Holder Admits “Biggest Failure.”

Eric_Holder_official_portrait smallEric Holder’s tenure at the Department of Justice has been characterized by scandals, charges of scandals and a feeling in many circles that the country’s number one cop not only did not enforce the law, but felt he was above it.

Some of the scandals include:

Holder being held in contempt of Congress – the only Attorney General to be so charged.
Fort Hood – the DOJ labeled the 2009 shooting as “workplace violence” despite connections to Islamic terrorism.
Spying on the Associated Press.
Spying on FoxNews reported James Rosen.
Black Panther voter intimidation case.
Voter fraud.
Buying the Justice Department.

Lying to Congress concerning the Fast and Furious operation.
The “Knockout Game.” Despite overwhelming evidence attacks on people were on the basis of race, the DOJ refused to prosecute any person for a hate crime.
Spying on Americans.
California’s “Moonlight Fire.”

One would think that Holder himself would look at these scandals and others and pick one of them as his “biggest failure.”

Yet in a televised interview this past Sunday, Holder chose none of those things as his “biggest failure.”

What did he claim was his “single biggest failure?”

WASHINGTON – The inability to enact new gun safety laws after the Sandy Hook school shooting ranks as “the single failure” of his tenure, Attorney General Eric Holder said in a televised interview.

“The gun lobby simply won, you know?” Holder said in the interview shown Sunday on MSNBC, conducted to mark the end of his time as attorney general.

Now we are a little funny about things like this. We believe the US Constitution establishes the way laws are proposed, passed and enacted.

That way does not include the US Attorney General.

We would say that it is funny how the “nation’s top cop” fails to understand the basics of the US Constitution, but there is nothing funny about it.

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