Ignorance Can Be Cured. Stupidity Cannot Be Cured. Ignorant Stupidity Is Dangerous.

WMMB-AM’s Bill Mick has an opinion piece in the Florida Today on the dismissal of Gregg Lynk and the actions of Interim City Manager Lisa Morrell. There is an old saying along the lines of “you can fill an ocean with what he doesn’t know.” That applies to Mick.

First Mick wrote a cute little poem about Lynk’s dismissal.

“Palm Bay’s Night Before Turkey”

‘T was the night before turkey and down in Palm Bay
The council was restless and had something to say;

The fees and the taxes had gone through the roof.
They needed a scapegoat, the public to spoof!

And then came Jeff Bailey, the mayor and one new Democrat to the body of fun;
We’ll blame it on Lynk; it just takes votes — three.

And then they won’t blame it on you or on me!
So votes they did cast and the vile deed was done.

City Manager Gregg Lynk was ousted, now wasn’t that fun?
The election was over, but would turmoil now stop?

No, not with Jeff Bailey now holding the mop!

Longfellow he is not. But we can play the rhyming game as well. (And just as badly, we might add.)

‘Twas Monday through Friday and all through Brevard,
A man on the radio with a brain just like lard.

His opinions are lacking, on ignorance are they based,
Yet he has to protect his friends in order to save face.

The depth of his thinking is deep as Florida snow,
He opens his mouth showing what he does not know.

So raise a glass to the empty points he makes.
And get more facts, here on Raised on Hoecakes.

To think that Lynk was scape-goated belies the facts of what happened. If this were simply a case of tax and fee increases, Lynk would have been gone during the budget process. Trying to say that the City Council was trying to blame Gregg Lynk for increases in taxes and fees definitely shows a lack of thinking and understanding on the part of Mick.

Not once. Not ever did anyone stand up in a budget meeting, workshop or regular Council meeting and point at the City Manager and say “the higher taxes and fees are your fault!” The only people who people pointed fingers at are the members of the City Council. If Mick can point to one time the City Manager voted on a budget or fee, we’ll pay him a penny. (The value of his opinions and thought skills.)

He can’t.

In actuality, Mick doesn’t like Jeff Bailey so in order to take a cheap shot at him, Mick makes the false claim that Lynk was fired as a distraction for taxes and fees.

What is known is that Mick and Lynk are good friends. Mick is making statements not based on facts in order to support his friend. We support our friends too, but we try not to sacrifice our integrity when doing so.

Here’s a prediction: complaints about taxes and fees in Palm Bay won’t go down or away with the dismissal of Gregg Lynk. You can count on that. Therefore the only person trying to distract people from the issues is Mick himself.

Mick continued:

Interim as a preface to a title has certain implications, such as temporary, settling and waiting. Apparently that is lost on Palm Bay’s interim city manager appointed after the firing of Lynk.

The placeholder has decided to be decisive and take bold, quick action while those steps are within her power. Maybe she knows something we don’t; or maybe she’s acting on orders from a city council faction or the mayor. But interim must be the furthest thing from her mind.

Lisa Morrell, instead of steadying the ship of Palm Bay government, is rocking the boat hard as she summarily fired two assistant city managers in her first hours on the job.

Once again, Mick’s lack of thinking and depth of thinking rises is evident.

During the election, one of the two main issues was corruption within City Hall accompanied by a lack of trust by the voters.

The quick and decisive actions that Ms. Morrell is taking seems to be those seeking to right the ship that was listing – not causing further listing to the ship. Morrell has been in the Palm Bay City government for 18 years and it is fair to say that she knows where the bodies are.

Furthermore, Mick must not read the very newspaper his opinion piece appeared in. On November 27, 2018 Rick Neale wrote an article entitled “Palm Bay deputy city managers fired as administrative shake-up continues.”

Neale gives the stated reasons for the dismissal of the two Deputy City Managers:

“After careful review and interpretation of the direction and intent of Council’s discussion at the Nov. 21 special council meeting, it was determined that the best path forward would be to undertake a full reconfiguration of Palm Bay’s senior management team,” Morrell said.


In Curry’s termination letter, Morrell wrote that she was releasing him from employment “after carefully considering your performance during your initial orientation and probationary period.”

“Changes in administration and leadership are a cyclical process, yet our daily operations must persist. Continuing to grow and improve our city operations and services for all constituents remains our top priority,” Morrell wrote in a Monday email to city employees.

“It is an exciting time to be a member of this city, with many important projects in progress that serve to better our immediate future as a strong city. Together we will continue to move forward to complete these projects and plans; the road program, community developments, storm water, recreation, municipal services and contracts, and critical needs for public safety operations are the priority,” Morrell wrote.

