Georgia Democrat Introduces “Testicular Bill Of Rights” And Demonstrates A Lack Of Knowledge Of The Word “Rights.”

Georgia State Representative Dar’shun Kendrick wants to have laws that, in her mind, regulate men’s reproductive organs the same way she claims women’s reproductive organs are regulated.

The proposed bill comes after the Georgia legislature passed a law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. (The bill makes exceptions in cases where the mother’s life is in danger. It also allows for abortions in cases of rape and incest, but only if a woman files a police report.)

Kendrick tweeted:

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This is clearly a publicity stunt but more than anything, it demonstrates a lack of critical thinking.

Kendrick is making the mistake of equating an unborn child with that of the bodies of men and women.

We cannot understand how a prescription for Viagra or any other ED medication needs permission from another person. We don’t know of any medication that a woman might take for reproductive issues that requires the permission of their partner, so we are having difficulties making the connection. We would certainly advocate that partners (husbands and wives) be open about reproductive issues and medication as communication is the bedrock of good relationships, but “permission?” Nah.

As far as banning vasectomies goes, it is once again hard to see the corollary between this and the accusation of “controlling a woman’s body.” We don’t think that hysterectomies or tubal ligation procedures are banned, so what is the correlation here?

If anything, a vasectomy prevents pregnancies and the need or call for abortions. In short, it appears to us the Kendrick wants to require men to father babies so she and others can advocate for the death of a child.

That’s the bizarre thinking that is on display here.

Sex without a condom? Sure. No problem. As long as the woman has similar anti-conception methods as well. Kendrick won’t go for that as it would mean “regulating women’s bodies,” and therefore she is showing her lack of thinking as well. (Of course, the question then becomes “if a couple wants to have children, how is that accomplished by condom use? Or is Kendrick making the claim that with condom use, pregnancies will occur and that as a birth control method, condoms are not 100% effective?)

The DNA testing issue is somewhat interesting. Kendrick is insulting women in Georgia by claiming that they wouldn’t know their partners that impregnated them. “DNA testing to determine the father” is basically saying “you sleep around so much that you don’t know the father.” However, if Kendrick wants men to pay child support, the balance there would be that the woman account for every penny that is spent on the unborn child. That seems fair to us.

Finally, the idea of a waiting period for porn or sex toys is as stupid as Kendrick. We are not fans of porn by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact of the matter is that one in three women watch porn weekly. Is Kendrick ready to regulate women’s watching habits as well? Or is she just trying to make points that fall apart on examination.

The abortion debate is often complicated but this type of hype and publicity stunt doesn’t do anything by waste time and taxpayer dollars.

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