Good Eats Is Back!

Years ago we started watching a cooking show called “Good Eats” on the Food Network called “Good Eats” staring a really strange cast of characters.

The chef is a guy by the name of Alton Brown who has a quirky sense of humor.

The show ended and across the land there was wailing and crying.


Well, Good Eats is back! (Sunday nights at 10 PM)

🚨 THIS IS NOT A DRILL 🚨 Alton Brown and all of us here at Food Network know that fans have been asking — pleading? — for new episodes of Alton’s famous series Good Eats, and we’re so happy to say that it is FINALLY HAPPENING!

The Food Network seems to have gotten away from cooking shows and moved more to “competition shows.” Yet even amongst the actual cooking shows, Good Eats was special to us in that it not only cooked actual dishes, you were told why you were doing something – why you added this, or cooked on this material. Instead of just running around throwing stuff in pots, you learned how to cook and not just what to cook.

In this episode Brown takes on chicken parm.

We are happy campers.

One Response to “Good Eats Is Back!”

  1. Alton is the best. I wish he would bring back Cutthroat Kitchen.