Fredericksburg, Virginia.

On June 13, 2020, a woman called Fredericksburg, Virginia 911 to report that she was blocked by protesters who weren’t allowing her to proceed and were, in fact, jumping on her car.

Tucker Carlson played a portion of the call:

The audio of the call in it’s entirety has the 911 operator repeatedly telling the woman who has a young child in the car with her, that the City has instructed police officers not to do anything and therefore there is nothing they can do.

The woman is heard yelling at people to get off her car while the 911 dispatcher says, “We would suggest you call up city hall to let them know about your frustrations.”

Frustrations? A person is surrounded and being held captive by a mod while her car has people jumping on it is a “frustration?”

After the incident went national, the Fredericksburg Police Department issued a video statement:

They also issued a written statement: (This statement has the complete audio of the 911 call.)

The protest on June 13th was authorized by the City Government and monitored by the Police Department. Officers were staged one block from the demonstrations to divert traffic while protesters exercised their First Amendment rights. Unfortunately, protesters did not advise police where they would march, and some vehicles were not able to be diverted.

The 911 Communications Officer informed the caller that the protest was a City authorized event and officers were monitoring the activity from afar. When the caller stated a person jumped on her vehicle (exhibiting criminal behavior), the Communications Officer notified officers staged nearby of the situation.

When officers arrived at the demonstration, the caller had vacated the area. A Patrol Division Sergeant followed up with the caller by phone the following day and began his investigation. Public safety for everyone is the number one priority of the Police Department and the Sergeant exhausted all available resources to identify the suspect who jumped on her vehicle. His investigation continues.

The Fredericksburg Police Department will continue to monitor the protests to ensure the safety of all. For more questions about City authorized events or to express concerns, contact the City Manager’s office at 540-372-1010.

On May 31, 2020, the Police had used tear gas to break up a mob – not protestors, a mob – who were violating an 8 PM curfew that was put in place after the Police Station was firebombed and a memorial for fallen law enforcement officers was vandalized.

At the City Council meeting following the tear gas incident and the 911 call incident, the Mayor took time to apologize.

To the protestors.

The city’s mayor, Mary Greenlaw, issued an apology to protesters in a city council meeting on Thursday, but some community members are upset that she did not address the 911 call.

“I am personally sorry,” she said at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. “The people in our streets on the night of May 31 were motivated to protest by righteous anger and genuine pain. I know that the use of tear gas shocked and frightened them. I apologize to those who went through this fearful experience.”

We aren’t sure why breaking up a mob is a “fearful experience” but being attacked by a mob with a child in your car is a “frustration.”

What do you do if you are in the situation like the mother? Do you press the accelerator? Do you pull out a weapon if you have it? Neither are good choices but the choice the woman made was what we would say was the right one: call 911 and get the police on the scene.

That didn’t turn out well for the woman.

We are all for people protesting. It is a First Amendment right, but when protests turn violent, you’ve gone from a Constitutionally protected activity to criminal behavior.

Now if we could just get politicians and police to act on the crimes, that would be a good thing.

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