The basic underlying reasons for the terminations were announced.

There is another component to this as well.

The first thing that any competent Human Resource Department will tell you is that the reason for terminating an employee is between the company and the employee. The reason being that if the employer says anything negative that was not agreed to by the ex-employee or known by that employee, they are subject to lawsuits. These lawsuits have been successful in the past.

When asked, former employers are told to say “[Employee name] worked here from [starting date] to [ending date.] They are [eligible / not eligible] for rehire.”

Many companies are moving away from even saying whether the employee is eligible for rehire or not because of legal concerns.

The fact of the matter is that Mick should have known the reasons given by the City and Morrell and those reasons are appropriate. The City’s / Morrell’s response is dead solid perfect. Mick should know what employers can and cannot say and the fact that he doesn’t take that into account in his article once again shows his ignorance and depth of thought (to say nothing of his lack of experience working in an environment where people are hired and fired.)

If Mick wants to know more, he should ask the employees.

Mick’s “opinion” piece was nothing more than a poor attack piece devoid of any facts or demonstrated thinking skills.

We expect nothing less from him.

9 Responses to “Ignorance Can Be Cured. Stupidity Cannot Be Cured. Ignorant Stupidity Is Dangerous.”

  1. Paul Valeriani says:

    There was a Lynk who was missing

    The City Council he was a dissing

    He took a city car

    And continued to drive far

    This all happened during his dismissing

    • AAfterwit says:

      Paul Valeriani,

      Oh no! Oh no!
      What have we done?

      Comments that rhyme
      have just begun!

      Thanks for the comment.

      A. Afterwit.

  2. Mike Reitano says:

    seems like now it is mick you are dissing but when he was spouting the republican line his ass you all were kissing

    • AAfterwit says:

      Mike Rietano,

      Thanks for the comment, we know you are trying,
      If you are referring to us, you might be lying.

      You won’t find a post that supports him on this forum,
      Not at night, not at noon, not in the morning.

      Thanks for the comment as we move into December,
      But if you make stuff up, you’re gonna have to do better.

      Merry Christmas!

      A. Afterwit.

  3. Thomas Gaume says:

    If there is any question as to the bias by BM, just listen to the archives of each time there was an issue in Palm Bay in the last several years and how his friend (Lynk) is allowed to come on the show and simply spin the story and receive supporting comments from BM.

    Then to go on and question the agenda and qualifications of the Interim City Manager is disgraceful. Lisa Morrell has better qualifications, and more experience than the former City Manager had on the day he was fired, as he had absolutely ZERO qualifications, and ZERO experience on the day he was hired, and left with the same amounts of both, but did manage to fill his coffers I’m sure.

    After years of bad management the City of Palm Bay has moved dramatically forward in the last month to correcting long standing problems. Correcting the wrong doings and mistakes of the past are never painless, or cheap, but they must be corrected nonetheless.


    HERE HERE ! Awesome piece as usual. May I add to this poetic “justice”

    As we move forward do not forget,
    I for one have won a bet.
    Lynk would be gone, the swamp would drain,
    We can all start healing,
    New roads we gain.
    A NEW Palm Bay
    A city to be proud
    Say one, Say all, Say it out LOUD!

  5. Truthful says:

    BM writes and speaks from biases that imperil his objective analysis of important issues and concerns, especially when it comes to his “friends” in local government. That Florida Today associates with him is a testament as to how far the local rag has sunk over the years. Not even worth the read.

  6. Hometown says:

    Florida Today has long been heavily influenced by the special interest groups but until recently I had thought BM had tried to present facts. Before the elections I emailed his program to see if they would help expose the special interest groups supporting a local Cocoa Beach issue so the residents would have all the facts before the election and all I heard was crickets. Thanks again to ROH for getting the facts out and calling out the misleading media. I’ll be more careful in the future to be a more critical of his opinions.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      Of all the commenters and intelligent people that comment here, we were hoping that you would jump in with a rhyme as well.

      Mick likes to portray himself as a conservative, but what he truly is, is a person with a bias towards his friends who happen to be conservative. It can be argued that Mick appears in the Florida Today because he supports the paper’s often left leaning positions.

      In a sense, that’s fine. Mick can say and do what he wants and we support anyone and their right to express themselves.

      The main problem, as seen by this last screed, is that Mick offers opinions without facts. He has no understanding of the legal issues in anything. His depth of knowledge of history is “as deep as Florida snow.” (Where have we heard that before?)

      We think that many conservatives latch onto him because he is local and pretends to be that which he is not.

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit.