Harmeet K. Dhillon Is Not Happy. But Is He Wrong?

We’ve never met, seen or read anything from a person by the name of Harmeet k. Dhillon before, yet this epic rant was sent our way and we thought it was worthy of discussion. Dhillon appears to be from San Francisco, California.

Here’s what Dhillon had to say:

We don’t think Dhillon is wrong when it comes to ‘Frisco and California, but more just as importantly, we don’t think he is wrong when it comes to local edicts.

For example, why are officials at almost every level telling people to practice “social distancing” while standing in front of a group of 30 other officials who are crammed together like sardines?

Here in Brevard County, the County Commission is “speaking” through Bryan Lober, who has shown the social graces of a four year old, attacking those who dare to criticize anything he says and basically dividing the county. Wouldn’t County Manager Abate been a better choice as Abate is at least non-partisan?

In Palm Bay, are we really supposed to respect advice and plans from “No Corruption” Capote and those who played around, trying to subvert democracy in the now infamous “clubhouse?”

In no way are we trying to say that what is being said should be ignored. That’s not our point.

What we are saying is that the time to garner trust, confidence and respect is before a crisis – not in the middle of one.

When your actions prior to a crisis are different than what you displayed and said you could do prior to the crisis, something is wrong and it is not wrong with the electorate.

We don’t necessarily fear COVID-19. By that we mean if people are taking responsible actions in their lives, things will most likely work out. We we do “fear” and loathe are politicians and groups that are looking to politicize COVID-19 or any crisis as a boost for their political purposes.

We say this because COVID-19 doesn’t know or care what political party or leaning you have. It just doesn’t.

It’s not as if we have a lot of choices here. There are few politicians who aren’t corrupt so we are stuck with what we have. Yet if past actions are indications of future leanings, these folks are not interested in the people, but in their own careers.

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