Fresno State Professor Has Warped Idea Of “Free Speech.”

A professor at Fresno State lectured our pro-life leader erroneously on free speech, recruited students to wipe away pro-life chalk messages, and then scrubbed the chalk away himself on video.

Our friends @AllianceDefendingFreedom are helping Fresno State Students for Life file a lawsuit today against the professor for violating free speech.

Good grief.

The first with this professor is that as an employee of the state, he has no right to limit or erase what the pro-life group had written on the sidewalk with the permission of the school.

Secondly, the purpose of the First Amendment is the exchange of ideas – not the suppression of ideas that a government actor doesn’t like.

Third. the professor should be disciplined for telling his student to partake in the illegal actions.

Lastly, the students who didn’t want to be filmed and said “that’s illegal,” are clueless. The students are in a public area and have no expectation of privacy. Filming them is within the law and the Constitution.

In short, this is a massive failure on the part of this professor on many levels.

He should be disciplined, issue an apology, and pay the legal costs associated with righting this wrong.

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