How Are The O’s Tied For The Wild Card?

If you have been following Major League Baseball this year, there is one question that has to be asked:

How are the Baltimore Orioles tied for the top of the wild card race and a mere one game behind the vaunted Yankees for the division lead?

The answer is not in payroll. At the start of the season, the Orioles had the 19th highest payroll in the Majors out of 30 teams. The total payroll for the O’s is $81,428,999. That’s a lot of money, but nowhere near the Yankees’ payroll of $197,962,289.

Even stranger are some of the statistics for the team. Right now they are 18th in runs scored, 23rd in overall batting average, and 25th in on base percentage. It’s not like the pitching has been stellar either. They O’s rank 18th in ERA, 24th in quality starts, 20th in WHIP, and 17th batting average of opposing teams.

The most amazing statistic may be the O’s have been outscored by 35 runs over the course of the season. There is not another team in the Majors that has a winning record if they are outscored much less being in contention for the division title and wild card race.

So how in the world are the Orioles 75 – 59 (.560)?

This may be the most crazy team statistically in the history of professional baseball.

However, tied for the Wild Card and just one game behind the Yankees for the division, we’ll take it.

One Response to “How Are The O’s Tied For The Wild Card?”

  1. Paul says:

    Mr. Afterwit,

    Nice article on the Baltimore Orioles run for the American League pennant this year. It is hard to imagine how they can be in the position they are with so many negative statistics against them. You may have missed a key accomplishment which I found to be critical to their success…they have been 24-7 in winning of 1 run games this season!
    Regardless of how they have remained competitive it is great to see the Orioles fighting the Yanks & Rays for the American League East title.