Good Samaritan Shot In Waffle House.

Craig Brewer

Craig Brewer was shot and killed when his act of kindness resulted in an argument early this past Sunday morning.

Brewer, 41, was in a Gainsville, FL Waffle House paying for people’s meals and handing out money to people in what appears to be a random act of kindness.

Alachua County sheriff’s deputies said 41-year-old Craig Arttez Brewer, who was killed at about 3 a.m. Sunday, had been paying for others’ food and giving out money to some of the restaurant’s customers shortly before his death.

The acts of kindness led to resentment from one female customer, according to the Sheriff’s Office, and that gave rise to an argument between Brewer and his alleged killer. Suddenly, a crowded Waffle House turned into a murder scene.

Ezekiel Luke Hicks, 25, is accused of shooting Brewer multiple times, at least once in the head, sheriff’s Lt. Brett Rhodenizer said.

Deputies believe the men’s argument started after a woman, who was at the Waffle House with Hicks, got angry because Brewer’s generous turn in paying for others’ meals didn’t include hers. Brewer had been picking up the tab for others’ food and handing out $20 bills.

“The victim was engaging folks at the restaurant, and there was a disagreement with a female customer,” Rhodenizer said.

Hicks confronted him, deputies said.

At one point during the argument, deputies said, Hicks left the restaurant and came back with a gun. A bystander tried to dissuade him going back in.

Brewer and Hicks got into a brief physical fight before Hicks pulled the trigger, deputies said.

So a woman who felt that she was entitled to have Brewer pay for her meal got into an argument, which escalated to and assault and that ended up with a guy dead on the ground with a bullet to the head.

Someone please justify that to us.

Someone please explain how a guy who was doing something very kind and unselfish is dead because two people thought they deserved to have a piece of the “kindness pie” Brewer was handing out.

Instead of just saying, “that’s cool” in regards to Brewer’s actions, the woman and then Hicks thought “where’s mine?”

Ezekiel Hicks

Hicks have been charged with first degree murder.

We have never been to a Waffle House but if one looks at the prices, it is not an expensive place to eat with dishes averaging somewhere between $6 – $10.

That means that the woman and Hicks were arguing with Brewer over roughly $25 for two meals.

For $25 of “free” food from a guy trying to “pay it forward,” the man is dead and another is looking at getting 3 meals and a cot for the rest of his life.

In prison, we are sure Hicks can tell people how bad-assed he is because he took down a guy paying for other people’s meal at a Waffle House.

It makes you wonder what kind of world we live in where someone thinks that killing a man because he didn’t pay for their meal is justified.

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