“I’m Going to Run You Through the Dumb Mistakes You Made.”

Remember those tee-shirts that have an arrow pointing to the left or to the right with the caption “I’m with Stupid?”

Here is a case where that arrow should be pointing right back at the moron wearing the shirt except for one thing – he might be wearing a prisoner uniform.

A 16 year old kid broke into a home north of London, England. He ended up stealing a Playstation, a camera and some televisions. The brainiac was caught by the police and sentenced to what is described as an “intensive supervision program.” As part of the program, he was required to write a letter to the victims of his crime.

In what comes off as a smug sense of superiority, the letter actually has the exact opposite effect – it exposes the writer as an ignorant punk.

We lost count of the spelling a grammatical errors in the kid’s letter. While the kid derides the victims for “dumb mistakes,” he doesn’t notice or care about the mistakes he makes.

But there is something else that is more disturbing.

There is a sense of entitlement to the letter. It is almost as if the kid is saying to the victims that they are at fault.

He seems to believe that he has not done anything wrong.

It is the victims’ fault for living in the wrong area, allowing him to see inside their home, and keeping a window open in the kitchen.

You see, with those errors, it is clearly a carte blanche for the 16 year old to steal their possessions. They were just asking for it. He doesn’t have to study in school or work to get the things the victims had, he just has to look for them and steal them.

We don’t know if the family was able to get their possessions back, but perhaps instead of writing letters and displaying an attitude of “I am only doing this because I have to,” the punk would be better served working and paying the victims back. Let him work in some shop until his wages can pay for the items he stole.

Then he can know the value of the items and how that value is beyond the money he may have gotten for selling them. He can learn that people work for the items they want – not steal them.

Instead, he will probably be coddled and released. He will walk away thinking that he schooled not only his victims but the system as well.

And in the end, we will all be paying for his actions, his ignorance and his stupidity.

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