“Ice Fishing Leads To Prostitution.” At Least Florida Doesn’t Have To Worry About That.

Hudson, Ohio is considering making Hudson’s Springs Lake open to ice fishing.

We have never understood the appeal of going out in the freezing cold, cutting a hole in the ice upon which you are standing, and dropping a baited hook, line and sinker into the hole in order to catch fish. We don’t get it, but lots of people do and they aren’t hurting anyone so we support them.

However, Mayor Craig Shubert of Hudson said he is opposed to opening the lake up to ice fishing as it will lead to prostitution.

If you open this up to ice fishing, while on the surface it sounds good, then what happens next year—does someone come back and say I want an ice shanty?” asked Shubert. “And if you then allow ice fishing with shanties, then that leads to another problem: prostitution.”

“Just data points to consider,” he added.

(We could take the cheap road and make some crude jokes here (such as dipping your pole in the water,) but we won’t.)

There are Crappie, Bass, Bluegill, and Walleye deep in the waters of Hudson Springs Lake, yet some how this mayor equated ice fishing with prostitution?

(Once again, we will refrain from making a joke about the type of fish (such as crappie) in Lake Hudson, and this Mayor.)

The reaction on the internet has been pretty severe and none of it supports the Shubert.

One person noted that the Mayor really doesn’t understand the term “data point.”

An opinion, no matter how stupid, ridiculous and ignorant, is not a “data point.”

Two things to consider:

1) We wonder how many residents of Hudson are wondering today why they voted for this guy?

2) We are pretty sure that Florida won’t have to deal with the issue of ice fishing and ice fishing shanties.

2 Responses to ““Ice Fishing Leads To Prostitution.” At Least Florida Doesn’t Have To Worry About That.”

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  2. david7134 says:

    Went ice fishing in Louisiana. On a cold Jan. day we cut a hole in the dock and dropped a line. Got a number of fish.

  3. Percy Veer says:

    I love those Charlie Berens you tube videos, whenever I watch one I find myself clicking on all his other stuff, great sense of humor and can make light just about anything.