”

This incident happened on Halloween, so this is not related to the Christmas spirit or anything.

This just seems to be a decent cop, who was treated honestly and fairly by a woman and together they were able to solve a small crisis.

Kudos to them both.

We need more people and cops like this.

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