Hillary’s Tax Returns.

A few days ago, we posted a video showing Hillary Clinton aides saying that they had helped coordinate the disruptions at Trump events and that Hillary knew and approved of the tactic – a tactic that is illegal under election laws. (Although apparently some of our readers don’t care about illegal activities of Clinton, we do as a matter of principle.)

AF Branco hits the nail on the head with this cartoon from Comically Incorrect:


The actual controversy surrounding the “Donald Duck” costumes was that Hillary’s campaign was interested in making a big deal over Trump not releasing his tax returns.

First, we want to make clear that there is no law or requirement that a candidate release their returns. That being said, we believe they should as a choice they make. We like transparency in government and candidates for higher offices.

But with Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, the Clinton campaign illegally conspired to have people dressed up as the character “Donald Duck” in order to show that Trump was “ducking” the release of his tax returns.

However, lost in those illegal activities was an examination of the Clinton tax returns. Here’s a good look at it:

Nothing like getting a tax break for donating money to yourself, but such is the tax system which is obviously broken on many fronts.

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