Facebook Hell – It Didn’t Work.

In late June someone reported our account to Facebook saying “they aren’t a person! We want to know who they are!”

For the record, when we started this account, Facebook allowed pseudonyms and or “nom de plums.” We had carefully read the Facebook Terms of Service before making the account and we were fine. As the years went past, Facebook changed their terms of service which requires that private profile be linked to a real person. Public pages are not required to be linked to a specific person and so when someone reported the private profile, we followed Facebook’s advice and changed the private profile to a page.

Everything was going along swimmingly when the account got reported again for not be linked to a real person.

A series of emails shot back and forth between us and Facebook as the account was locked out.

We asked “how could you approve the page one day and then say that the page is not acceptable and does not follow Facebook guidelines?”

We got canned answers.

We asked Facebook over and over to explain why the page that we were told was fine was now not fine, and what changed in the time from when we converted the private profile to a page?

If you have ever dealt with the “help desk” at Facebook, you’ll know that they are not the most helpful people, but we kept banging away.

Yesterday we got confirmation that the page was fine and so we are back within Facebook. They had reviewed all of our posts and found nothing wrong with them. We then asked about people who would report us again just because they do not like what we say. We were told that Facebook looks at all reports but will close accounts that make false reports.

We can live with that.

We have a good idea who reported us and the reasons for doing it. Those people are eleutherophobic and cannot stand people with other opinions.

In short, they failed.


We posted this quote from Socrates before and it still applies:

“Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”

― Socrates

Thanks for reading and thanks to the people who wrote us and asked us what was going on. We appreciate the support.

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  1. The only reason I have facebook is for commenting at a few sites.

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