Heritage Parkway Opening: It Was Worse Than We Imagined.

As we mentioned earlier, representatives from the City of Palm Bay and Brevard County gathered together this morning to “celebrate” opening of the Heritage Parkway Interchange – the so called “interchange to nowhere.”

Fox35 live streamed the event and you can see that here if you wish.

However, a couple of screen shots will show why this event was even worse and insulting to the people of Palm Bay and Brevard County than we could have imagined.

Suzanne Sherman, Acting Palm Bay City Manager addresses the crowd at the start of the “festivities.”

Notice that she is not wearing a mask and subsequent speakers do not sanitize the podium and do not wear masks. At the same time, the Council members who choose not to show up for Council meetings and instead teleconference from home, are closer than 6 feet to each other. How in the heck can they not see the hypocrisy in standing side by side at an event like this, but won’t come to the Council Chambers and face the people while conducting City business?

Furthermore, look at the stage itself. We have no idea how long it took to erect that thing, including the sound system, but Palm Bay residents paid for that being put together and taken down.

The actual ribbon cutting.

Notice the standard sized scissors that taxpayers paid for, the ribbon and the signage as well. Furthermore, look to the left and see city vehicles – including a “bucket truck” sitting idly by. It would almost make one think that there was no other need for all the equipment in the rest of Palm Bay today.

This is the group photo of Palm Bay employees at the ceremony – all of whom are being compensated in some manner.

We counted at least 25 people there, not including the police and the off camera worker bees from the Department of Public Works and Parks and Recreation who set all this up and will take it down.

How much waste is in that picture alone?

Finally, if there is one thing – one image and comment – that illustrates the hubris of all this and the middle finger to all the people of Palm Bay, it is this:

That’s Councilman Brian Anderson who concluded his remarks by saying:

I want to thank all the candidates that are here because you guys are the future of this City. Hopefully, you agree with me that we’re leaving it in great hands, and that we’ve done a good job running it.

One would think that Anderson would recognize that he is standing on a platform for the self congratulatory event of a road that is the epitome of how badly the City was run.

One would think that Anderson would remember that he took a non-reported campaign contribution of $10,000 to fund his election campaign.

One would think that Anderson would remember that he voted to retain former City Manager Gregg Lynk despite having evidence that Lynk had wrongfully accepted gifts from third parties.

One would think that Anderson would remember his actions in the termination of former City Manager Lisa Morrell which violated the City Charter and the City Council Policies.

One would think that Anderson would remember the JLAC report which was described by the JLAC Committee as summarizing one of the most “distressing and poorly run cities in recent memory.”

One would think that Anderson would remember how he and former City Council member Tres Holton lied to the people of Palm Bay in the “special assessments” for roads in the City.

One would think that Anderson would remember the debacle of the petition group and how they were lied to by the City – included elected officials.

The residents of Palm Bay – nor any City – can’t handle that type of “good job.”

This is what has been so angering to so many residents in the City.

People don’t for vote “cheerleaders.” They don’t vote for “REMF’s” They don’t vote for those who chuckle at every issue – serious or not. They don’t vote for known liars. They don’t vote for people who accept corruption. They don’t vote for people who they know are corrupt.

They vote for people they believe have some integrity and some semblance of what is right and wrong.

None of the of the elected officials in Palm Bay display those qualities.

Not a one.

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