Grandma Got Run Over By A Porter.

We try to be understanding of people and situations, but we are having problems understanding this:

Olimpia Warsaw flew into Chicago to attend a relative’s funeral. The 67-year-old made it to O’Hare, but family member Julian Coltea can’t say the same for her luggage.

“She had to miss the first part of his funeral because she had to get clothes,” Coltea said.

Warsaw has Parkinson’s and diabetes and has trouble walking.

Claude Coltea said Friday after his father’s funeral, his mom was set to return to Detroit. He would catch his flight shortly after.

“I walked with her all the way to her gate,” he said. “I confirmed with the gate agent that the flight was on time. Everything was ok. She said, ‘Yup, all’s fine. We’ll take good care of your mom’.”

But, it turns out, Warsaw’s flight was canceled.

Her son Claude said the airline assigned a porter to take her back to the front at which point they offered her a hotel room. However, they weren’t willing to take her to the hotel, and she couldn’t find her own transportation because she has trouble communicating.

The porter explained his shift was over and that he didn’t know how he could help the woman anymore. So, he left her. (emphasis ours)

The guy left her? Just walked away? Leaving her basically helpless and confused?

What kind of person does that?

The story says that the woman had to ask a stranger for help to go to the bathroom.

When Warsaw didn’t arrive in Detroit, family began calling American Airlines.

They said in addition to losing her bags on the way in, the airline had lost track of her on the way out.

Eventually, security helped family find her hours after. Images shortly after she was discovered show her still in a wheelchair, dressed for her ex-husband’s funeral.

It seems that American Airlines is taking some responsibility for this screw up even though the porter is not their employee. That’s refreshing and a good start, but the porter and their company has some explaining to do.

A lot of explaining.

We just cannot imagine the kind of callousness that caused this to happen.

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