Hillary, Trump And The Outrage.

We found this on another site and find it to be fascinating.

Hillary Clinton likes to call Donald Trump a “racist” for his stance on immigration and his goal of wanting to build a wall at our Southern Border. But take a classic rewind, and Hillary supported those very same policies! Who’s the racist now, Hillary?

We wonder if Hillary would have followed through with her positions and if so, would they have generated as much outrage as Trump’s positions have – even though the positions are the same.

2 Responses to “Hillary, Trump And The Outrage.”

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  2. Rev.Hoagie says:

    She just won’t say the word “wall” to designate a wall. I guess that’s the left’s main talking point so the word “wall” is the word which cannot be spoken. They are the most infantile and petty people on earth. I doesn’t matter what you call it b!tch, a wall by any other name is still a damn wall.

    • Hometown says:

      Rev – This just illustrates how she lies, by not calling it a wall she can always come back and say that she never wanted to build a wall. Reminds me of a buddy who ran gym years ago advertising an Olympic style swimming pool, when I saw it it was tiny so I called him about it and he said “I said Olympic “style” not Olympic “size””. She is well practiced on this sort of doublespeak too. Her lips were moving but she never spoke the whole truth and people at last saw thru her smokescreen.